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Got me?

not really.
Come on man, Easy to see coming
pour a little more effort i to it. If your looking to actually scare people, try building something creepy and psychological. thats the proper way to do it, not just throw something in with a loud screech.
I give a 2 for effort in the stars, but a 0 in votes for cliche. Come on be creative if you want more

I Have Only One Word For This


Good, but....

I found this pretty funny, and think the animation is pretty slick,
it's good your work on portfolio peices but to be honest you cannot use this. Sadily, your joke is the reason you cannot use it, The Doritos.
Since you personally own no rights this has no place in your portfolio. The "advertisement" would probably be of any use to Doritos them selves. to ano other company, it's poor product placement, not if you changesd out to bag for a prodoct of your creation, then it would be no big deal. cause then the ad would be ok.

either way I'm sorry and I mean no offence by this, I'm just trying to keep you from getting laughed at durning a a future job interview. so yeah chang it up if you want in your portfolio, as for Newgrounds, it's anything goes

I gotta say

Very nicely done, I'm in school to become an Animator myself. and this is some very very nice work.
very smooth and, how much time do you have in each animation, I know the cat one must have been hell, or atleast the part with color.
As for the ones who think this dosen't belong on Newgrounds I dissagree, this has more of a place here than a good ton of flash animations and flash games. people these days reallh have lost sight of traditional animation and it's beauty.

So pleas post more of your animations, their nice, and very well done. I congradulate you. and every one you put upwill earn an automatic induction in to my favorites.

RWappin responds:

Thank you very much. :]

Yeah the cat one took FOREVER with the color, heh.

Super Step


All 5s from me and of course a 10 on the stars.
hell I'd give a 100 stars for this.
verydramatic and deep. I can't wait to see how this thing ends. I do hope it ends well for the both og them and hope happness awaits them both in paradise.
lol....thank you for the entertaiment. I didn't have to watch this to know it belongs in my favorites. the entir movie I watched on the edge of my seat lol

good try

I give you a 7 for the effort, very nice, but their is alot you missed.

For starters you don'r have enough imbetewwns, their should be about 6 diffrent frames for each leg in your walk cycle. in other words your walk cycle should be around 12 frames in total, also make sure you set flash to play at 24 or 30 frames per second.
Also you missed out on a lot of the rules of animation, if you want to become like a disney animator you have to master theose 12 rules. if you don't know them, please look them up and learn them. once you do, you'll learn your animations will take on a whole new look and level. also you missed a delightful chance for accents.again refiring to the 12 rules.
and your music choice was ok, but you should have goone with somethign creepier and with not lyrice. some sort of ambiant music would be best. also look in to some good sound effects, step sounds would have enhanced the over all feel of the animation.

Now on a good note the animation some what did well with your backround and ran pretty well. likie I said, the effort is their but you lack knowlege, once you gain that you'll be animating in top notch in no time.


very nice

for a demo reel it's a pretty good, I like it
I sreally can't review this like I normally would.

I watched your older demo reel and was very pleased, this is just what you need to show people that you created those lego movies,

sadily I give you a 9/10, althought this is a very good demo reel It dosenot give methe butterflies in my stomach, although it could be because this is the second time I've seen some of your stuff. but either way very good.

very aswome

was a pretty good flash, I enjoyed it. the joke was somewhat predictable, but it weas a timeless classic of a joke in the Zelda series, so that point really didn't matter I guess. (I mean come on who didn't go after the chickens)

ANyway sadily only pne pint made burst with laughter and that was when link first attacked. you need to tighten up your timeing and maybe find a little better ballance to your action/comedy.

As for the art, very well done, >.>....serisouly I wish this thing had a much better rating scale, as for the actual animation, I would giveyou a 9 out of 10, the designes were solid enough to work very well and, well basically put, the whole thing meshed together well. The anime out look I can kind of let go mostly on the fact that it is a zelda toon, it dose have a good joke and as for anyother type of animation with solid action scenes like this just dosenot exist, unless you wanna do buggs bunny slapstick, which I bet you don't

so in conclusion, tighten up yout timeing, take the drawing up just a bit more (it's alreadt their, just needs refineing), find your balence on jokes and action, and you'll do even better

I favorited you and this film, I look foward to seeing your improvement

odd, very

it was a good meld of music and video.
bot their quality was very good, althought it really didn't have a pooint other than creepy.

the style was very clean and crisp, much like antything they have on cartoon network these days.

for now it's alright but you should really take it up a notch and start to put something together that has an epic story and is fun to watch.
do you have any stories that you really feel you should shair and entertain the world with? if not you should really develop something like that.
althought I wouldn't be suprised if this didn't make a daily or somehting for it's good solid animation and....weirdness.
well good luck, give us something with some kick to it .

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks, i do actually have some much bigger projects on the way, this was more of a side project i started and completed today.

damn nice

what animation school are you going to?

well anyway this erases all doubt in my mind, this is the proof you need to show every one that those lego movies are yours, very nice job.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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