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Ask! Me! Anything?!

Posted by Kinsei - February 24th, 2013

I've had better things to do lately, but I just don't feel like doing them.
oh... yeah... something about me.
I'm a graduate of the Art Instute of Phoenix and have a shitload of different skills. Sadly not having mastered any.
I am the current head of the art department of a small sign company, R. Mort Company.
I have varied interest in varied things.
So go for it bitches.

Ask! Me! Anything?!


Why are you procrastinating? Get back to work!

Eh, its laundry, it can wait...
wait no it cant.... shit.. brb.

Why don't you ever play guitar for us anymore?

Actually, the top nut on my guitar split in half. And I want to get a new one, I just have been too busy to go get one made.
I guess I can patch it. Sure why not I'll work on it today.
And when I get my new computer in, I'll get on tiny chat and cam and play and everything, I promise!

Split nut sounds painful!! I better be there for the serenading or I'll be sad!!

As a reg... how has the art forum changed (for better or worse) over the years? What do you miss and like most about how things were 'back in the day' to how they are now? ...and what do you consider your greatest contribution to be (from any time)?

You know, I was actually expecting some sort of solid question like this to come from you. I guess it doesn't help that I have been seeing you ask so many others such magnificent questions.

So now its up to me, to try and return a very respective response to something very close to my heart and soul, hopefully with out aimless rambling, and that is kind of a trick for me at times.

I personally and honestly do not feel the Art Forum has changed all that much since I started hanging around there. How long ago was that... 2008? although I guess my more true attempt was in about '09.
I think there are a little fewer activities but some times participation is a little lacking so its not much of a wonder.
I'm just as guilty of the lurking and lack of participation as anyone, especially in the past half a year or so.
If their was any change that feels the most 'Weird' from 'back in the day' is the lack of familiar faces. So many have come and gone, it kind of takes you by the nickers when you realize that your the old man now, no offense to those who are older than me, but I'm sure you understand the exact feeling I'm mentioning.

Some would say we were hard asses and stuck up dicks at time, and well the forum, as far as I have seen, has gone through phases just like everywhere else. So yeah there are times when it is a bit hostile and time when it is a place of love and peace, like the 60's. so I don't let much of that bother me really.

One thing I can say that I am truly proud of in my contribution to the art forum it would be actually trying to help the up and coming artist that come in to our forum asking for help. I don't always succeed, and I don't always keep my temper, but I feel that I have developed a lot since the beginning in being a much better poster and lax person on the forums.

I'm not one of the top tier artist in the Art Forum, but I know that I will be one some day. and I look forward to that proud day cause I know I will still be a member of the art forum for as long as it will exist. even if I only post every couple of days haha.

would you ever consider trying the drug DMT if it were a legal substance

Well, you only live once, and I plan on living forever. so yeah I'd give it a shot.

What's the first drawing you actually remember drawing?

it was a project in first grade. my teacher was Ms. Leak and I remember that we had to, like all first graders. to paint and all that bull shit.
So unlike everyone else, I decided to paint a map to my house and of the town. I remember it looked like something Jackson Pollock vomited with tempera paint on to paper...
I'm actually glad that I have no clue where that damn thing is. if it still exist.

the upside, when I do maps for D&D these days, they at least look badass rather than just bad.

Do you enjoy D&D?

I love the hell out of table top RPGs especially D&D

Granted I was in your area, would you want to meet up with me?

Hell yeah. Although I'll have to warn you, I'm much more epic in person than text on a screen could ever be.

Cat or Dog? Star Trek or Star Wars? And what is your favorite drink? I mean if you could only have one (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

cats, cause well... fuck you! thats why.

ooh good one... trek or wars... damn that's hard. I guess I have to go with the first love and say Star Wars, pre-prequels, of course.

ooh can I have the elixir of life so I can never die?
well... guess I'll have a coke then.
If I can't have eternal life, then I might as well drink something that'll eat out the bottom of my stomach...
wait... speaking of...
can I change that to some nice johnny walker scotch or some Jameson Irish whiskey?
hell those alone should help me make it to the next two or three centuries....

How's business? Maybe get a raise this year? Those drugs aren't going to buy themselves you know :3

I know man, shits expensive.
Business should be picking up because of the on coming of spring, so I should get a nice raise soon.

i see you have a picture of my friend. have you found ceiling cat?

I was trippin balls over seeing ceiling cat...

Allow me to return the favor.

Who are your three favorite ponies, and if they were to cosplay as characters from Lord of the Rings, who would they be?

Easy, Gotta love my Dashie, then Pinky pie and finally Scootaloo.
Rainbow dash would play as Gimli a strong, proud, confident and loyal warrior of the highest caliber.
Scootaloo would play Frodo, the ring barer, a little insecure about her abilities and what she is destined for.
and Pinkie Pie as Gollum, cause that bitch is straight up crazy and would fit Gollums schizophrenia like a well oiled body glove.

How many balloons do you think you can blow up in a row before passing out?

What's your favourite colour??? (I guess orange!)

If you got to chill with some famous artist all day, who would it be?

couple hundred balloons easily... As a kid I worked on a carnival in a balloon game. odd skill, amiright?!

Yes, orange is my favorite color.

if it was only living artist, it would have to be Alvin Lee or John Howe.
if it could be any artist, from any time, it would probably be Vincent Van Gogh, I was always intrigued about his insanity, and I would have loved to be able to get a moment to see how he perceived the world and how his mind worked.