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Back on the Ball

This is a lot better than those weapons I reviewed last time. Congratulations.

From what I can tell you seem to have a pretty solid model here to start with.
The form looks good and the design is nice. There is a lot of detail in there and is that gold trim reflective?

The only real issues I have with the presentation. The biggest things is the full size of the render, it's not any bigger than the preview really. You need to update this with a big and I do mean big render.
Call it nit picking if you will but I wanna see all the detail you poured in to this. I mean really, why go threw the work if no one can see it. So yeah go bigger and better if you will.
The other presentation thing here is the Background is a little bland and the colors kind of blend a little too much, again going back to the issue of not being able to see it.
Perhaps a sunset sky or something.
well good luck with updating it

VidGameDude responds:

let me first say it has been a hard journey to impress you and finally i'm glad to see i have. you are by far the greatest critic to ever show up on my doorstep.

yes i am constantly updating this pic and i am aware that i need to make it bigger but 3ds max wont allow me due to the fact my computer wont let me render larger than the default setting given to me.
it's because my computer is 12 years old

but i thank you for your descriptive insight and its always appreciated.
you have given me confidence to bring back my professional side
and again...i thank you.


I Like What You Have Going Here

the pattern of the edge of the blade, which makes up the blade itself. It gives the feel of a crude and rough weapon. Something that I would think Piconjo would use.
Although I like the model over all I was hoping that that roughness from the blade would carry a little farther in to the rest of the weapon.
I see you have bolts and screws, adding more to the style, and a mold forge style of hand guard all adding to the style of this which I like.
Also be careful of that second screw from the right, it's sunk in too far and the blade is starting to cover it.
The Practicality of this weapon is both good and bad. Although it looks like a heavy weapon, it also looks short. but those two thing do not bother me. What does is the hand guard.
I see these hand guards more commonly now due to the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts games. The down side is that the guards are some of the worst weapon design flaws I have seen, and in this day and age that is saying a lot.
With a guard like this forces one to hold the sword awkwardly and not naturally, increasing the risk of personal injury by simply using the blade. Also attacks with such a guard become clumsy and poorly aimed.
So please redesign the hilt. I know it might be in style, and it might look cool, but if you wanna give your animation a better appeal, change it up.

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

Thanks for the time you putted on this review and sory for taking me so long to give a response.

About the look, I baced my self a bit on the Piconjo you can see in NG Rumbles by MindChamber, I'll take care about that screw yet the handle guard is not just a guard but althought a handle itself, the the angle it gives when you hand the sword this like halps a lot for desending hits and staves.

any way, I'm using it for a music-video (not a fighting video) so I do not realy need a lot of practicallity on it.

2 Parts Stand out

The shield on the bazooka is one of the best parts of this entire model. I'm not sure if you modeled the reinforcement or if it is just a bump map, but it really adds to the piece. The clips on the side of the rockets are very nice and working great.

Sadly though when it comes to the rest of the models, they are bland. I feel nothing for them than another model.

One of the reasons I feel such a way is due to the lack of a texture and lighting. with out the texture, as with most models the piece feels so clean that it just seems not right. Like it does not belong in this world.

The next thing that comes to mind as I look is this is lighting, or lack there of. Does this scene even have a light or did you just post a straight render?
you need to take these back and at least throw in a key light, a back light and a fill light. that alone will help out greatly

VidGameDude responds:

yeh i know.
but i cant texture though.

pretty good

The fact that you drew a KW is worth some kudos.
Not many pay this kind of respect to the big rig.
Good Detail, looks right, nice quality.
Could use that piece off to the right cropped off though.

ElectronicFunk responds:

Heh, Thanks! This is actually a pretty old drawing of mine. I'll be uploading more now that I've been scouted.

I like the feel of this...

This has a relaxed feel that I fine intriguing.
Here we have a swordsman, leaning back and enjoying both the daym the wild life and the field in which he roams.

The coloring and textureing is very nice, I think you have done a superb job on this.

Now for the down sides. The pose is off balance, if he is leaning back like that, then he needs some sort of prop. I admit you tried this with the sword, but that didn't quite follow threw. The sword being vertical doesn't give any support, it would simple fall over with the off balance man. And speaking of the sword, it should be stuck in the ground a little. Right now it is just setting on the ground. With the tip and the weight of not only the blade and the wielder, the blade would dig in to the ground. and since the tip is against the ground, the grass in the foreground should cover a little of the blade.

So Angle the blade to support the guy, get that tip stuck in to the ground, get some grass in toe foreground of the blade, clean up the line art a little more, add some lines where needed (Fingers?) and the picture should come out a lot better.


DieterTheuns responds:

Thank you for the review, but honestly, this was only a practice for my (obviously horrid) backgrounds and colouring. I did not have any particular pose in my head so I just went with it. Then I realized he actually needed to support on something... I quickly took a sword of Google, fiddled around with it in PS, and came up with this.

