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I Should Probably Do Something...

Posted by Kinsei - October 28th, 2009

It's really been a while since I submitted something to one of the portals. Maybe I should get started on something for that. Or, perhaps I should try and get ahead on some homework? Finalize out some of my portfolio stuff. Or even work on my website would be a great idea. I know I should be working on something.

Let's see what my current list of projects contains,
- Finish my Mech's material, and animate it
- Start that scene from "The Fellowship of the Ring" that I want to 3D model
- Work on the Hanger/Repair bay for my Mech
- Work On my Portfolio stuff for graduation
- Do some life Drawing
- Start that comic strip I wanted to do
- Start that Thread in the Art BBS I wanted to do
- Design that Naga style combat robot I wanted to design

Eh, I only have a few things on my plate right now...

What does NG think I should Start work on
(I'll work on one of them anyway. But I still want to know what you guys think.)
I'll count out any votes that I get over the next few days and we'll go from there.

I Should Probably Do Something...


Get ahead on your homeworkinz! If you fall behind with it it will take longer time to finish it later then it would when the information is fresh in your head. That is of course if you have any homework. Otherwise you could just do some "Life Drawing." Have at life!

the funny things is half of everything on the list is home work,
all except the Naga bot, the Scene form the movie, the comic, the thread.

As long as your homework doesn't feel like work it should be good.

good point, good thing I like to 3D model then, huh?

I love your drawings yes I am 11 they did'nt have 1998 Mine are good But they won't be as good as yours :)

you do know that your suppose to be 13 to be on NG right?
now I must debate weather I should report you or not.

Do I show mercy, or the wicked malice of a devil.

I think I may let this slide for now. just don't get on my bad side....