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New Month, New Level, New Post

Posted by Kinsei - July 31st, 2010

See it all fits, just in time too.

Meh, I'm kind of hungry, I should probably go get something to eat.....

So recently my time has been filled with doodles and not much actual drawing. I have a couple things brewing, but my procrastination isn't helping.
I have a 3D landscape I'm suppose to be working on,
D&D Items that need to be drawn
D&D dungeons and land maps that need to be drawn
Characters that need to be sketched
Rework a 3D Vectorman
Work on animated graphics demos.

all while trying to remain helpful on the Art Forum.

well wish me luck I should probably get back to procrastinating, I mean I gotta start running out of things to procrastinate with some day, right?

New Month, New Level, New Post


Good luck Kinsei! also it's still July in Newgrounds time... also 3D landscape! You should try and make sure your always doing something, waste as little time as you can and get as much done in the shortest time possible :)

>.>.... I'm getting plenty done..... if by that I mean memorizing comics I have read at least a dozen times then, yeah... I'm getting plenty done....

lol, I mean like creating something or something that's not as pointless as memorising comics, also.... see link :D
<a href="http://windowslive.com/js/Download+now?ref=%2fdesktop%2fmessenger">http://windowslive.com/js/Download+no w?ref=%2fdesktop%2fmessenger</a>

Ouch bad link bud.
it said page couldn't be found.

And besides memorizing comics is a good thing. How else am I suppose to show my face at the local comic book shop if I can't recall a random quote from Ultimate Spiderman issue 12 or know what color of of panties Jean Grey wore in the 4th trade back of X-men, or how am I going to be able to tell the difference between the consumes of the different Robins.
see it's all in the studying my man....
Btw I want to say those panties were green..... maybe black..... I'll get back to you on that....

Why would you want to go to a comic book store? also I'm pretty sure they were some shade of red.

hey, you guys are always the ones bitching about me being more social...
>.>.... and sadly my X-Man Trade backs are packed away right now... damn why must I pack before I move.....

Good luck on dat shit, muthafucka!!

Um.... thanks.... I think?

All I can think of is the red ring of death.

o.o' the ring.... its coming for you..... coming, coming COMING!

<a href="http://littek.newgrounds.com/news/post/475950">http://littek.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/475950</a>

Questions ...

Why did you leave that comment ...he steal art or what?

Is he a retard?

Is he not 20 yrs old?

Cause he talks like he's 5.

yes, He had stolen works. They got taken down, but it looks like he never deleted my comment; which was made back in May. At least here we care if we have an art thief in our ranks, better than dA.