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Flash, Really?

I honestly Thought 3D the shadows and gradients are very very nice. I congratulate you on that.
Even though it is kind of generic, I still like it, alot.

The only thing I would change is add some more texture to the house it's self. I see you have some wear and tear arounf a few of the edges, but I would like to see what the house is "Made Of."

great job man. great job

Spenner responds:

Thanks, glad you like it =] and yeah, I know what you mean- it is pretty minimal as it is, but I am a minimalist 8)

So You Got It Done After All

Looks like the Tree came out fine, trunk could use a little more definition though.
You should also darken the shadow just a tad. there doesn't seem to be one.

All and All I love the detail, you have done a nice job, well worth the time spent.

As a personal thing, I think you should add some blue to the dragons tongue, make it look like it has been there for a while and starting to get really cold.
but thats just me.
Well good luck

AZSniperFox responds:

I was debating adding blue on the tongue and putting some snow on him. Yet I figured what snow landed might have been shaken off despite the situation and I didn't want to go adding a detail I wasn't sure I could deliver.

I like it

It's well done, but there is one thing that bugs the hell out of me.
The cobra Image on her shoulder, it doesn't look like it's part of the body. The suit is skin tight, right? then the logo needs to flow more with her shoulder and arm.
As it is it really stands out and doesn't look right.

other than that, great job

Blud-Shot responds:

Thank you for your feed back. As for the suit it has a latex look to it. That's why I made it so glossy and tight.

still looks pretty cool

is he holding two tankards?
honestly that is what it looks like. But being a dwarf, I couldn't blame him.
All all around it is a pretty sweet image. could use a BG though

Magicalmelonball responds:

Half assed color job. Half assed color job. Half assed color job.

The commissioner paid for a black and white image, and I gave him a color based on his attitude and what he'll be doing with the image.


I Am At Your Service

wow fast turn around on this one, great job. I love the fact that you have the hat going off picture as well :P
I can hear a noob getting nailed in the face now.
Now we need to work on a thread lock gun

Snowman responds:

Yhea, I decided to wear long hat today...

That should be interesting if we ever do something like that

Siege of the Pixels

I get a feeling of old world clash with new world from this, and I think it works well.
I wish you could add some depth to the cliff edge to give it some more impacting feel.

Havegum responds:

I'll keep that in mind for next time then :D

I like the style

what did you use to color this with, Color pencils or markers? if so what kind. the constant lines add a texture to this that draws me in.
keep up the good, fruity work :P

Havegum responds:

All photoshop

Also, my new desktop!

Simple and Good

I really Like this piece, it's has a style that just feel confidant and impacting, like something you see in a childrens book. I admit a childrens book about depression, but still
the only thing I have negative to kind of say about it is, it feels a little washed out. I think if you could get the robot to "pop" out from the background more you would have a lot more people interested in this picture

Havegum responds:

I agree with you there.
The reason is I used a set palette with five colors, and I didn't want to "ruin it"

I gotta practice, practice, practice!

Served On A CD?

I tell ya, that plate really, really, really looks like a CD
o.0... kind of odd, but I guess purple doughnuts can be served on a CD....

hikaryuu responds:

aye... i meant it to be like that... i dont why tho, it just popped into me hed...


your presentation of your models is also really harming you. A good model badly presented can look bad and a bad model nicely presented can look good.

the first thing I suggest is for you to make a flat plane so you have something to to catch shadows and then place your model on that. thens set up your lighting.
with lighting remember you need the following
A Key light (basically the light that shines on your model)
a fill light (a light that casts no shadows on yout model, but keeps the scene from being too dark)
and a back light.(this light keeps the shadows on the back side of the model from blending in too much with a dark background.)

this should help your presentation a lot, it will also help others see your model fully and be able to critique for you properly.
here is a site to help out with lots of different programs, including all the primary 3D programs. give it a look and do a tutorial or two, it will help.


hikaryuu responds:

all right. :D thx!

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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