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I always love this rant,
man our society is messed up.

Maybe we can get some drugs to fix ourselves

it was ok

i give half cause it was an alright reel, but if your going to rely on stick figures anywhere, and I mean anywhere, then don't ever expect a job. most professional artist and critics would laugh you out of the room and burn your demo on the spot the first second they even see the hint of stick figure animation.
so pulls those stick animations out of your reel and you might stand a remote chance.


I apologize but this is going to be harsh.
Doing this by yourself was quite an undertaking and I comend you for that. But as for your humor, well lets say their isn't any.
First off your timing is off. and if your trying to be funny, timing is everything. Some of your skits were too drawn out and they rapidly lost your appeal. at other times the joke makes no sense.
also the shortness of the overall, their was what 3 maybe 4 segments, you should have had many more to make this a true "shorts" flash.
Tone it up and better scores will come

Great job

made me smile
I would have laughed if I wasn't in class.

I'm usually not a stick fan to be honest but you made this work well enough that it was good.
the music was a good choice and the ending was abrupt and funny. The pace worked really well.
if it wasn't a stick you would have recived a 10, but either way you have earned a favorite from me.

Jectoons responds:

thanks a lot,
it was an experiment on fbf and climbing animation, so... the easiest thing to do is a stickman :D

good gag

but it needed more,
the punchline wasn't that strong, so it could used more.
also a start and stop would have been better than a loop.
good stuff though

Got me?

not really.
Come on man, Easy to see coming
pour a little more effort i to it. If your looking to actually scare people, try building something creepy and psychological. thats the proper way to do it, not just throw something in with a loud screech.
I give a 2 for effort in the stars, but a 0 in votes for cliche. Come on be creative if you want more

I Have Only One Word For This



I actually Have a friend who takes pictures like that,
no kidding, I went to the zoo with her and her BF and it was so stupid -_-'

no problems

I had no problems with the loader or buttions.

shouldn't have cut up the song so much and you should have done a full music video.

Good, but....

I found this pretty funny, and think the animation is pretty slick,
it's good your work on portfolio peices but to be honest you cannot use this. Sadily, your joke is the reason you cannot use it, The Doritos.
Since you personally own no rights this has no place in your portfolio. The "advertisement" would probably be of any use to Doritos them selves. to ano other company, it's poor product placement, not if you changesd out to bag for a prodoct of your creation, then it would be no big deal. cause then the ad would be ok.

either way I'm sorry and I mean no offence by this, I'm just trying to keep you from getting laughed at durning a a future job interview. so yeah chang it up if you want in your portfolio, as for Newgrounds, it's anything goes

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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