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you were smart enough to block the right click, so for that I'll give you a passing grade.

Spruce it up a little. and add a score board for some kicks

Dripping With Awesome

Beautiful game You guys have really outdone your selves with this.
5's and 10 all the way around,
instant favorite,


Nice collab
Go Johnny! nice madness thriller

Not bad

Pretty fun,
but the the reload needs to be faster or at least have upgrades to make it faster,
defending myself with it alone was pretty much hell


but needs a lot more, I already beat this. so add more levels, a couple different maps, more towers and upgrades, you gotta have upgrades. also give us a variate of towers. we need some slow towers and some special effect towers.
you got a great base here, just add a lot more.

Very nice, Greatly needed

This is something a lot of NG users should adhere to. their is a lot of great information inside this flash.
5/5 9/10
The reason for the 9 is to e honest I wanted music choices and a little more extensive in to the information. Don't get me wrong it was pretty deep as is, but I feel it could use an advanced section for those overachievers out their.
good work

Little-Rena responds:

Music choices I feel would weigh down the file, it was already much bigger than I wanted it. An advanced section would be pretty neat yes.

I smiled

Basic point, basic graphics, basic game great voice.
damn good.
I admit at first I expected to blam but instead you get full kudos, this turned out damn good. everything works well together
Congrats man you get a spot in my favorites and hopefully a front page for this

Rhete responds:

Yeah I was afraid people would reach the first screen, freak out, and blam it, thanks for sticking through it!

a twist.

I give half for the creativity and style, I love the feel, but it's hard to tell the dmentions of the pattle . and this severely harms the game play. also the bright colors make it kind of hard to see certain things.
still a good twist though


Really good game, kind of easy though, but totally epic

in closing, two words: "Front Page!!!"


not bad, very intresting, but here is a little advice
your dots are a little somall sometimes, making them hard to click, I know small makes them harder to see which is the point of the game, I know but if their too small to click, then you can't progress,
I would go ahead with the hint thing, it can be helpful for others. you should five them an extra hint for every 10 levels their are in the game, and make them earn it, start with three free hints and then let them earn more.
to help speed up your image creation, looking to Adobe Illistrator's live trace, it'll do wonders on speeding you up on making images such as the ones you were using.
lastly add a timer so people can see how much time they spent getting threw the game and them maybe link it to a score board or something, or just let them post it in their reviews.

make more and I'll play, I like a challenge, good luck


If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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