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Happy Holidays

Everyone did an excellent job. It was pretty awesome to work with Bob and see everyone's work as it came along.


Excellent Job Guys!
Ash, you should be proud!
Happy Birthday man.

I now Know how...

....to #1
Thank you... this may come in handy in the future. Like knowing how to Dispose of a body.
Happy Clock Day

bobsmi responds:


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at first I thought this was SteamBirds since the title screens were pretty much the same thing. I even looked up SteamBirds: Survival to make sure. But they aren't the same game when you get in to it.
sadly this is ok at most.
arts ok, a little flat.
Mechanics work well enough. A passible game I guess.
sadly a bad idea coping another game's title screen. it makes people think you ripped that other game off.

Fucking hell this game is awesome.
And to make things better, I'm kind of buzzed, its 1 a.m. I got all the lights off, and my cat just brushed up against my leg.... I couldn't describe the level of horror I felt at that moment.
so. fucking. sweet.

Man, really needs some work.
You need a flying animation for Dash.
Do some better hit states for the clouds/dash. I'm barely even close to a cloud and I get shoved back hard, while also losing all my Rainboom power. A good offset would be to let the player fly through white clouds, get slowed by the light gray ones, and stopped by the dark gray clouds.

Couple power ups for the player would be nice too. Even simple ones like a boost in Rainboom power

If nothing else, get that hit state fixed and get the clouds spaced out a little. Players would be much happier even with that much.

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I'm liking it. It has solid rhythm and wouldn't be out of place in a boss battle or some general battle music.
As a more general tune, its good. but it lacks some really strong lead that would stand out above the rest of the instruments. Around 1:40 you start to get a lead guitar, but I feel it doesn't push out enough from the rest of the music and only goes along with the melody rather than leading it.
So you might want to throw something a little more in their a little earlier in the song because what you do have comes so close to the end.

I do like the song, and to be honest I'll be faving this for a possible future inclusion on a game or something.
So keep it up, you got some nice stuff here.


frootza responds:

Thanks for the review Kinsei!

I agree with you completely. I expect to rework the track entirely when I have a better VST to work with. The particular distortion sound needs a bit of work, and I just couldn't find the right lead sound based on what I was working with. I'll keep you posted when I make any changes! I'd love it if you included this, or any of my tracks on a game. I have a few more metal songs that I should be posting this week!


Damn, really like that Conan one.
And the Dr. Evil is sweet.
The Cartman seemed a little high pitch.
Enjoying Splinter.
So long, and thanks for all the fish was spot on.

Very good. :3

bigjonny13 responds:

Thanks Kinsei, glad you liked it :D

At first when I heard the bells, I was thinking that this would be a typical cover of the song, and then the music started and I damn near blammed it. It was kind of muddled and made no sense. It was toned down as if was suppose to have lyrics. Then the lyrics started in. Really tied the thing together.

Nice save. Good way to jazz up a classic

Keegs responds:

Hahaha. Thanks! The intro is actually part of the score to a short film I made. The actual rock part of this song is the part where the credits roll in! I'm posting a link in the description. Glad you liked it!


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Awesome Job
I bet he's be pretty proud of your tribute

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you, that'd be an honor if it were so.

I wanna crack a joke about Dr. Mwho? Or perhaps a Luigi version, but then again I have always been more of a weegee fan anyway.

I already mentioned fading the boo in to the background more. so their is that.

I think you could also benifit from a stronger shadows. by pushing tinbs more in to the dark and having a focused light source you could give off of a more "single light source in a haunted house feel."

I really like the wide eye bit you got going on there with Dr. M I think it is the good start to an expression to go with the don't blink theme.

I like the shadowing you got going on with the mouth of boo. it has alot of the stronger shadows I was mentioning about doing on Dr. M

Over all I think this is a good improvement over past works. Your lines are cleaner and your coloring and shading are smoother.
Congrats man, keep it up

I have been thinking about this for most of the day since I saw it this morning. I really wanted to give it a critique, but I'm just now getting around to it.

this is very rough and stiff. The over all animation is actually pretty terrible.
To start the torso is completely locked as the rest of the limbs move. And walking actually starts with the center of mass, not the legs or arms.

You have no up or down motion at all and no squash and strech. Even in attempts of more realistic animations, the body deforms as it walks. here you have nothing bobbing up or down or pushing out to even show the weight of the character as it walks. I have noticed this to be a reoccurring issue with your animations.
Your walk seems out of sync as well. you seem to start here with a close to neutral pose, especially in the arms, but by time you get to the end of the loop, you have not completed the loop by making it match up. this makes the animation look like something other than an actual walking animation.

I do like the fact that you took time to have the Drool and ears flop with the walk as well, that was a nice touch, even if they are a little stiff, I just wish you had paid as much attention to the rest of the body.

One more thing, Be careful with your mesh deforming around your hips there. the skin isn't wrinkling right and causing the polygons to crease and flip.

As I mentioned to you before. really study the rules of animation. Observe animation books, even ones about 2d animations. Almost all of the principles bridge the two mediums.
Keep practicing and good luck.

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Oh, god... it's not drool, it's his tongue!
But I wish to thank you... I've not been in someone thought since a lot of time :)

I can understand you, as a "viewer", catch only the final results and in your review there's some points, although I hope you really don't believe I don't already know it, I can submit. BUT, if you permit me, I'll give you a tip: your review are too scholar and give the impression that you only "read about" and never do.
As for the loop I'll tell you that this was part of a large clip involving a second animation (cut off for further editing).

That's can be considered my fault because your analysis on the origin of movement is pointless for me as I, being a medic and a martial art master, perhaps know better than you how real body movements works. In real world each movement starts with a unbalance of the mass center of the body, immediately followed by the re-balancing attempt of the limbs repositioning (please note I'm italian).

Really the "show the body weight" thing make non-sense to me... the principle of biological movement is to keep the balance of the whole body, distributing the weight without making the body itself wobbles as I'm noticing in almost all "new-gen" games (quite ridiculous and surely not realistic at all).

Oh, dear... if that all the problem about our animations I'm starting crying of joy! I'm really feeling a master now! We've started doing them at the end of April 2013 from scratch, perhaps we're just more concentrated on setting the rigs and the influence areas... but if I were to wait until we reach perfection before showcasing something, please excuse me for my roughness. It's just a sample anyway, meant to be used as test with the game engine, and the tearing points are almost solved by now.

"Practice means more than theory" is not only a lucky-cookie phrase, it's the truth... rules are useless without tests while tests can give results that break off all your rules. Man, there's an abyss between 2D and 3D... you should know!

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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