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I now Know how...

....to #1
Thank you... this may come in handy in the future. Like knowing how to Dispose of a body.
Happy Clock Day

bobsmi responds:


Damn, Not Surprised...

Some Damn bad animation placed to an amazing music artist.

Well fuck, man look at some of the other music video flash and take a look at the art when they play instruments. your arms lack moment and variation, most of it is looped with not syncing the damn beats.
The lip sync isn't shitty since there was no attempt at a proper lip sync.
the animation is blocky and the imagery is just damn pitiful I tell you what.

my advice, Drop the characters. learn some proper animation skills and procedures. Take a couple art courses, learn anatomy, learn the basics of art. After that perhaps then you can expand back in to your characters.

Not the worst I have seen, but sure as hell not the best.
Don't tell us to rate 3 if we don't like it either

Blackrhinoranger responds:

Listen, Shut up, I keep these guys as they are. OKAY?

You gotta do a Second one

I checked the bonus art and saw those last few frames, yeah you gotta animate that buddy.... it would be worth the laughs.

As for this, I feel you did a wonderful job, with basic music you created a scene that truly required no dialog what so ever.
It was short and sweet, but very effective.
Congratulations, I hope this gets a FP soon.

Nightwayfarer responds:

Thanks, though I probably will leave the bonus as it is)
I'm also glad to hear, that the dialogs were unneeded here, that's what i've been aiming form because in my previous works the main part was the dialogues...
merry kwistmas :B


Seeing naruto getting gutted like that brings a odd joy to my heart, and a big smile to my face.
very nicely done, just wish there was more.

ifureadthisdie responds:

Glad you liked it. And i don't see how further i could have gone with this, i didn't want it to go stale, i wanted it to have replay value

Bring me a virgin!!!

indeed a sacrifice is needed to appease the all mighty fax.
this was just too good, thank you for brightening my day.

sirjeffofshort responds:

My favorite thing is that they are working so hard to appease such an outdated piece of machinery that they probably should just get rid of anyways.

not bad

but you could use some better art. it's great you got in to buttons and all but none of that is going to matter if you don't put more time and effort in to your art.
also you need to tighten up your comedy a little. Right now it's loos and hardly funny. I kind of like the pokeball skit, but the voice in it kind of killed it for me.


More time and effort in to the work.
better jokes/writing
practice, a lot.
good luck on your next one

timoku responds:

yeah sorry my voice does suck

not bad

Needs some tweaks though.
First no loops, I know it's short, but loops kind of suck, you really need a start and finish with some buttons.
Second make sure you use all the space given or cuttit down to the desired size. the white bars on the side just really harm the entire thing.
still quite good though, and I do like it. but these two things really hurt the score. so fix it up and do another

muscleman2008 responds:

thanks 4 the advice

Great job

made me smile
I would have laughed if I wasn't in class.

I'm usually not a stick fan to be honest but you made this work well enough that it was good.
the music was a good choice and the ending was abrupt and funny. The pace worked really well.
if it wasn't a stick you would have recived a 10, but either way you have earned a favorite from me.

Jectoons responds:

thanks a lot,
it was an experiment on fbf and climbing animation, so... the easiest thing to do is a stickman :D

I gotta say

Very nicely done, I'm in school to become an Animator myself. and this is some very very nice work.
very smooth and, how much time do you have in each animation, I know the cat one must have been hell, or atleast the part with color.
As for the ones who think this dosen't belong on Newgrounds I dissagree, this has more of a place here than a good ton of flash animations and flash games. people these days reallh have lost sight of traditional animation and it's beauty.

So pleas post more of your animations, their nice, and very well done. I congradulate you. and every one you put upwill earn an automatic induction in to my favorites.

RWappin responds:

Thank you very much. :]

Yeah the cat one took FOREVER with the color, heh.

odd, very

it was a good meld of music and video.
bot their quality was very good, althought it really didn't have a pooint other than creepy.

the style was very clean and crisp, much like antything they have on cartoon network these days.

for now it's alright but you should really take it up a notch and start to put something together that has an epic story and is fun to watch.
do you have any stories that you really feel you should shair and entertain the world with? if not you should really develop something like that.
althought I wouldn't be suprised if this didn't make a daily or somehting for it's good solid animation and....weirdness.
well good luck, give us something with some kick to it .

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks, i do actually have some much bigger projects on the way, this was more of a side project i started and completed today.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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