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Well, For The Most Part...

Posted by Kinsei - September 6th, 2009

...It seems like things have returned to normal here on NG. I find it sad that the DD have nothing better to do but attempt and steal accounts of NG users just tr wreak havoc and delete a few submissions. So far I'm relatively unaffected by there so called "attack" with the exception of my art scout status, but then again, there are a ton of others who are in that exact same boat.
No worries though, I'll get some new art up very soon and I'll get scouted again. I just wonder id my old scores of my art are still intact or do I start again with some zeros. it would suck, but what can you do right?
As for my real world life, today and tomorrow I am suppose to be working on an animation, gotta be rendered by tomorrow night, and although it will be a full 3d animation I won't be posting it here on NG, to be honest it's been such a hell with this animation I hardly want to be even associated with it. I mean, come on we should all have at least some standards, mine just happen to be high. as for 2D art I'm still working on my P-bot piece for the 2010 Calender, I just gotta do a back ground and I'll be done.

well folks thats all for today, sucks about our position on NG right now, but we'll survive.


so i heird you liek mudkips?

no, not really, I'm actually a fan of Vaporeon, I like to have a good solid mix of fire, water fighting and electric Pokemon.

wow, this was a little more drawn out than I thought it would be to have a bland response.

Fucking ducks. Let's put out a petition to Fulp on the BBS to delete the accounts of the DD.

that is a lovely idea, and after this stunt, I would be surprised if a ton of there accounts didn't get deleted.
but there is kind of a draw back, mostly in the way that NG is structured, they can just make more and more accounts. also there is the fact that they haves o many alts, it'll be hard to get them all, I know that there leader has like 20 accounts, it sucks I know.