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The anatomy is a bit long. You just really need to get your proportions a bit better.
The arms lack a bit of definition and your feet really need a bit of work.

The overall character design is a bit boring, The mask and clothing are the biggest reason that it is dull. They lack any sort of folds or wrinkles to make them interesting.

You have similar problems with the pose. It lacks dynamics. But at least I can tell you tried. You should have stuck her left arm out instead of her right since that would have added some flow to the picture.

I want to say that the lighting is bad, but the problem is that there is no lighting. You have some gradients going, but they are weak, and besides that, gradients are a bad way to shade. You need to plug in a light and get some real shadow cast on parts of the body, as well as some proper highlights. If you mix this with some good clothing folds, the costume can come out looking pretty decent.

I'm not going to go in to the background, I think Ash covered that well enough.

fizzlerr responds:

thank you kinsei and ashman. i agree with everything you both said.


In a world where one man is Judge, Jury and Executioner, evil stands no chance.
Being well drawn and greatly rendered he takes his aim at offenders and deals out sentencing with with a pull of a trigger. The criminals only hope is to pray for a misfire, but "Misfire" isn't a work Dredd didn't learn at the academy.
Judge Dredd is the law, and this is well done.

Toast-Tony responds:

What else can i expect from you
than one hell of a good art review

Cthulhu, YAY!!!

Really cool man. I like the over all style of this piece. it looks easily pro quality. could easily see this in a comic book or a solid trading card.
Excellent job!

Impkid responds:

Thanks for the supporting words dude

Lighting Is Everything

In this piece it truly is. More than design and or composition, Lighting is truly King of this piece.
You have done well in making the shadows obscure so much of the piece. and with the title of "Fears," it is that part that we cannot see that makes this an ACE. This also seems to have the theme of the light in the dark, and the theme of hope.

I want to congratulate you on such an awesome piece.

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks


Very well done my friend. This got an instant favorite and I personally believe that it deserves a front page.
The detail is is amazing. The design is wonderful.
Over all the message of a Gentlemen Troll is just something I want to continue to enjoy.
Very nice

data777 responds:

very thanks you man

Ms Paint.....

Although a good start, the problem that arise when looking at thisare quite troubling.

One thing that Ms Paint lacks is any real line quality and line weight. These are something that you really have to do manually in Ms Paint. With this single pixel line the thing lacks character and feeling.
Speaking of lines, it looks like you used a line tool over the entire thing rather than actually attempt to draw the lines. You could have at least tried to use the curve line tool, I mean it's not great but it is something bit better. What you have here seems so blocky and cumbersome.

The color is the next issue I have to address. The flat color and lack of shading really takes away from the piece. You should have added a bit of subtle shading and highlights. But a downside is that as simple as this is and with the line quality, if the lighting was done wrong it would utterly destroy this.

The hair looks quite flat as well and shares a lot of the same issues with lighting as the rest of the piece
you should study your reference a little more when working on a piece like this.

Keep practicing and if you need a better program, try GIMP

SteveDude64 responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
When I started on this I was just messing around in Paint, but it started looking kind of good so I started putting a little work in to it. The reason I used the line is because I have trouble drawing with the pencil/paint tool without totally messing up.
I only uploaded this because I thought it looked pretty good, considering it was made in MS Paint.
I don't know much about shading or coloring...

But thanks and I don't plan on using MS Paint for anything serious in the future.
If you look back, do you think Paint.NET is a good tool? I have it but I don't have much experience with it.


This really has some, but you need to get some serious shadows and highlights in there.
At the moment it looks so flat. with the right shading this could become a really good piece and become the flagship of your art page. I would advise looking some lighting and shading tutorials and finish this piece.

ArielBoss responds:

Thanks Help-me


It is a pretty simple design over all. I think that adds a lot to the appeal.
Some simple coloring and shading is good too.
For a short and simple Christmas card, I think this will do nicely.

Are those Skates on there feet?
Gotta to hurt holding each other up.... sounds like a bloody accident waiting to happen.

aniforce responds:

Thanks for the review.
Yes those are skates... They are part of the mascottes and can't be taken off... It popped up in my mind as well...

Pretty Solid Again Simpson...

Great release. YOu should get around to posting more than one a day.

I do have one small beef, and it's not really about the art. The high resolution isn't really any higher. I would have loved to be able to click on it and get slapped by that beautiful high res image.

Still pretty cool though. I like your lighting. I've been practicing my lighting as well recently.
Good expression too,

gsimpson responds:

I've had problems before putting up high-rez work and people making/selling prints at Cons before. I don't mind people printing out stuff for themselves or making desktops from them, its just irksome getting a booth at a show and some group of kids is selling your prints a few tables down.


For some reason This reminds me of Zone-Sama.

Either way, you got some decent art here. YOu also have some decent lighting and color as well.

A side note here. In the high resolution, you have some white border that shows at the top of the head. Just thought you should know so you could adjust it.

Nandi responds:

I don't know who that is ):
Yeah. some weird crap is happening with the Alpha.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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