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If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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Keep draw'n! :D

I need to get a decent scanner. Tired of taking pictures of my art

The scanner I got is a Cannon CanoScan LiDE 25. It's not very big, 9x20 inch scan bed. Not too big, but big enough for most typical projects and sketchbooks. I payed 50 bucks for it a couple years ago from Fry's Electronics and it has done me really well so I can't complain

We have the same scanner Kinsei. :3

Dude, Thats pretty aweso actually.....

I have the Canon printer/copier/fax/sanner combo.

a man with tools of many talents, Now thats what I'm talking about

Kinsei I really like your latest song, it needs lyrics. It reminds me of Cars and Telephones by Arcade Fire. I'm gonna cover the song once you write lyrics about the flow of time and change and all that. It's gonna be so good.

o.0.... new song?
>.>.... well I wouldn't exactly call it new :P
but I suck at writing lyrics, but I'll give it a shot.

Keep stuffin those artz up NG's ass, kay?

Will do!
but at the moment I'm out of anal lube. I try and be a considerate ass raper, its cause I like NG....

Dont submit a blam review,bitch.

Oh, I know you, Your that pussy I completely owned in a art review. You know, that was so fun, I just might do it again.
What can I say, It makes me feel good busting the balls of a retard like yourself.

I balm all your arts,bitch.


You're art is fucking awesome compared to Hamodey1's ms paint bullshit.

lolz, I Know. His attempts to anger me make me lol

That's one polite kid you got yourself involved with.

He's implying his artwork is anything more than an orgy of fail..

Just want to say your artwork is truly amazing, just ignore this "Hamodey1" as the chances are he's a troll. But you probably know that already. ;)

Hey thanks man.
Yeah I'm enjoying toying with the kid. He has brought some action to my page that it hasn't seen in a while. So enjoy the lols.

This is some impressive artwork you have here:D They're all Top Notch:P

Um... alright, Thanks :P

Im sorry,be friends ok?

I lol'd

Hamodey's sucking up to you now because his best friend likes your art.
Kids these days...

I lol'd even harder

Hai Kinsei! You made a 13 year old your enemy? Trolololololol

Yep I find it so much fun to rile up these kids from time to time. It really breaths life back in to my page, doesn't it?

Lol. Hamodey left Newgrounds due to being so butthurt. Plus, everyone hates him in real life and on the internet. Looks like the trolls win once again.

Meh, Good riddance. Sadly it cuts my fun a little short, but another one will come along eventually.

Not me, I'm immune to trolls^_^

lol As much as I like that idea, no one is immune. We all get trolled at one point or another. Some just require a stronger troll than others :P

I love the term he used. "Blam: in concerning art. I mean what the hell dude. He doesn't even know newgrounds enough. Oh well, that boy is gonna be an hero. And yeah, no one is ever immune to trolling. The best way to not get trolled as much is not being easily offended or not replying to their comments lol.

what can I say, Kids these days are idiots

Stop fucking review all my arts,bitch.
And enjoy i pissed all your arts.
Fuck You.retarded.

aw, damn. And here I thought you left Newgrounds. Oh well, at least I get to have more fun this way.