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Happy Holidays

Everyone did an excellent job. It was pretty awesome to work with Bob and see everyone's work as it came along.


Excellent Job Guys!
Ash, you should be proud!
Happy Birthday man.

I now Know how...

....to #1
Thank you... this may come in handy in the future. Like knowing how to Dispose of a body.
Happy Clock Day

bobsmi responds:


Not A Movie!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

This is an Interactive Gallery Gadget. It shouldn't be in the Movies section. It has controls and moment, this is a game!
And Being Art, why isn't this in the art section. Oh yeah... Can't submit flash to the Art Portal.


The art is solid, and it is a pretty fun twist on an art gallery. Great job Guys

Damn, Not Surprised...

Some Damn bad animation placed to an amazing music artist.

Well fuck, man look at some of the other music video flash and take a look at the art when they play instruments. your arms lack moment and variation, most of it is looped with not syncing the damn beats.
The lip sync isn't shitty since there was no attempt at a proper lip sync.
the animation is blocky and the imagery is just damn pitiful I tell you what.

my advice, Drop the characters. learn some proper animation skills and procedures. Take a couple art courses, learn anatomy, learn the basics of art. After that perhaps then you can expand back in to your characters.

Not the worst I have seen, but sure as hell not the best.
Don't tell us to rate 3 if we don't like it either

Blackrhinoranger responds:

Listen, Shut up, I keep these guys as they are. OKAY?

You gotta do a Second one

I checked the bonus art and saw those last few frames, yeah you gotta animate that buddy.... it would be worth the laughs.

As for this, I feel you did a wonderful job, with basic music you created a scene that truly required no dialog what so ever.
It was short and sweet, but very effective.
Congratulations, I hope this gets a FP soon.

Nightwayfarer responds:

Thanks, though I probably will leave the bonus as it is)
I'm also glad to hear, that the dialogs were unneeded here, that's what i've been aiming form because in my previous works the main part was the dialogues...
merry kwistmas :B



"Aww Shit..."

It was all pretty funny and greatly animated, but it was that very last part that really got me.
Wonderful job
full marks from me

Holy Hell

Where the hell did you learn to sculpt like that?
Kudos man, Very well done. Completely pro job.
I can't even think of anything ill to say about it.
the texture detail was simply amazing, you even got the inside of the mouth glossy so it looked wet. the paint was very well done, I especially dig the leaves.

The baby at the end made me laugh as well.

Very nice

Go for the Head shot!

I really love this new series of yours, I even just recently bought the first Foamy DVD. epic lol.
Keep up the good work,
your next one should have something to do with the divas or the 90's boy bands, there is just so much to make fun of


Seeing naruto getting gutted like that brings a odd joy to my heart, and a big smile to my face.
very nicely done, just wish there was more.

ifureadthisdie responds:

Glad you liked it. And i don't see how further i could have gone with this, i didn't want it to go stale, i wanted it to have replay value

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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