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I just noticed how similar your and her style matches. Not in character designs, but in the linear, coloring and such....
..... wait.....
D: Pixel and Joe are the same person!

BizarroJoe responds:

Why it seems that everybody wants to turn me into a woman?!
Anyways, this is the internet... Who can assure I'm not?

This Will Be Good

Bravo my good man. Superb.
It's always funny when a piece of Fanart out does the original that it is based on, although the bar was already set pretty low in the first place.

The art is solid, same with the shading. But I expect that from you. Got good pacing and having the frames slightly out of line is a nice way to give this both a good solid professional feel, while keeping it natural.

you have done well with the expressions and the close up shots really get you personal with the characters. Down side of this is it is hard to get a sense of placement or settings. Although at this point I am quite literally digging for things that are wrong with this. I mean it is so awesome in both execution and purpose, that there is little to actually go against.

So very nice Fifty, you have earned my 10 and 5

Fifty-50 responds:

Thanks man. Although I just made this for laughs, it's quite an honor to receive a 10 from you Kinsei.


First off, the head is way too big for the shoulders and torso to properly support. Even if you were trying to pass this off as some sort of bust, it still wouldn't work because of the way you out lined it.

The Eye sockets are both aiming in different directions. One is aimed up, the other is aimed down. Now I see that you have some blood on him and it somewhat looks like he has been in a fight. but him being roughed up won't explain his deformities due to the fact for his eyes to be like that, most of his facial structure would need to be broken, but then you don't have proper coloring or swelling. So him being roughed up is not going to work as an excuse.
And then the chin is out of line, it needs to be back a little more

As for your coloring and lighting, they have their own problems. most places you only have the base color and a shadow. Some times that works, but your usually better all with going with 3 levels of light and dark. Actually on a second look, you didn't do any highlights. Sure that might be one on the pin on his hat, but I doubt it.
As for coloring, it goes much with the lighting, the colors are very flat, thus making the picture very flat.

His clothing looks, well just drawn over top of him as if he was a flat plain. He needs to be more 3 dimensional. His clothing needs to flow with his body. Clothing will also bunch up and wrinkel where there is a lot of cloth shoved in to a small area, like the bend and turn in his neck and collar.

The blood looks just dabbed on as a second thought, actually him being roughed up at all seems like you decided to do it last minute to try and "Spice it up" but it didn't, this soup doesn't even taste like you added even table salt to it.

And the jpeg artifacting, it;s just painful. I'm not sure why this is so compressed, but that could be because of the over saturated color.

Do more planning
Get to know your structure
Do under drawings and build up structure
Learn proportions
practice color an lighting
work with posing and dynamics
research blood splatter and body damages
look at facial expressions

Perhaps after you study all that, you\ll have better results in the future.

Minchken responds:

shut up faggot.

More Weird Creepies...

Cool..... Now if I could only tell what it is..... o.0...

Zanroth responds:

Started off with just a bunch of random machinery, then the idea evolved into a sort of "cyborg factory".
People go in, and come back out with enhancements.

What The Hell!?!

What is that thing....... kind of looks like that alien from The Last Starfighter....
weird.... what was his name again?

Zanroth responds:

Went for a mix between alien, super robot and squid themes.

This Is A Change Of Pace

I haven't reviewed many like this for a while.

Alright, here goes.

Starting with some of the flaws of this, which aren't man, I want to point some sort of Fuzziness to this. In the high mode it feels a little fuzzy, I'm not sure if this is due to Jpeg Artifacting, A filter placed over this if done digitally, or if this was an actual painting if perhaps the camera quality and/or the texture of the surface is getting in the way. Either way there seems to be a slight pixelization over the final. I don't want to be too hard on this since it is basically elements usually beyond the control of you the artist. But I do feel in need mention.

From here I want to say that the some of the metal surfaces on this could use a push in both directions. Doing such will give more of a shiny metallic feel.
And on a similar note, I think you could have used some stronger shadows around various parts of the body, like under the collar and tie.

And continuing my segway Lets talk about the secondary light put off by the flames of the head. I being that close you would have had some color bounce on to the suit and on to the chain as well as the other places. You started this on the bones in a couple other places but didn't get much further. You got some of the secondary bounce lighting in there, but just not the transfer of orange color.

Although the lighting color is an issue, you have done well with the colors of the rest of the piece. I'm starting to get in to the good things of this if you can't tell.
I like what you have done with the colors. and I especially enjoy what you have done with the flames. I think you have done a good job coloring them. The white on the bones is nice as well, and you have a good neutral gray for the metal.
You have also done a nice job with the blending. you have some of the orange and black mixing very well and giving the orange a "glow."

As already mentioned you have done a nice job with the lighting. You have some solid bounce light as well as the secondary lighting .

The over all composition is nice. I noticed that it is not exact center, but it is centered enough to really draw in the attention of the viewer. This shows good use of posing and lighting.

