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I Really Needed To Make A New Post

Posted by Kinsei - January 24th, 2010

The last one.... kind of sucked......
So I'm trying to get a solid handle on some new projects. The only problem is I feel like I'm drowning, I need something to focus me in a direction, like a goal. Too bad, for some reason, I cannot settle on one. My only goal at the moment is trying to get a job o.0... gotta pay the bills some how.

Thanks to my bro, I have started playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, sadly the more I play it, the more it seems to twist a knife in the wound that is the mockery that it is. It claims to be D&D, but let me tell you, it's not. eh I'm sure I'll get over it, or quit playing.

On that note, I have been more inclined for table tops over MMOs, I always liked using the imagination and real life DMs are much less predictable, well save a few....

I have an idea for my next few sets of projects, bit it might be a challenge to get the people together to do them.
What I'm thinking is collaborative efforts by users, but on a smaller scale than a flash collab.
it's pretty basic, 2 people work in teams to create a piece of art where they share equal credit.
it might be fun...
we'll see right?....


Collabs can be messy business, but im sure you already know that.
Good luck anyway mate.

the biggest flaw with getting collabs to work is the problem of getting many people to work together with out being physically right beside each other.
so with just 2 people there shouldn't be as much of a hassle..... hopefully :P

sounds a lot like the doubles, anyway worked for us on the cow

Hell yeah it did!

Well, between you and me (and whomever reads this), AwesomeSaurus is hoping to restart up doubles in the near future.

sounds like a plan >.>....
I'll look in to it....

I also had this idea! I asked Turkey and he said to just talk to Saurus bout starting doubles again or something like that... perhaps we could create a collab thing where anyone makes something with anyone and then we just throw it all together into a flash?

lol isn't that sort of what were doing with the art forum game.... only that artforum game seems to be failing more and more each day...

i was having an idea about a thread where people post lineart and others colour, renaes already said its fine for me to do it so ill start that up soon :)

oh my god!
what have we begun o.0....

You know your stuff.

Who told you that!
They Lied!!!!
I know nothing I tell you, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not suspicious at all....

I dont like playing MMOs cause they lagg to much.so i just buy a rpg game.

if an MMO is lagging then 1 or more of 3 things are going on.
1. You have a crappy computer and it cannot handle the game
2. You have a crappy internet connection, and it can't transfer well enough.
3. The server that is hosting the game is slow or buggy and cannot make the connections well enough. but in most high rated MMOs this isn't an issue cause the host usually has enough money and staff to keep a game running properly.

Although I do agree that Most RPGs are better then most MMOs, you really miss out on the essence of online play...

But to be honest, I still prefer Table Tops over video games...

Ok, then.

90 degree angle lol!

Well I guess it is only a matter of time before we have to come to terms with ourselves...