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Wow... the look she is giving me makes me wonder, "Why are we discussing why the axe has tubes, and not asking where is she going to put it?"

I lover the work you have put in to the arm... and the axe... and the eye....... and just about everywhere else.
Very dark and powerful piece. Very nice.

<deleted> responds:

thank you!

"Brothers In Arms...."

"....Stand together in the darkest of nights, and push on in the thickest of fights!"

Again, Wow. I too have a good friend that I battle with. Together we seem to be one hell of a team. We have worked together so much that most of the time it seems that we don't even need to communicate. I guess that is just damn good synergy.

As Always, good lighting, good composition, good everything.

<deleted> responds:

where did you get that quote from? i think its perfeect. thanks for the great review once again.

Holy Fuck Man.

This girl is here to fuck you up, no doubt.....
This reminds me of the paladin that my friend played in a small quest not too long ago. I was tossing hard puzzles and deadly traps at the team, and the team just kept getting his way, damn near killing them all. By halfway through the game he was completely fed up with the team and laid down the law.
Only difference between the goose bumps I got from this and my friends was less boobage.

Over all I think the detail on the armor was really nice, but the Axe was the real game winner here. the level of detail of this was just astounding. And the sense of power that it adds to the character alone was just fucking sweet.

Great job man.

<deleted> responds:

thanks once again!

What A Gunner Should Be

When I was playing Ragnarok Online, this is the kind of Gunslinger I wish I could have. My biggest problem was always running out of bullets and then being defenseless. But here you have solved that problem. Shoot at em until they are close enough to take them with the sword. Brilliant!

You've done well to give this girl not only a tough exterior, but some good sex appeal as well.

<deleted> responds:

hehe thanks! you can credit the request with the cool character idea.

Such Darkness

You have such a raw feeling in these pieces. You easily portray such darkness and what seems to be evil in these characters.
I love the lighting that you not only have from above the character but also the glow of the embers from the under him as well.
I am also enjoying the shear amount of detail that you have placed over the entire thing. I feel like you have left no stone unturned.
Looking at the high resolution I can't help but be even more amazed at how far you have taken this. I really have to say congratulations on such and achievement.

<deleted> responds:

thanks a lot! this one of my favourite pictures to draw in a long time. i'm glad it shows.

Cthulhu, YAY!!!

Really cool man. I like the over all style of this piece. it looks easily pro quality. could easily see this in a comic book or a solid trading card.
Excellent job!

Impkid responds:

Thanks for the supporting words dude


Such a dark and brooding piece. I love it. The creature reminds me of a dark elf. The skin seems to have a dark lavender tint with light colored eyebrows and hair. It just seems like a draw.

I think the absents of light in this really make this worthwhile. You get the feeling of isolation of a magic user studying by them selves. Outcast from society because of there heritage. It seems like something dark may mature from this person and the way they have been treated by the world.

very nice.

<deleted> responds:

i love your in-depth reviews! it's always great to hear people bring their own interpretations to a piece. thank you!

Lighting Is Everything

In this piece it truly is. More than design and or composition, Lighting is truly King of this piece.
You have done well in making the shadows obscure so much of the piece. and with the title of "Fears," it is that part that we cannot see that makes this an ACE. This also seems to have the theme of the light in the dark, and the theme of hope.

I want to congratulate you on such an awesome piece.

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks


Considering the proportions, this looks and feel like that it was made by dwarven smiths. That is kind of a moot point, but I just had to throw it out there.

I think you have done an great job with the color and giving this thing a sense of weight. The lighting is spectacular.
On the toes of the boots I would have liked to seen a really strong highlight. With the light source above, much of the legs would be out of the direct light, but I think the tips of the boots would poke out just enough to catch a good solid glint of light.

I do enjoy this piece. I think it is very good. I'm glad it is in my favorites.

<deleted> responds:

hmm, good point. thanks!

Gender Aside...

This Is pretty awesome. It got a favorite for a couple of reasons. One being cause it is very well done, the other cause a friends of mine is playing an Hell Knight right now in a campaign.

I love the texture and style of the armor. I think the it comes off very well over all. You have also done a excellent job with the lighting in this. This has a wonderful consistent style over the entire piece.

<deleted> responds:

cool! thank you very much.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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