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at first I thought this was SteamBirds since the title screens were pretty much the same thing. I even looked up SteamBirds: Survival to make sure. But they aren't the same game when you get in to it.
sadly this is ok at most.
arts ok, a little flat.
Mechanics work well enough. A passible game I guess.
sadly a bad idea coping another game's title screen. it makes people think you ripped that other game off.

Fucking hell this game is awesome.
And to make things better, I'm kind of buzzed, its 1 a.m. I got all the lights off, and my cat just brushed up against my leg.... I couldn't describe the level of horror I felt at that moment.
so. fucking. sweet.

Man, really needs some work.
You need a flying animation for Dash.
Do some better hit states for the clouds/dash. I'm barely even close to a cloud and I get shoved back hard, while also losing all my Rainboom power. A good offset would be to let the player fly through white clouds, get slowed by the light gray ones, and stopped by the dark gray clouds.

Couple power ups for the player would be nice too. Even simple ones like a boost in Rainboom power

If nothing else, get that hit state fixed and get the clouds spaced out a little. Players would be much happier even with that much.

I think the number one thing wrong with this game would either fall to the balancing issue, or the issue of not being able to hit anything.
Both of these are something you really need to adjust. Especially when the shuppets arrive. None of the shots any pokemon fire hit them. It very annoying knowing that although I have quite a few higher level pokemon, I can't stop any of the shuppets because none of the slow moving bullets fired will make contact to do damage. So increase the bullet speed.

Fix the upgrades to increase more than just the damage and a slight boost to the radius. A attack speed adjustment would be nice as well.

Oh yeah, fix the lagg problem as well. Once a wave starts to get on the board, this thing starts to bog down pretty badly.

Fix the bugs on the placement, I had to restart the entire game because it would no longer let me place any pokemon.

There is a lot of issues to fix in this, but if you can get them under control, the I think it'll do alright.

Guy Go Squish!

That was actually slightly amusing.
Need a way to increase difficulty as your progress

Upgrades Would Have Made the Game

Fun Game, fun concept. With the Larry World you have built, I find this a very suiting game. I had a great time, but part of the game became rather frustrating.
The graphics were very nice and smooth So I have no qualms with them.

McSweeny's speed was a real hurt in this one. When getting barrels, he was slow, but in a more urgent situation involving Doug, McSweeny was not any faster. I found this to be very frustrating, especially when doug was getting much faster in the later levels. Before I could even get McSweeny to the door, doug had already taken down a half of a barrel or more.
Dougs dodge speed increased as well, but the McSweeny's attack speed did not get any better with better weapons. it got to the point I wasn't filling more than 2 barrels just to keep Doug isolated for easy victory. Doug's stamina increased greatly as well and if not prepared with a much stronger weapon by at least round 7, I found myself spending half a day or more beating the hell out of the drunkard.
This makes me want to call a bit better balance to the upgrade prices.

More upgrades would have been nice.
Perhaps some Hired help to either help retrieve barrels to take out Doug would have been a very nice addition. Perhaps even a chance to give yourself a shameless plug and have us hire Larry himself. I can think of some amusing animations of Larry trying to take out Doug to toting barrels that are twice his size.
Either some help or some sort of defenses would have been nice. Rat traps to snap on to Doug's toes to slow him down, doors on the warehouse to keep him out for a few seconds longer, barrels of crappy ale conveniently left our for him to run in to to give a few moments before he gets to the good ale stock, anything would have been nice. For challenge certain things having to be replenished or repaired each day would have done the trick.

The pour meter, it got fast, really fast. I understand this to a point, but after a certain speed I began to ask, what the hell, is McSweeny pouring himself a mug as we go along? Although we can use this idea to our advantage. Let us, as McSweeny, drink some ale and make it a trade off. The more ale we drink the faster the bar gets, but give us attack power to bring down Doug in return, that sound fair, doesn't it?

