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Kinsei's News

Posted by Kinsei - September 16th, 2009

so my last news post was pretty much completely retarded, and in 45 more days I'll be giddy about the next level. so actually makeing that alast post was just kind of stupid of me, and I will replace it with this one.

Finally my time is starting to free up.
I have a meeting tomorrow to have more of my work evaluated for my portfolio, and I have a mini portfolio review coming up in just a couple days. It's really kind of a pain but I got to do it. things are much more easy over the internet, I honestly find most people annoying so I prefer to be direct and to the point when I am in person so this meeting with Gregg tomorrow should be fun.
after that it's back to the grind stone to get more class work done.

Also I have begun to return to my more active state on the art BBS, but when I have to make a trip here in a few weeks things will probably slow down again for a bit.
I really haven't been working on anything new for my self here lately. Although I have a ton of projects I want to start, I just don't have the time, too stressed o.0......

well that's enough for now, maybe I'll get lucky and make another post in a day or two

Posted by Kinsei - September 15th, 2009

as it was written, it has become.

woo level 21, just another small mile stone on to the final picture.now my level matches my age :P
woo my avatar can finally drink............. legally

Posted by Kinsei - September 14th, 2009

... I will level up, hell yeah.
Finally moving up to 21.
Although with as along as I h ave had my account I should be a much higher level, but I kind of went for like a year and a half with out logging in. so yeah I kind of fell behind. But to make up for it, I strive to become a upstanding member of the NG community.
I am active in the BBS, and the art portal, but although I have the ability and the resources to make flash I have only done so once. but it was short, and had a constant average of a 2.71 for about half a yeah, but I eventually deleted it since had not done any more flash, mostly due to time constraints.
So I figure one day, when I have a lot more time on my hands I will return to flash as a hobby.

but on to other news, this game just came threw the portal, with my help of course, called Dig Defense it's a basic tower defense but it's alright, I had some fun with it anyway. it has some flaws and lacks some features of a basice tower defense, mostly selling towers but the play is smooth.

well thats all for today folks, and sorry no art to post today, maybe next time, I know I've been lazy here of late

Posted by Kinsei - September 6th, 2009

...It seems like things have returned to normal here on NG. I find it sad that the DD have nothing better to do but attempt and steal accounts of NG users just tr wreak havoc and delete a few submissions. So far I'm relatively unaffected by there so called "attack" with the exception of my art scout status, but then again, there are a ton of others who are in that exact same boat.
No worries though, I'll get some new art up very soon and I'll get scouted again. I just wonder id my old scores of my art are still intact or do I start again with some zeros. it would suck, but what can you do right?
As for my real world life, today and tomorrow I am suppose to be working on an animation, gotta be rendered by tomorrow night, and although it will be a full 3d animation I won't be posting it here on NG, to be honest it's been such a hell with this animation I hardly want to be even associated with it. I mean, come on we should all have at least some standards, mine just happen to be high. as for 2D art I'm still working on my P-bot piece for the 2010 Calender, I just gotta do a back ground and I'll be done.

well folks thats all for today, sucks about our position on NG right now, but we'll survive.

Posted by Kinsei - August 28th, 2009

I don't use Illustrator much, so I took the time to practice today, sketched out a quick pic and then inked the lines in illustrator as well with doing the color.

it took me a while, showing I need more practice with the program, but I got it their, it's not the best I could do but at least I'm happy with it.
give them a look



and for an image... my Harley as a trophy >.>.....

New art in the portal

Posted by Kinsei - August 24th, 2009

lol for the past two months I have done without internet on my nice and powerful desktop computer. It has been hell to watch flash ad vote here on NG because of the horrible lagg my laptop would gain. but now with it back to smooth sailing on the net once again, I'll be lurking around the site so much more
some one congratulate me, com on, I'm in a good mood.!!

Posted by Kinsei - August 15th, 2009

got a new piece up in the art portal, I call it the blue dragon, I guess if I ever had the opportunity to get a real Camaro I would have to do my own design for a custom paint job,

Any way this will be a portfolio piece for me as soon as I finish tweaking the paint some more.
I have a few production renders too that I will be posting but not publicaly so you'll have to attend my user page to see more.

here is a un-smoothed version for now :P

'08 Camaro, The blue dragon.

Posted by Kinsei - August 10th, 2009

Well Honestly, I don't get many on my work in the Art Portal. I admit, I don't post often or much for that matter, but I really don't want to just submit random crap that just falls out of my brain, so I wait until I have something remotely worth posting.
I'm not really complaining as much as I am with concerned with myself. I mean am I just such a bland artist that people don't feel my work is worth their time and critique? I don't post my work for a ego boost is or to show off, I post it for people to look at and tell me what is wrong with it and what I need to do to improve my skills. Always try and better ones self is a never ending quest for me I guess. Am I just another wannabe faceless artist in the horde of other faceless artist?
Drop by my art section and give a look and a review if you will. I'd greatly appreciate it.

sorry guys no image this time.

Posted by Kinsei - August 1st, 2009

well yesterday was fun.
My car caught fire and burned up. I mean damn, it sucks, it was my only car too.
Maybe I should take this time and upgrade to a motorcycle :P
and to think, the Pontiac is a rare breed now, well another one bites the dust
and they nothing fun happens at the post office.

and for the skeptics out there, a picture to probe it. Burn baby, burn!!!

My great Blazing Pontiac

Posted by Kinsei - July 13th, 2009

Well I just got from my last 3 week vacation and I have log on to NG here to find that I have been un-scouted from the Art Portal. Damn talk about some serious downers.
First my Best friend Drops out and leaves for Washington, (not to mention he left the apartment in one hell of a mess.) I get shot in the head with a sky artillery on the Fourth of July, (got a small bald spot their now.) And all my efforts of trying to hook back up with the girl I like keeps getting blocked. My nephew pulls me out of a chair, damaging my shoulder.
I was kind of hoping for some peace and tranquility once I got back, but sadly I'm not really that lucky. Guess it's one of those things where I have to accept the dice role and just go with the punches (too bad I really suck at dice games o.0').

Well all and all I'm back in class for my final half of a year. I plan on working extra hard and doing well in my classes. yep all to impress a girl too, who would have thunk it. lol

I'm not too bummed about the un-scouting, I just wish I knew why. I mean if it was for inactivity, the that would be an easy fix, but who knows. probably one of my scouts screwed up somewhere. :(
that Also makes me wonder, if I was un-scouted dose that mean the people I scouted get un-scouted?
well I'm not the best artist on here, heavens no. But I'm good enough to get scouted once again. so it's only a matter of time.

not for my finishing touches of my blog post do I have any art on my drives >.>...(damn school computer.)
ahh here we go, a little older and in my art thread, but eh, who cares, right?

Back From Vacation And...