Entry #74

imposter syndrome

2017-03-07 23:09:15 by Kinsei

So here are the things that just feel weird.

I was trained as an animator, and my strongest skills are in illustration and graphic design. And here I am training to be a draftsman for engineering. How fucking weird is that. I have a long history of haveing interest in machines and especially fast powerful cars.  I'm not talking about the computer controlled super cars of today. I love those old machines that take grease, oil and fire in the bock and pit the extreme of the man against the machine. I have only personally been in a couple cars over the past few years that were really mean enough to kill you, but I don't want anything else now. its like the rush of some junkie, oh fucking great cthulhu, I am so hard right now....

ahem, back to topic. Life is, for lack of vetter terms, different now. I have decent bosses, and a work enviroment that suprises me omre that it is a generious place rather than somewhere I have to be on guard at all times due to hositility. This is such a drastic change from night to day, it is very unerving.


I;m too frunk for this...

fuck it,./


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2017-03-10 11:27:30

i was trained as a clissical animotr for the past 10 years and i suck asshole


2017-07-23 09:40:17

i have the same thing