I would also like to have seen more barrel upgrades. Bigger barrels would have been a nice touch. Giving us the option of trying to serve more with out refilling so much would have been very nice. Perhaps some new barrel salesmen, the wizard giving us single day enchantments for "endless" barrels of ale for a price.

Although I have given a long list of things here I really did like the game, and I do look forward to seeing more from this world and it's characters. A sequel to this would be nice.
I hope you take in to consideration my suggestions for a sequel if any.

Wonderfu, Simply Wonderful.

I must say I did enjoy this game, well with the 5 and 10 I gave it.
Although it is an excellent game I can think of a lot of new features for the sequel. but I'll dish those out in a moment.
The game ran well and I think for a FPS/defender I think this very well made I love the variety of creatures. When I red the description of just orcs, thats all i expected, but the bugbears was a nice touch even if they were the wrong color.
and the leveling system was pretty well done. it was fast enough that it helped when needed.
so before I get on to the needed upgrades, I would like to say this once more: Good Job.

In the sequel I think that you should expand your monster library, lets get some kabolds (even though there weak, there small and a bitch to hit.) maybe some bats a few other nasty creatures like goblins, etc.

Also lets expand this experience and leveling with a could things.
1. lets add a few character classes. Two would be fine, a range and a swordsman. Obviously each class would have advantages over the other, but that would appeal to some of the players prefences.
2. perhaps add a character race. Dwarf, Elven and Human would suffice. the Elven be better with a bow, dwarfs having better strength, humand being in the middle, etc..
3. A larger weapon store. This could be fun in it's own way. not all weapons need to be stronger than one another to be more useful. You started to play with magical elements with the arrows in this one, but perhaps we can get a few swords and bows with elements and then have some elemental mixing for some new effects, or stacking elemental effects to get more bang for the buck.
4. Play with the idea of no longer having infinite normal arrows and weapon degradation. Simply using a weapon causes ware and tear on it, so lets have a weapon repair. For added challenge lets not make it instant repair either, lets say that it takes time, and you have to go a wave or two with out it, this will force players to use something that there best weapons all the time and add a new challenge to the game.
5. Mercenaries. In this game, I got swarmed a few times, but it wasn't anything dire. But if you up the level of the encounters then a little assistance might be needed. So get a mercenaries to help you defend the keep. Have the cost change for different races, classes and skill levels.
6. Followers. As the player progresses in levels he becomes renown for his deeds, or at least in a role playing sense. I think as we progress threw the game, People should come to our cause. Extra men to help fight, healers to help heal us during battle and in between waves (not full heal mind you, but a little) and so on and so forth. the followers wouldn't cost anything but would be cheaper than the hired help.
7. Skills, both passive and active. as we level not only give us points to up basic attributes, but every few levels give us some skill points to place in certain skills. Stuff like multy-shot or rapid-shot could be an very helpful active skill to putting more than one arrow in to a orc. Passive skills like precise shot can shrink our targeting sight for a more accurate head shot and such. I'm sure you get the idea..

As this game stands I think it is a great game, If you choose to make a sequel I think you can take a good concept like you already have and make it much greater.
Congradulations on a great game


A Sequel? Wow impressive

What a very nice and pleasant surprise, I can remember when the punk-o-matic was one of the first games I played here on NG, What a way to up the nostalgia to 11.

And with a over the top game indeed. So such more involvement, this has left the realm of some gizmo and entered to a very nicely built game.
plus double points for the GBT band, I do admit to being a fan.

You Had Me At Vaporeon...

Would really like to see that one in color and in the portal very soon.
cool way of presentation too. Did you take a photo of your real sketch book?

Sabtastic responds:

I actually just scanned it face-down! :D (as well as the front/back)
Was thinking of doing another pokemon pic though! So, maybe!! XD

I like it,

but there needs to be a lot more cards.
Also there needs to be a way to customize your deck.
There were plenty of battles I lost just because I didn't ahve the cards I wanted

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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