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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - October 8th, 2009

Well even though I don't even have the first class until later tonight, I already have homework for it. But I Guess that's how things deal anymore.
I'm suppose to have somethings fixed for my demo reel by tonight. but I really don't want to work on it right now. The fixes are pretty simple, I just gotta get around to opening the file and working on it.
You know, come to think of it, I don't post at least half of my work here on NG. It's mostly because it's too big or it's not exactly a project and more of practice.

Either way, I just want to post something for pretty much no reason.

um here....take this, it's dangerous out there

Dodging Homework

Posted by Kinsei - October 8th, 2009

Well I had to wipe out some of my work in on my user page, but I got some renders up of my new project
take a look folks

Bye Bye art work

Posted by Kinsei - October 6th, 2009

so in just a few hours the entire Art Portal is being reset. Well it sucks that is for sure, but most likely a good thing.
I don't think I'll push so hard to get scouted this time. Getting scouted definitely made me more critical of my own work as well as other artist. Being blunt about some of the other work out there was a skill I needed to develop more anyway.
Most of my stuff had little reviews and votes anyway. I got some new stuff on the burner so I'll get it done and posted after the reset. Who knows I might get picked up pretty soon and get more reviews this time.

I have to go over and pick up my new schedule today, I already missed one class this quarter, what a way to start. But some things are worth sacrificing for.

See ya after the reset

Unscouting of the Art Portal

Posted by Kinsei - October 5th, 2009

after a 22 hour drive I have returned home.
finally I can get back on my nice, powerful computer

Posted by Kinsei - September 29th, 2009

It's funny how much your esteem can be affected by a girl (or by a guy if your a girl.) I honestly begin to wonder if things will ever turn out in my favor when it comes to love. I've spent quite a bit of my break trying to get back with this girl I like but so far it has only gotten my collarbone hurt, my face kicked once and hit twice, and my other injured shoulder hurt even more. This hasn't come from and jealous BF or her family, but from her, "playfulness." It's not the injuries that bother me, it's the more of the unrequited love bit. At one moment she acts like she wants me to be around and then the next it seems like every move I make pisses her off completely. It's she likes me for only my most useful points. And as it turns out I am quite good at giving massages, so she wants me to give them for her, but if I attempt to get close to her in any other way she just turns frigged like the arctic circle.

What do you think NG am I just a Romantic fool or just smitten punching bag?

Posted by Kinsei - September 25th, 2009

Well I leave in a few hours on a plane bound for Kansas. I have gotten a one week break from classes and instead of relaxing for a week like I should, cause I really do need the rest, I get to spend a week going threw one hell of an adventure.
I have to take people to doctor appointments, congratulate my Cousin who is having a son in November, and sadly I can't be there for his big day, hold a birthday even for an unrequited love. Take my nephew in for surgery, and in the end drive the 1200 miles back to Phoenix before the 5th.

With a schedule like this and my lack of sleep here lately, not to mention a foreseeable lack of sleep in the near future, I must be suicidal.
Eh I guess it's all worth it.
And Although I'll have access to a computer I won't have much time to actually be on the damn thing, so I lose a week of point deposit.
eh, I'm sure NG will get along just fine with out me though.

Damn should have went to bed sooner last night...

Posted by Kinsei - September 23rd, 2009

Well my fellow Newgrounders. The time has come for me to place my pride aside and come to you for help.
Over the years I have done my best to defend this magical place. I have put up with spam flash, annoying "groups," hacking, phishing, banning, and other insurmountable damage. So in turn for my terms of service I ask you to help me.
Their is an artist here on NG, TaraLovesHentai, She is an admirable Newgrounder, and a decent artist. Tara needs some one to scout her art work, both Big-Johnny-13 and I done our best to help her, but with no a vale yet.
So I ask you, the loyal members of NG to please scout her, or at least give her a recommendation to the art portal. And please view and review her art.

This is a word from a knight to the people. come and aid your fellow Grounders!

Posted by Kinsei - September 22nd, 2009

to my next rank,
Madness Day has really helped me in getting the last 50 points I needed to get to my next rank today.

yes it has been a good day today, first my classes go well, then I get my final sign off and now it looks as if my rank is going to mature, very good day, well except for the fact that I kind of caused big-johnny-13 to lose his scouting ability iin the art portal. I'm trying to remedy that one though
well good luck and happy Madness day folks, even though this kind of late

4 more points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 more Points!!!!!!!!!!

One more POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Final Up date!!!!!!!
I am now a PFC

Posted by Kinsei - September 21st, 2009

that is right you heard me folks, I have posted yet another piece of art in the portal I did a revision to my Oxygen Room, It's much more populated with features and looks a hell of a lot better in my opinion,

So Give it a look Here folks.
I want votes and reviews, and as many as I can get, good bad, I want to hear it all.

and for a treat, my soda tower. marvel at 30 bucks of sweet sugary goodness .

Another Piece is up!

Posted by Kinsei - September 20th, 2009

Finally got my bronze whistle back.
I lost it the other night when a bunch of accounts got stolen but after some hard work I have rebuilt it. Now just to become stronger, I'm a little under 200 points from my next rank and about 40 days from my next level. I'm not really obsessed with power, I just want enough to really make a difference here on NG. It may take 10 or so more years but at least I try. it's better than what some people do to help.

So on to lighter notes, this next week is finals at the college and since pretty much all my hard work was completed last week I get to coast threw class with ease for the next week. so yay for me.
I also finished my D&D scenario for ne3xt week, and it's shaping up to be completely awesome.
I also have started the planning stages of a few new projects, mostly all 3d though, perhaps I'll get some roughs up here in the next few days.
And speaking of art I put a new piece yesterday, you can view it here any reviews and feedback are greatly appreciated.
so yeah drop by and give a look and a review.

so here we go again!

Woo Hoo, and New Art!