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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - December 31st, 2009

also, :P my last post of 2009
Yeah I just had to jump on the band wagon.
I'm doing this now because I'm suppose to be over at some one elses place tonight so yeah :( no NG for me.....
Well in the past year I have been a lot more active on Ng than I have been in a long time. Used to be all I did one here was play games, watch movies and vote. But now I have been come a active member in the Art forum over on the NG BBS.
I also have art in the Art Portal, you guys might want to take a look if your not doing anything later on. I also have some audio up, but it's only so-so.
In the next year I will try and become an even more active member and even might get a flash or two out. although I can't really guarantee anything since I graduated college it is time to actually get a job in the field some where. :P I'm sure it'll be fun :D.
Well I'm out for now :P

Posted by Kinsei - November 5th, 2009

Well folks I guess I have made it to the cyberpunk team for the Art Portal Game.

Too bad this weekend is going to be pretty bad for me. I gotta move in to my new apartment and finish animation homework. And to top it off, my car broke down.
Lovely isn't
I kind of attract bad luck as I have found.
ugh, my teammates may not want me now :(.

Eh, anyway my team mates are as follow

I would like to think BMKfor making this all possible though.
He's such a swell guy, isn't he?
well even with the hell my next 4 days is going to be I'm sure I'll get something done for the level. I mean come on I just finished 5 days of hell already, just 4 more to go...

Re2deemer got added to the cyberpunk team.

Posted by Kinsei - October 31st, 2009

To be quite honest, this day has always been very special to me.
Went to a Halloween party last night with signs taped to my chest and back saying Zombie Food and some Nutritional Facts I made up in Photoshop. I should have entered the costume contest.
I did win 20 bucks for the carving contest though.
3rd place isn't too bad if you ask me!

Just Like Everyone Else, Happy Halloween

Posted by Kinsei - October 28th, 2009

It's really been a while since I submitted something to one of the portals. Maybe I should get started on something for that. Or, perhaps I should try and get ahead on some homework? Finalize out some of my portfolio stuff. Or even work on my website would be a great idea. I know I should be working on something.

Let's see what my current list of projects contains,
- Finish my Mech's material, and animate it
- Start that scene from "The Fellowship of the Ring" that I want to 3D model
- Work on the Hanger/Repair bay for my Mech
- Work On my Portfolio stuff for graduation
- Do some life Drawing
- Start that comic strip I wanted to do
- Start that Thread in the Art BBS I wanted to do
- Design that Naga style combat robot I wanted to design

Eh, I only have a few things on my plate right now...

What does NG think I should Start work on
(I'll work on one of them anyway. But I still want to know what you guys think.)
I'll count out any votes that I get over the next few days and we'll go from there.

I Should Probably Do Something...

Posted by Kinsei - October 23rd, 2009

Well I got it in today, just a little bit ago be quite frank.
And I must say, this is definitely a collectors piece to go with my "50 Years of Playboy: Cartoons"
But I must say, I am some what disappointed, only a few pictures of Marge. Only 3 that I even consider playboy material if you don't count the cover.
I didn't really buy this for semi-nude pictures of Marge though, I bought it for it's collector value, too bad it didn't come in sealed Playboy plastic like they usually do though.

So yeah it's cool to see Marge in Playboy, but it is definitely not up to the hype.
jokes were good though

um yeah.

I Got My Special Edition Playboy: Marge Simpson

Posted by Kinsei - October 21st, 2009

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /281477
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /281475

To be honest, the only reason I built these was because I was required to build some of my own music to show that I could. These were originally meant for my demo reel, but I have to rebuild them so they are longer.
There of a classical type, but I guess thats cause I find that classical is easiest to manage. And although I play guitar myself, I'm not like really good or anything.

I posted these up to get some feed back and see what the community has to say about it.
well folks give them your best shot.

guess I'm out of the rift raft section again....
so cold and lonely now..... :'(

Posted by Kinsei - October 19th, 2009

Although I admit that not all my news today has been great, this makes up for the bad shit that has happened.
I got my swag in today. how is sweet is that. and although I am being forced to move out of my apartment and only having 2 weeks to find a new one and moving in to that new one, getting my stickers and patches makes up for the apartment loss.
Damn I\m so happy. even if I do have a boring as hell class here in a half hour.

Well this may be my first purchase from NG, it shore as hell will not be the last


Posted by Kinsei - October 11th, 2009

I finally nutted up and bought some sweet swag from the store.
I finally get to put a Tank Patch on my vest, as for the other, I have no clue yet what I will do with it. I also bought some stickers, and again I'm not sure where to put those either.
Well any suggestions NG, what should I do with my spares. Show Pride on my Car? Represent with my Computer Case? Tag my Laptop that never goes anywhere?
Well guys what do you say?

Posted by Kinsei - October 10th, 2009

Guess it's not a big deal I guess.
should have stuck with my original plan.
I guess I should do some more market research or something, find out what ppl here on NG like so I can gain popularity threw my art. Gee now I sound like a whore o.0.

Well either way I'm out of the Art Portal again. swell
Ackanime is going to be so disappointed I let her down. damn

Posted by Kinsei - October 9th, 2009

Well the Art Portal at least.
I probably should actually do an animation and get it posted eventually. Guess I'm just too lazy.
Eh, I'll just stick to 3D and sketching stuff for now. So yeah, please enjoy my art.
As for my patrion who got me in, I would like to, once again, Thank my but Big-Jonny-13. He's a swell guy, isn't he?

As for my Art, I'm working on some S.A.M, rockets for my mech, I should have the thing animated in just a few days, or at least rigged in the next few days.
So Please drop by my art and give it a look. I would really like some reviews and votes, they really help me improve.
and for the kicks some links
Art Page
Art Thread
And Here

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