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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - March 7th, 2017

So here are the things that just feel weird.

I was trained as an animator, and my strongest skills are in illustration and graphic design. And here I am training to be a draftsman for engineering. How fucking weird is that. I have a long history of haveing interest in machines and especially fast powerful cars.  I'm not talking about the computer controlled super cars of today. I love those old machines that take grease, oil and fire in the bock and pit the extreme of the man against the machine. I have only personally been in a couple cars over the past few years that were really mean enough to kill you, but I don't want anything else now. its like the rush of some junkie, oh fucking great cthulhu, I am so hard right now....

ahem, back to topic. Life is, for lack of vetter terms, different now. I have decent bosses, and a work enviroment that suprises me omre that it is a generious place rather than somewhere I have to be on guard at all times due to hositility. This is such a drastic change from night to day, it is very unerving.


I;m too frunk for this...

fuck it,./

Posted by Kinsei - January 20th, 2017

So Here is the skinny,

I'm fucking moving! Fucking Finally.

So I have worked at the same print shop for over 4 years. And it has been one hell of a ride. I learned quite a bit about layout and shit. But although I love to art all over this sad sack of a place, I'm finally moving on.

So lets do some run down here.

Not long after I started here, our sales person said "screw you guys, I'm going home" but in a much more professional manner. Her replacement didn't last long. The acting boss broke her mentally and I was some how accused with sleeping with her. Yeah, not with a stolen dick of my enemy. Long story short about a man almost shooting me over this shit, I get saddled with the tasks of both the inhouse graphic artsit, and the sales person.

Yay for me! Double duty means double pay right? Fuck No! I get bumped from $8.00 and hour to $8.25 an hour. I know some burger flippers who make more than that an hour. But I shut my mouth and do my duty because "it's temporary" and because I wanna do an art job.

Well temporary means that this shit is going to carry on for 4 fucking years. Everyonce in a while, my boss would hire a sales person, and then right before there 6 weeks, where they qualify for unemployment in Missouri, she finds their work unsatasfactory and "sends them home" and makes up some bull shit she feeds to the unemployment office about they walked out with out permission, blah blah blah.  Real Dick Move Boss!

So Yeah I spend the past few years doing sales, doing artwork, and doing IT support for the company, Oh and also working on the production floor when we are super busy! If you can't tell I had a wonderful time, just wonderful. Oh, and lets not forget I make the robust sum of $11.00 an hour. WOO! $22,000 a year! living large


So last year I moved to a new place, closer to work, hoping to make my life better, but only to find out the place is a real shitty place that won't even be able to get internet because the plase has a reputation for stealing cable.



But it's all over, or will be over soon. I turned in my two weeks on Wednesday, I'm moving to Kansas City, and here's hoping that life can only get better.


Til next time...


Posted by Kinsei - October 25th, 2015

So, yeah I have been missing for a while now, but I kind of have an excuse, OTHER THAN PROCRASINATION.

I actually moved again a couple months ago, and none of the cable companies want to run internet to my community now. Its kind of a run down shitty place to be frank with you,

"Only if you get to be hotlips..."

so My options now are basically using my data on my phone... yeah... or sattelite internet. and FUCK huges net. I have been using that shit at my work for three years and simply put, FUCK THEM.

I can try something like perhaps direct tv or something, but  I don't know if I can even afford the sattelite bill or not.


Ahh well I'll try checking in while Im at work or when I can spare the data to hook up my phone.



"Peace Out Litches!"

Posted by Kinsei - April 9th, 2013

Alright, after years of waiting. I finally got the "01" dropped off my user.
Time to work on some sig changes :3

Posted by Kinsei - March 17th, 2013

Well the con has been a pretty decent success!

Our cosplay of Aperture Scientist went over pretty well.

Our panel we held over game development on the cheap went pretty well. Surprisingly, we had packed room and hardly any walkouts. Also didn't get torn to pieces by the crowd. So I'd call that super successful.

Ran in to an old buddy working security at the con. Now this was one from a real hard left field. We'd been trying to meet up for a few months to really catch up and sadly just kept missing each other. So here I am 150 miles away from my stomping grounds and low and behold the guy runs in to me. Pretty cool over all

Got some cool swag and chatted up a bunch of artist. I got me a cool Brony t-shirt. a bunch buttons and pins for my backpack. Got all 8 Gen 1 Gym Badges for my pack for pretty cheap.
Although, weirdly enough, I kept getting Viewtiful Joe stuff from grab bags. Ended up with two of the same dvd's and two of the same soundtrack. Weird, but eh, what can you do.

Oh and I confessed every feeling I had to the girl I love, so this should be a fun development in the near future. I won't give up, and I will be trying to win her heart like I did once before.

So everyone, have some fun, embrace a little chaos in your life, and you don't want to die without any scars, do you?

Posted by Kinsei - March 16th, 2013

I, have found being in love, is, to say the least, very difficult. Especially when the love seems to be unrequited.

