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New News about my News

Posted by Kinsei - January 20th, 2017

So Here is the skinny,

I'm fucking moving! Fucking Finally.

So I have worked at the same print shop for over 4 years. And it has been one hell of a ride. I learned quite a bit about layout and shit. But although I love to art all over this sad sack of a place, I'm finally moving on.

So lets do some run down here.

Not long after I started here, our sales person said "screw you guys, I'm going home" but in a much more professional manner. Her replacement didn't last long. The acting boss broke her mentally and I was some how accused with sleeping with her. Yeah, not with a stolen dick of my enemy. Long story short about a man almost shooting me over this shit, I get saddled with the tasks of both the inhouse graphic artsit, and the sales person.

Yay for me! Double duty means double pay right? Fuck No! I get bumped from $8.00 and hour to $8.25 an hour. I know some burger flippers who make more than that an hour. But I shut my mouth and do my duty because "it's temporary" and because I wanna do an art job.

Well temporary means that this shit is going to carry on for 4 fucking years. Everyonce in a while, my boss would hire a sales person, and then right before there 6 weeks, where they qualify for unemployment in Missouri, she finds their work unsatasfactory and "sends them home" and makes up some bull shit she feeds to the unemployment office about they walked out with out permission, blah blah blah.  Real Dick Move Boss!

So Yeah I spend the past few years doing sales, doing artwork, and doing IT support for the company, Oh and also working on the production floor when we are super busy! If you can't tell I had a wonderful time, just wonderful. Oh, and lets not forget I make the robust sum of $11.00 an hour. WOO! $22,000 a year! living large

: /sarcasm

So last year I moved to a new place, closer to work, hoping to make my life better, but only to find out the place is a real shitty place that won't even be able to get internet because the plase has a reputation for stealing cable.



But it's all over, or will be over soon. I turned in my two weeks on Wednesday, I'm moving to Kansas City, and here's hoping that life can only get better.


Til next time...



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