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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - November 13th, 2012

You know, This new job is pretty good. Their is something about it that just feels nice. It doesn't feel like other jobs and that really helps. The crew is really awesome and have been pretty helpful in getting me to learn my way around the shop and the machenery.
For a graphic design position, sadly I'm not drawing as much as I would like, but I was told that when I learn the entire system, I'd receive a little more freedom and design work .
As it stands I work in the shop three days a week and in the graphic design department two days a week. Perhaps its like I'm earning my right to draw or something, which is a much more tantalizing reward than you would think.

We all start at the bottom right? Well this bottom isn't so bad.

Well, later days

damn it I have been watching too much weekenders lately...

Posted by Kinsei - November 6th, 2012

Yay, I finally got a job in a field of Art!
This is the break I have been waiting for! Time to put some of that fancy learning I got to use.

Anyway The position is at this little shop Called R. Mort Company. They do some classic screen printing. Not only do I get to be their part time graphic designer, but they are going to teach me the entire printing process.
So far it has been pretty fun and I like it.
I have a lot to learn about layout and typography from Mr. Mort. Its kind of cool he has been doing this stuff since the 40's and he's still working along side me and the other workers. I hope he has many more years of teaching noobs like me ahead of him.

Posted by Kinsei - October 1st, 2012

Boobies bring view.
: Or at least thats my theory
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kinsei01/chow -56-succubus

Chow56 Succubus

Posted by Kinsei - July 10th, 2012

Oi Actually got a game out this year! How sweet is that. We'll get it posted up later today!

All I have to say about it at this moment is, Welcome back T.O.M. We missed you.

Posted by Kinsei - February 14th, 2012

You see that painting over there, I painted that, but do they call me Kinsei the Painter? No.
You see that Drawing over there, I drew that, but do they call me Kinsei the Artist?, No
But you draw one FUCKING PONY!

I don't even watch the damn show, but I think I'm becoming a Brony,
Sigh, Might as well embrace it.
: well.. fuck...

Posted by Kinsei - January 27th, 2012

Got a meeting in an hour for some free gallery space.
It would be nice if they accepted me. Down side is that they like a lot of traditional and classical stuff. And my art is kind of a different flavor from their preferred style. Hope they choose me anyway.

I'll update later with how it went.
Wish me luck.

Yay! I got gallery space set for next January.

Might get some gallery space

Posted by Kinsei - January 2nd, 2012

I really didn't get as much done last year as I wanted.

I failed to get a piece of art FP'd, Although I did get a gameI helped with the art on FP'd but it only stayed 3 days and it was a madness game. But I guess that is still some sort of victory.

I didn't make it to the top of the art reviewers list. Partly because the list itself had some serious issues a couple months back. In the end I was ranked pretty high though. I also realized that if I was to make it to the top with reviews of actual subsistence and not just a couple of quick random words or giving the artist a handjob with our some sort of actual helpful criticism, then it would take me doing a couple of paragraphs per review and about 10 if those a day.
Ahh well, I guess I can be happy with the things the way they are now.

I did keep one blog post for one whole year, hence why I am typing this today instead of yesterday. And although a victory on that front, it was rather boring. I'll update this more this year.

So far this year, I have already posted a piece of art, say hello to Tankmen Steve and all his disproportionate glory.
I have a couple more projects in mind for the near future. I just hope I can find the time to work on them.
I also have a job for the moment. I'm assisting over at this electrical place. I hope after I get some current work experience, I can get another interview with some art companies I applied to.

Also I was voted "Most Helpful Art Forum Poster" for 2011, so thats pretty awesome. So I hope to do much better here in the next year. Perhaps I can win it again.

To start the new year, I have also gotten a new art thread over in the art forum. My old one had hit over 50 pages long. Pretty impressive for the art forum.

So over the next year, I intend to become a even more upstanding member of the art forum, a better all around poster and better user of Newgrounds. I intend to get out to other sites more. I intend to practice lots of art and post even more than I did last year.

So here is to the new year!

Oh and a picture of my cat for good measure...


Posted by Kinsei - January 2nd, 2011

No, really I do...

OK time for me to join the rest of the whores on the street, but in a different fashion.

As with most other whores in the business, I have my reasons for being here. Some want money, some want pleasure, others want pain, I want fame. I want to get to the top of the Art Reviewers list, and you guys are going to help me get there.
: hey everyone needs some one to step on, right?

So here it is, Im going to become a review whore. You guys bring me art, Ill review it.
Simple enough, but there are some rules, you know, like some Asian chicks have a no tentacle rule.
~I wont be reviewing in the thread. When you want something reviewed you Post the picture using the include picture box, and include a link to the picture in the portal. I will not hunt down your profile, I will not hunt down the picture. Ill make a post replying to people when I have reviewed their pieces.
~If you want more than one picture reviewed, you must make a new post.
~I dont care if you are scouted or not, if its in the portal, Ill review it. Im not picky about my customers.
~I will be taking on 5 customers a day. If I choose to do more, then great, if not well, there is always tomorrow.
~I dont deal in hot goods. If I know the stuff is stolen, then I wont review it, but I will report it. Im sure the fuzz (mods) are already annoyed that I tend to have them on speed dial.
~Im only doing art reviews as a result of this, So dont ask about reviewing flash or audio or anything.

Those who know me, know Im pretty rough. So if your afraid of having a bruised ego, then Im not the whore for you. Regardless of me being harsh, I do try to give a solid review.

So what do you say you got a nickel to ride this Beast!

Review Whore
~Aka Kinsei

Link to thread

Link to portal whore

I need more Whiskey For This

Posted by Kinsei - December 16th, 2010

That it froze my user page!
My banner, My Avatar, My Forum Signature and My Icon Have all been iced over!

Well even if it is cold. I have plenty of work to do to keep me warm. I hope to contribute more to Knocturne's Tarot Project
Plus I have some other projects that I want to do in the near future.

Its So Cold At Newgrounds

Posted by Kinsei - December 12th, 2010

Well after finishing some new art pieces and up loading them, I figured I'd make a blog post about it.
Yeah how attention whore of me, right?

Anyway, I have been practicing some new coloring styles lately as well as some new ways to ink. The way I was inking in illustrator seemed to bug a lot of people. It bothered me too, but I liked how clean it was so I was willing to go that route. Guess it is all about the development.

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