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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - November 3rd, 2010

After almost a month and a half, I have hooked up my scanner to try and get My Art Thread Updated with some new sketches.
It's over in the Art Forum but as you can see I'm generously providing plenty of links. Like here, and here, over there, and right around the bend.
Down side is that with the post limit, it makes them a little hard to upload them all at once.
I'm also stuffing a couple in to the portal, so some votes and reviews would be greatly appreciated.
Their is a lot to come today so keep your eyes peeled.

Minor Uploading Spree....

Posted by Kinsei - October 28th, 2010

Posted by Kinsei - October 26th, 2010

got a jack-o-lantern in the portal Go over an comment, it will be fun seeing what spooks pop up in the near future.
This year I get to spend the holiday with friends and family so this should be a much better year than my last few

Posted by Kinsei - September 16th, 2010

Sadly my time lately has been short as of late, even while doing this.
My current lifestyle doesn't leave much time to practice my art, but on a up side it has made me slow down on what projects I have been doing.

At the moment I'm working on another car
'69 Stingray baby!
I hope I get a chance to do more updating later

New Project On The Rise

Posted by Kinsei - August 25th, 2010

Sure, why not....
might as well get some mileage out of my first color piece in a while.
As it says in the description, some friends of mine got screwed on their bill, so this is for them.

I have been spending way to much time sketching and not enough time actually producing anything.
Perhaps in a week or two when I get settled I can actually produce some more work. Here in a few days I should be flooding my art thread with quite a few sketches, so if any of you feel up to it then keep an eye out for it.

Well enjoy folks.

COX Blocked

Posted by Kinsei - August 19th, 2010

Damn ranking on blams alone is a butch. Ah well, its worth it in the end.

So yeah I am continuing with my Review Blitz. So far in the past two days I have made around 60 Art reviews. I tend to do long ones too, so it's not as easy as it looks. Most of them have been in the Unscouted Section of the Art Portal. I figure the reviews are of more use to people there than the ones who are already scouted.

I've been sketching a lot lately. I have this nice hard back, bound sketch book that I didn't want to drawn in very often because it was so nice. Usually I'd just use what ever other sketch book I had for all my random doodles and such. But I realized a few days ago that this hard back sketch book has lasted me four years. My grandmother bought it for me right after I left for College. So since I am moving back to my home town I figured I had better complete it before I get back. Making it kind of like a journal of my progress over the last four years. Kind of Funny the way things work like that sometimes.

Well since I am now a Sergeant, I think I can post this up :P
: Ahh let the good times roll maggots! Now, as you were!

Rank Up.....FINALLY

Posted by Kinsei - August 17th, 2010

I haven't been very forgiving in my Art Reviews lately. But oh well, I would expect the same on my own works. Too bad the review section for Art Reviews is still messed up. I'd like to go back and see some of those possible rages at a few of my reviews. But for now, Screen shots and bookmarks will have to do.

Also I'm 30 points away from my next rank, and I plan on getting to it through blam points. So lately I have been hitting all flashes with 0's. I know it seems kind of harsh, even to the better ones, but if they are truly decent flashes, then my measly little 0 won't mean a thing.

I got a couple new things I'm trying out, so hopefully my submission rate will increase in the future.

Harsh Critiques and Blamming

Posted by Kinsei - August 15th, 2010

Well Kiddies. Clock Day is upon us, so get out their and vote and rack up the points. The one day where it is OK to be a "Point Whore," so enjoy yourselves.
I myself am hoping to get the next rank up by then end of the day. and although I know its a stretch, I think it ca be pulled off.

I also Have a minor Review for the book "Anatomy and Drawing" by Victor Perard.

I picked up a copy of the 4th edition a day or so and have been thumbing over it since. Right off the back I knew this was a solid book and worth adding to my collection.

The book has very little block text, which is great for the artist who gets easily board of reading and is filled with hundreds of drawings. They cover most basic aspects and advanced concepts of anatomy and applying it to drawing and art.
Many of the drawings have basic, straight-to-the-point, information written next to the drawing and then carries on showing you the way the body is placed together.
The book is divided up in to sections of the Skeleton, the head and neck, the torso, the arm, the hand, the leg, the foot and the ecorche and muscles of the body. It even has quick segments over Proportion and Drawing.

With cut away diagrams, well drawn reference and the encouragement of working along as you learn the human form, I would advise this book to any beginning artist as a awesome start, and I would also recommend it to any veteran artist as a good solid reference resource. I could have even recommended this as a good Reference for people learning Kinesiology.

Clock Day, Anatomy Book Suggestion And Thing Inbetween.

Posted by Kinsei - July 31st, 2010

See it all fits, just in time too.

Meh, I'm kind of hungry, I should probably go get something to eat.....

So recently my time has been filled with doodles and not much actual drawing. I have a couple things brewing, but my procrastination isn't helping.
I have a 3D landscape I'm suppose to be working on,
D&D Items that need to be drawn
D&D dungeons and land maps that need to be drawn
Characters that need to be sketched
Rework a 3D Vectorman
Work on animated graphics demos.

all while trying to remain helpful on the Art Forum.

well wish me luck I should probably get back to procrastinating, I mean I gotta start running out of things to procrastinate with some day, right?

New Month, New Level, New Post

Posted by Kinsei - June 25th, 2010

blah blah blah blah [Insert Funny Joke Here] Blah Blah
YAY! I Made Blog Post....
I feel a drop of IQ in my Future......
Madness collab over on the art forum...
I figure I should join this time....

Cause I Needed A Change