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what else

I give a six mostly because you do have some sparks of talent going their, but the scor really suffers on how short it is. should pust the bar, but it dosen't and that kind of is a let down.
the audio was good and some what fitting, but again, because of how short it is, it's really hard to tell.

Give us some more, don't dangel some meat infront of a starving dog, or your just going to get your hand bit off. so take this and add to it with a little more story and flash, if your point is to show the two as a teem, try puttion them threw an action scene. pull some jumps threw the air and and some serious bullet time, and you wow the most of us, that is aslong as you keep the animation solid and strong.

Keep up the work and give us more

pretty goood, heres some tips

intresting story, I think I have to take a step back and watch the others to catch up, and the way it's constructed if really good too, I laughed my ass off at the comersl break thing, it was great just like a real episode from tv, very vreative and tasefully done i might add, I actually might become a fan, you music suited youer sceans well and your use of camera was good too. the only thing I need to point out is be careful with your sprites, they work well with and you make them work well, that ias a good thing, but I think you need to take a week off and tweak them to absolutly perfect their out look, and if you have a good stock Ithink you'll find it much easier to animate and it'll have a nice polished and professionall look after your done. also wathc your lip sync, my teache would tear me apart for it being off, but yours is ok for now, nut you just might want to think of taking it up a notch, and one last thing your voices are working great with this, did you and your firends do all the voice? cause the quality is very good and quite solid.

anyway lol, long review huh, probably get voted as useliss :P but good work, just be ready to take it up a notch next time and you'll easily get a 10 from me

JMartin97 responds:

I accept your challenge!


good, keep going

Not bad I like it. I think this will be quite good, keep up tyhe good work, the art needs a liuttle advancement but that comes with time, but it's good art so far, also some character development might be good, you should have made pit lose the fightand give him more of a reason to take down hades and to grow stronger.

Can't wait to see the next one, keep it up

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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