The structure, although simplified, is sound and works well with the piece, and the level of detail is pretty consistent over all.

Nice work.
Perhaps you could elaborate on what medium this is, cause I wanna say that is is painting.

Merol responds:

It was actually the most helpfull review i've got in a while.

I made it with pastel. It looks a little fuzzy because of the cellphone camera AND the surface :(

Great Over All...

But you have one major problem that hurts this a lot, and it is the size. I don't want to be too harsh over this because I know we have discussed this before. If you could get a much larger render up it would add some major kudos. I mean, what good is putting in all that hard work you have, if no one can see it.
Your using Max, right? if so try using the Print Size Wizard: Render > Print Size Wizard. and then select the 600 DPI in the dialog box that pops up. Your computer will probably throw a fit, but it will be worth it for the extra large image.

Moving from that you have a majority monocolor piece with one piece of what I will call gold in the center, I think this works well on the level of composition. It really draws your eye in to the center of the piece.
It seems a little heavy on the right when it comes to balance, and that is mostly because of that one huge piece.

It's looking like a main dual light source with a couple omnis placed about. but I think the lighting works for the situation.

Over all, it's good. Just that size man....

VidGameDude responds:

Ok look, i stopped reading right at the size part of the first paragraph.

This thing cannot be posted past 4 million pixels. newgrounds wont allow any bigger size.

did you even click it?

alright let me tell you this, i used no lights...i never intended for it to be balance, or symmetrical or what not.
i threw all this together out of boredom and laziness.
I cannot use lights since no one will teach me.

btw did you even check the other one i submitted?


Very Nice

What is this, Water Color? it sure looks like it. I did a piece a few weeks ago in water color, but nothing compared to this level.

As I noticed with another users art last night (Or rather very early this morning,) this has a strong impressionist feel to it. I like this is the fact that although some of these are blobs of color, you have manipulated them to the point that they actually have a simplistic form that truly makes this piece. You really know this medium. I can see you even used a pen in appropriate places to add that hard edge when needed. This piece shows some serious skill indeed. This is something I would easily hang on my wall.

Your composition is nice and you have done a swell job at balancing this. The style is simple and effective.

One problem though, I am noticing some blurring in some areas. I'm going to say that you used a camera to take this, am I right. I understand that not all of us have scanners big enough to support what mediums we work in. (Mine is only a 9''x14'' so I can understand.) It's just a shame that some of these areas are a little blurred. Try this Documenting your work Tutotial by out own Art101: http://art101.newgrounds.com/news/post/314936
Hopefully you can crisper images as well as a bigger high resolution image.

I see you put a couple of other pieces in the portal that are a similar style. It will be enjoyable to look through them all and perhaps review a few more.

ManBean responds:

Thank you for such and detailed Critique. I can't tahnk you enough for all your kind words. To address the blur question It was something with the Scanner. Because it is water color the paper is warped making it a bit farther form the scanning surface. Thanks again man.

Better Late Than Never

Lets start off by saying that I like the soft shading you got going on here. Gives the chameleons a very smooth look. The background remains very consistent with the characters as well. This is also a plus. The scene has good balance and it is a pretty good composition over all.

One thing that dose kind of hurt is the speech balloons. They seem to be low quality and pixilated compared to the rest of the picture. I'm not sure what happened to cause that, but it does kind of throw you off in the high resolution.

Is that?... am I seeing a stock brush? Yes, I think I am. Did you use a stock brush to texture those leaves in the background off to the right? And is that a stock grass brush? Tisk, Tisk, for shame.... But I guess I can't say much, I have been guilty of this myself in the past when I'm in a hurry or just being lazy.
Ah Well, guess its not too big of a deal this time....

Still a decent piece. Nice job, even if it is 3 days late....

Luwano responds:

Yeah, I don't know what the hell happened to the speech bubbles. I tried to smoothen them manually, blur them, smudge them, resize them and it would just not go away or it became toooooo blurry and undefined.

Didn't know a preset brush was something the be ashamed of. It's not like photoshops grass brush, which drop different items automatically, but just a regular brush with a different form, or not? :P

At first I chose it accidentally, but then I liked how the plant looked kinda different and decided to go with it. But thanks for pointing that out, I'll keep it in mind.

And the actual grass is hand-drawn btw. I don't have photoshop and therefore I I also don't have the infamous grass brush.

Thank you for the review!

You Know....

I need to learn how to customize like this. I have plenty of stuff I would enjoy giving some personal touch to.
I know how to paint, but I think my biggest problem is sealing it once I'm done. What kind of glaze do you finish with, and what technique do you use. Got any pointers or tutorials you can slide my way?

Ricepuppet responds:

There's a lot of tutorials on the net, but fixing it the proper style is a unique process. It takes a lot of practice - i started with smaller, cheaper things to experiment on -

Its just a regular coating b.t.w.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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