Matters of the heart tend to be impossible it seems. More so when you get to be by them all the time. I would say that perhaps if i lacked her company, i might be able to break my tender organ's vice like grip on my senses and perhaps i could find the will power to move on. But it seems to be a love that i ccannot shake nore would i want to.
In short, love is the most painful hell that anyone can expearience. But why do you hurt so good love.

Posted by Kinsei - February 24th, 2013

I've had better things to do lately, but I just don't feel like doing them.
oh... yeah... something about me.
I'm a graduate of the Art Instute of Phoenix and have a shitload of different skills. Sadly not having mastered any.
I am the current head of the art department of a small sign company, R. Mort Company.
I have varied interest in varied things.
So go for it bitches.

Ask! Me! Anything?!

Posted by Kinsei - January 21st, 2013

Because I feel like it.

Also bought my supporter status the other day.

Posted by Kinsei - January 19th, 2013

guess I'm officially 25 years old now....

Posted by Kinsei - December 29th, 2012

Alright kiddos, time to sit down, shut up and listen to ol' Uncle Kinsei here.
I gots a new improved tuts for you guys who want to have some fun with some simple glass etching.
All etching is permanent surface etch. so don't go out and put this shit on your ma's windshield or something, she might be a wee bit pissed.

Oi lets get the shit together to do this.
Step 1. You won't need much; Some glass (I got an old syrup bottle), Some Glass Etching Cream (Armour Etch is the brand i use here), A foam brush to Apply said cream (Don't use your finger, remember this stuff is an acid after all.) Some Tape, Some Hobby Knives, And Some Vinyl.
If you don't have Vinyl, or a plotter to cut extensive patters etc, then go out to Walmart or something and get some Avery Shipping Labels, the big ones work best and you can feed them through your printer to print your designs. We'll get to that later.

Step 2. Make sure your glass is clean and your design ready. If you don't have one, then go get one or something. you should already have a pretty good idea of what you want on that glass well before this point. Trust me you won't want to be winging it half way through applying the etching cream.
I'm lucky enough to have access to scrap vinyl and a plotter at my place of work. So that makes it much easier for me to tackle this than many other. If your a normal person who can't randomly drop a couple hundred dollars on a vinyl plotter in a pinch, your lucky that I'm broke too and have found a way about that. Those Avery Shipping labels are fucking awesome. If you work digitally then this is almost as good as the vinyl, just requires more work.

Step 3. Apply your "Mask." (Yeah my little nephew helped out with this. so those are his little hands.) Again if you have a vinyl plotter, it cuts your mask for you, you just have to pick and weed and apply the transfer tape and then transfer it. For everyone else, after you print out your design on the shipping labels, stick it to the glass.
From here you can trace it with your Hobby knife. Fresh blades help, but are not a must, also this will dull a blade quick so use your own discretion here. Be very careful especially if you are on a curved surface. There is a good chance you will slip and cut the shit out of your self. I hope you have a strong stomach and good insurance.
After you finish this part. Pick and weed the the parts you want etched.

Step 4. Admire that shit. Yeah. I used a positive image instead of a negative. So I had to mask off some more with some masking tape. No biggy. I just did a little box. Plenty fine for what I got going on. If yours requires no extra masking, then great, you saved yourself some expensive ass tape. that shit cost like 3 bucks a role yo!

Step 5. Time to get to business with the cream.Again This stuff is dangerous. It will eat through your skin. Might want to consider gloves. Also don't breath this stuff, or ingest it, you know what, don't even look at it funny, It just might climb out the bottle and whoop your ass all Chuck Norris style just cause it don't like you.
Get pretty free with the cream, I've tried stretching it thin and I always seem to get holes everywhere. so be pretty liberal with it. Use a foam Applicator to dab it on. When using bristle brushes, I again fount it streaked more than applied it evenly. Just some friendly tips from a guy who went through the trial and error. (Yeah my 5 year old nephew did the photos on these ones. not bad all things considering.)

Step 6. This part is pretty easy. Let it set for about 5 minutes. you can let it set longer, but it doesn't etch much deeper. I took this time to kind of clean up and pack up my stuff. might as well, you got a couple minutes.

Step 7. Wash it off. Run some hot water over it, I found if you give it a small rinse and then let it soak for a moment and then run more water over it it comes off easier. Once you start to get some water over it, its a bit safer to touch. From here you start to remove your masks and get everything cleaned up. With the Vinyl the hot water makes it release pretty easily. And most of the time, the Avery labels come off pretty easy too. Some times they leave a bit of adhesive behind or are stubborn, so here is what you do if that happens. Get some oil, motor, 3in1, cooking, what ever, just oil. Pour some on it and let it set for a few minuets. After it has set, clean it with soap and water.
After your bottle glass is cleaned off, its time to sit back and admire it. I put some color liquid in my bottles to help take photos of them. So here is Blue and Orange.

So Over all, I hope this helps you make some creative and fun drinking glasses, decorations or what ever. The etching is permanent and safe to touch and drink from so you can show it off to your buddies and friends on how cool and creative you are.

So Carry on kids. Go out and have some fun, and don't break anything on the way out.

Glass Etching For Newground With Vinyl!