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I need more Whiskey For This

Posted by Kinsei - January 2nd, 2011

No, really I do...

OK time for me to join the rest of the whores on the street, but in a different fashion.

As with most other whores in the business, I have my reasons for being here. Some want money, some want pleasure, others want pain, I want fame. I want to get to the top of the Art Reviewers list, and you guys are going to help me get there.
: hey everyone needs some one to step on, right?

So here it is, Im going to become a review whore. You guys bring me art, Ill review it.
Simple enough, but there are some rules, you know, like some Asian chicks have a no tentacle rule.
~I wont be reviewing in the thread. When you want something reviewed you Post the picture using the include picture box, and include a link to the picture in the portal. I will not hunt down your profile, I will not hunt down the picture. Ill make a post replying to people when I have reviewed their pieces.
~If you want more than one picture reviewed, you must make a new post.
~I dont care if you are scouted or not, if its in the portal, Ill review it. Im not picky about my customers.
~I will be taking on 5 customers a day. If I choose to do more, then great, if not well, there is always tomorrow.
~I dont deal in hot goods. If I know the stuff is stolen, then I wont review it, but I will report it. Im sure the fuzz (mods) are already annoyed that I tend to have them on speed dial.
~Im only doing art reviews as a result of this, So dont ask about reviewing flash or audio or anything.

Those who know me, know Im pretty rough. So if your afraid of having a bruised ego, then Im not the whore for you. Regardless of me being harsh, I do try to give a solid review.

So what do you say you got a nickel to ride this Beast!

Review Whore
~Aka Kinsei

Link to thread

Link to portal whore

I need more Whiskey For This


hey man left alone as you want from me this art is mine stupid
if you want to search anywhere just try to finish me off is when you steal art and I discovered my own art negligence aser who you think you're stupid art police? wing shit go!!! .l.

Dude, English. the only art thief language I understand is taking a baseball bat to your knees.

hey kinsei fish bucket sewage art is mine tyranosaurus rex i think im in love with a girl two doors down if you search chicka chicka bow wow i will fondle cockerels naughty bits you potato waffle waffling versatile who you think you are? some kind of jesus superstar? wing commander go!! sup g man big up to my art theft posse 8======3

um...o.0.... I don't speak mod, except ban hammer?.....
I think? What?....

Nice job shooting another art thief Kinsei. Well done.

I guess we all gotta have hobbies, right?

Do you go zero to sixty when you get on the whiskey?

well.... yeah, something like that :P

sup failure ill report you again failure pants ill report yer art like all the time

yeah, like reporting me worked so well last time.
So yeah feel free to report all you want.

Wow, I just looked at that guy above me. He's pretty "odd". I didn't know newgrounds has a report thing.

Scratch my last comment. Obvious troll is obvious.

He's no obvious, he's fail troll....

Hey I sort of missed what you've said before you called it a night. But do you think I'd be able to keep the room up if i had the machine set to sleep?

I'm not sure if it would remain up in sleep mode.... oh well if nothing else at least another one can always be made.

sorry Kinsei01 please stop reporting

um... you know..... Nah! Brb Reports going out nao!

You don't play with me anymore!!! Do you ... do you have someone else? :'(

What? someone else? Nah lass, never. Your the only one for me, or my name isn't Bender Bending Rodriguez


Yeah >:D


After all my Hard work of tracking down all the art you stole, a "Hmph" is all I get.
Talk about unappreciative

Well done Kinsei! You've shot down another one! I 'd like to congratulate you. Thanks to you newgrounds is once more less one art thief.

I'm tired of you treating me this way! :'(

It's for the good of mankind. You must endure to save us all!

Thanks for leaving my account and thanks for looking at my art i am going to put up some new ones soon!

Hey i now know what art theif is and that was mean thanks to you i am not going to put my art on art portal and forget mt last comment I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU ON MY ACCOUNT AGAIN!

Aw, and here I was hoping to make friends with the thieves I catch

I always liked you Kinsei. You are a funny and surprisingly wise guy. Don't let the bitches let you down! Wooo! (I don't know where I stole that from.)

even the wisest of men can look like hippies, Right
: Damn Hippies !!!1!!!111eleven!!

You man whore you. Also Red Stag, Whiskey of champions.

lol Stag is good. A good friend got me to try some back in phoenix.... now if I could just afford some.... lol

Stag is super cheap in NH, Like $10 for a Big bottle. But if you don't live in or near New England like I do then your sol.

Thanks a lot for giving me advice :)

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