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2000 POST!!!!!

Posted by Kinsei - February 22nd, 2010

I recall, not that long ago, when I decided to become an active member of the Newgrounds Art forum. Although it was not my first post on the BBS, it felt like I had been born anew. It's stepping off a plane in Denver, Colorado after spending the past 2 years in Phoenix, Arizona. The crisp cool air fills each nostril, and leaves a slight stinging sensation and the warm relaxation as you exhale. It was a wonderful feeling.

Many sleepless nights, pulled by the call of the siren that is the internet, and the art forum. Even when I lurked alone I felt a sense of sentimentality for this place that I would love to call home, and do call home. Many ask why I do not venture out, to the other branches of the Newgrounds Forum, and I will jokingly utter phrases and quotes of the world being a scary and terrifying place to wander, but in truth I do not cower here in fear, but I remain here for it is comfortable and has the hospitality of friends. Venturing out is something I do partake in, but only briefly for I see the hostility of others toward their own kindred, and the rashness of the ignorant surfacing. When presented with something as close as this is to a utopia, why would one choose to leave permanently after seeing the scars and truth of the world?

For now my hand itches and my wrist ache, I feel the soul of a artist serge through me, and the blood of a mechanic flow within me. And although my skills are wide and vary, I still have a long time to master them to the point of any consideration of professional. Stay with me for I am weak alone, as we all are, and perhaps together we can grow to be strong, and worthy of the pen, the mouse and the brush.

It has been a long and rough journey coming through the trials and tribulations to become an art forum regular. All of this rigorous posting has been not a daunting task but a revelation of the times spent and the lesions learned. As my count climes to two thousand I begin to wonder what will become of me in the next thousand posts or the thousand after that, and I realize that; this is only a milestone, and the path, for me does not end but continues to milestone and one after that. I am not dampened by this realization, but driven to see that next step, pushed out to become a better person, artist and Regular.

So to you my fellow regulars and Art form squires alike, I raise my glass of whiskey and uncork my bottle of scotch! To you I hope the path continues like my own; Long, hard, and worth every step!


You misspelled surge. (serge)
And lessons. (lesions)
And climbs. (climes)



You have truly earned your place among the Art Forum Regulars.

misspellings earn me rank among the regs? lol

i cbf reading that but Hey Kinsei! how are you?

doing good... was a little ill earlier but doing better now >:3

No no, you misinterpret... I just figured I'd point out misspellings cause it gave me something to do while reading that long-ass thing.
You earned your place on your own, from the content of that long-ass thing.

Earned my place on my own? :P sure I did,
what ever you say Wivernrider :D


I really did want to reply seriously but I needed a sandwich and you know what that means!

I lol'd I lol'd hard...
although a good sandwich is pretty tempting...
I'm a man who likes his sammich.....

you lucky dog you!

Aie the devils luck flows threw these veins m'boy