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Cyberpunk Team

Posted by Kinsei - November 5th, 2009

Well folks I guess I have made it to the cyberpunk team for the Art Portal Game.

Too bad this weekend is going to be pretty bad for me. I gotta move in to my new apartment and finish animation homework. And to top it off, my car broke down.
Lovely isn't
I kind of attract bad luck as I have found.
ugh, my teammates may not want me now :(.

Eh, anyway my team mates are as follow

I would like to think BMKfor making this all possible though.
He's such a swell guy, isn't he?
well even with the hell my next 4 days is going to be I'm sure I'll get something done for the level. I mean come on I just finished 5 days of hell already, just 4 more to go...

Re2deemer got added to the cyberpunk team.


I can make monoprints, check out some of my art. i can voice acti, check out some of my movies. And i can write, check out some of my movies. Hehe. Glad to be on the team!

Always good to have a strong solder with a jet-pack kid.
Thanks for making an introduction. we'll get started as a few more introduce themselves.

hey team. i dont know exactly what the duties for a team leader is but im thinkin it should be not me lol. have we decided on somewhere we will be posting our ideas? specific to this team i mean. ill just be putting my stuff on my user page for now but id like to see what others are cookin' up so we can sort of align the styles if ya know what i mean.

Yooo, hey everybody. so far I'v gotten some PMs from this team, but nothing from the other team, hopefully that doesn't say something about cooperation.
Glad I got 2 horizontal levels.
Anywho, hey everybody hope to be happy to work with you all.

Hey all. So, since BMK wants to know it by tomorrow, we'd need a leader chosen quite fast.
Also, a better way for communication would be ice. A forum?

For future reference, the duties of the team leader, according to BMK, would be...

"Directing the artists, vetoing poor ideas, making final decisions and being responsible for their team. He or she would be telling each artist who needs to be doing what, the more hands on the better. If someone isn't pulling their weight it would be up to the team leader to tell them to get it in gear or leave, that kind of stuff."

for our leader position i would say just put one of the more skilled artists so then atleast they would be more picky about what goes through and could give some good advice or even tweak things themselves if they want. it seems like a team leader doesnt even have a whole lot of responsibility, so just being someone who would be ok saying "work more on it" would be enough.

I have already started in concept sketches, but I wont have much to show until at least Monday, But at least I am working!

Alright guys we need a leader.
Some one is who is a good judge, fair, and won't allow just anything in.

He is swell.


Hey! I got scouted!

sweet, lets hope it works out this time.

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Some how my computer screwed up when you sent that pm.

oddly enough I had issues connecting to the NG servers a few minuets ago

Ah, are connections are fucking with each other.

I have what it takes, punk. Let's fucking do this shit.

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