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Back From Vacation And...

Posted by Kinsei - July 13th, 2009

Well I just got from my last 3 week vacation and I have log on to NG here to find that I have been un-scouted from the Art Portal. Damn talk about some serious downers.
First my Best friend Drops out and leaves for Washington, (not to mention he left the apartment in one hell of a mess.) I get shot in the head with a sky artillery on the Fourth of July, (got a small bald spot their now.) And all my efforts of trying to hook back up with the girl I like keeps getting blocked. My nephew pulls me out of a chair, damaging my shoulder.
I was kind of hoping for some peace and tranquility once I got back, but sadly I'm not really that lucky. Guess it's one of those things where I have to accept the dice role and just go with the punches (too bad I really suck at dice games o.0').

Well all and all I'm back in class for my final half of a year. I plan on working extra hard and doing well in my classes. yep all to impress a girl too, who would have thunk it. lol

I'm not too bummed about the un-scouting, I just wish I knew why. I mean if it was for inactivity, the that would be an easy fix, but who knows. probably one of my scouts screwed up somewhere. :(
that Also makes me wonder, if I was un-scouted dose that mean the people I scouted get un-scouted?
well I'm not the best artist on here, heavens no. But I'm good enough to get scouted once again. so it's only a matter of time.

not for my finishing touches of my blog post do I have any art on my drives >.>...(damn school computer.)
ahh here we go, a little older and in my art thread, but eh, who cares, right?

Back From Vacation And...


Not on my watch you're not unscouted.
Also, yes it means everyone you scouted was unscouted and everyone they scouted was unscouted and so forth.
But at least it explains where you were for so long. Glad you're back.

Hell yes, back in the game, thanks man. I'll be posting more stuff soon, I priomise