This was also my first drawing using a Wacom tablet.


I'm in a reviewing mood at the moment.

At first I feel this is just another Shadow fan art piece, and then after wards it seems to be a bit a step above the average, but with a hint of lack luster.

This is a good rendition of Shadow, I'll give you that much, but the one thing ultimate thing killing this is the lack of a pose and dynamics.
I really don't see Shadow as the kind of character that would stand there. I'm not saying have him strike one of the thousands of already over done Shadow poses, but something new and appealing to the characters personality.

you've done a decent job of highlights and shadow. There is a flaw with conflicting light sources. The light source seems to be coming from the directly over the top of the head in certain places bit to the right in a couple other. It's a minor error that can be easily corrected.

As for programs, I'm surprised at the decent job from Fireworks and Paint.Net. Most who use Paint.net usually treat it like MS paint and do some really bad hack jobs. Also for using the slowly dieing program that is Fireworks, again I commend you. Perhaps you need to upgrade to Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash and see what your time and patients can accomplish in one of those.


SephorixTH responds:

I would like to say you're one of the best review-ists I've ever seen.

And this is my first go in Fireworks, hence the lack of pose as I didn't want to... ah... Confuse myself with a new program, AND working on drawing different poses.

Shading is something that is a bit beyond me at the moment, seeing as my first pictures were in black and white and with no shading.

And I totally agree with you when you say that people treat Paint.NET like MS Paint.

SImple But Good

The style is something I would expect from an "The American Dream" kind of film. Although I also expect cherry pie, a white picket fence, and a Bel-Air setting in the drive. But, I guess a Ford Fairlane for you though, right?

The subtle stylization also seems to work with well with idea of the American dream. The suit and tie kind of make it. Speaking of that tie I think you can curve in that left side a little more, it really doesn't feel like it's snug against the neck.

Well I hope it has it's funny quarks, and is interesting to watch. I'll e expecting up up here after your class

Snowman responds:

Actually, my specific car of choice would be a Galaxie, but yhea

it will be on here after the things done

I'm going to have to be honest...

This is poor.
The only thing that seems rather good about it is the red material, but the rest of it feels like it lacks a shader.
The pokeball it's self is skewed a little so it keeps it from being a sphere, and the band around the ball are suppose to be sunk in not extruded out. And the button on the front look like some stubby cylinders just kind of slapped on to the front.
I guess since this is your first model you have up then it might be alright, but I expect much, much better after this.

One of the biggest down falls of this is lack of environment. The gradient background isn't working. To do this right, you need a ground plane that curves up in the distance.
you also lack a back light and a fill light. these will help the material on the ball really pop out as well give it a more realistic feel.
When you get a ground plane done you got to get some shadows cast.

after doing all that you should render it again and post it up so you can show your improvement.


Alec-D responds:

This is my first model yes, thanks for the tips. I basically made it right when i opened it up but i'll put more effort in next time.


Congratulations On The Tribute

It's good to see you honoring your heroes like this and for that I give you big points, but the flaws really put it down.

This is definitely not your best work. I'll be honest right off the bat. You have done better with both materials and modeling.

The Thing could use some, character, more or less. although you have color it all looks like it is made out of a shiney plastic. It could really use some bump mapping.

Second I have to nail you on the stats 26,000 polys on this?! There is no reason this should be 26 k poly. 10,000 should be the top at most for something as simple. I think you should step back and try and reduce the poly count.

Also your work time, 2 weeks. This is pushing it. you should have been able to pull this off in just a couple hours. I understand you have other things going on in your life, we all do, but really you can do better.

I would like to see you retry this.
Try to get it under 10K poly and about the work time of a week.

VidGameDude responds:

i completely understand...

yes this took way to long but the thing is those other ones were just tutorials, and plus i cant find any good model making for teen characters even on youtube.

its a pain in the ass.

i...just (sigh) i know the poly count is way above my norm but i'm not good at humans yet. plus i need someones help enveloping characters.
but i appreciate you pointing this out and i always love reviews like this.
thank you for showing me my flaws


Very Nicely Done

9/10 great job,
the render is superb. and from the looks a well constructed model. I would love to see a few more angles, perhaps even some process shots and some technical data. Poly count?
I would also like to see some variance in in the finish, the decals should stick out a little more. perhaps a small bump map will cure that.
Perhaps some a second map of a rusted and beat up version would be cool.

Any plans of Animating it, or is it too high poly for practical use?

the only thing that is knocking that last point off is the skewing of the material on the background wall

oh and as a personal vendetta, Dodge sucks :P... .except for the Challenger and Charger.
Chevy is the way to go. :D

toshema responds:

Thanks, well I love to do an animation and I could do more angles it is just a matter of placing more cameras at different angles and then rendering. I also look up the tech stuff too, and then put them in ref sheet style and throw in a few meshes with a beat version or some thing ^_^. I'm not sure when that wil happen though, I'm a busy person since it is nearing finals week.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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