Been a Hell of a Weekend

2013-03-17 21:17:01 by Kinsei

Well the con has been a pretty decent success!

Our cosplay of Aperture Scientist went over pretty well.

Our panel we held over game development on the cheap went pretty well. Surprisingly, we had packed room and hardly any walkouts. Also didn't get torn to pieces by the crowd. So I'd call that super successful.

Ran in to an old buddy working security at the con. Now this was one from a real hard left field. We'd been trying to meet up for a few months to really catch up and sadly just kept missing each other. So here I am 150 miles away from my stomping grounds and low and behold the guy runs in to me. Pretty cool over all

Got some cool swag and chatted up a bunch of artist. I got me a cool Brony t-shirt. a bunch buttons and pins for my backpack. Got all 8 Gen 1 Gym Badges for my pack for pretty cheap.
Although, weirdly enough, I kept getting Viewtiful Joe stuff from grab bags. Ended up with two of the same dvd's and two of the same soundtrack. Weird, but eh, what can you do.

Oh and I confessed every feeling I had to the girl I love, so this should be a fun development in the near future. I won't give up, and I will be trying to win her heart like I did once before.

So everyone, have some fun, embrace a little chaos in your life, and you don't want to die without any scars, do you?


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