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I Like The Lighting

The ligthing effects on the bottle are pretty cool. They look very much like glass would react. The only problem is for some reason I deel the bottle should be glossy, and yet you kind of have a mat finish to it.

Still cool.

HotCakes responds:

I have to agree with you, it did turn out okay. I struggled for a while with this piece because of the light source and to try to give it some dimensions but I pulled through.
Thanks for the feedback I will use it on my future projects.

Excellent Use Of The Icon

Nice Qb. I like how you incorporated the icon in to the entire piece.

J-qb responds:

that's the big advantage of making the thumnail isn't it?

Fonts and Brushes

With the illegibility of this mixed with just brush sets and fonts plus the erratic nature and lack of direction while having a stock photo of some cracked ground shoved in the back, it cannot be helped but to give it half score.

It seems interesting to a certain point. Some of the color choices aren't too bad. With it being all over the place the way it is, any message placed in to there is distorted or lost.
The graphic design appeal is lost because of the use of so many different styles of brushes used. The brushes do not work very well together and just add to the confusion to the piece.

Out of all you had up, I feel this is one of the worst do to its messiness and lack of direction.

In a personal opinion, unless you built the brushes and fonts yourself, this is no different than a dress up doll or shopped college. And I'm not a great fan of pieces made up of entirely other peoples work. Using some brushes here and their is fine, but it wouldn't hurt to learn to make a few of your own.

SynchroSpectre responds:

Well that's what I thought too, don't worry I knew this comment was coming :)

Its alright...

The hovering face is ok, could use some proper toning as well as some highlights and shadows.
The line art could use some smoothing as well.

The Photo stock of the rippling water and the reflected face are what is hurting this most. You would have been better off drawing the ripples so they would flow better with the picture. If not doing line art for them you could have done it with simple colors.
As for the reflected face, it doesn't even match the hovering face. If you were truly striving for a distorted refection then you should have tried to match the faces more. Also you should have had the reflected face distort with the ripples as well. This again, goes back to what I mentioned a few lines up about drawing your own water ripples.

doppleganger responds:

Thanks for the Advice

Kind of Looks Like A Dude

With the enlarged nose and neck in combination of the scruffy hair it has the prominent features of a male.
Although I guess if you are engaged to a man, then these features would be right.

But assuming, and I mean no offense in anyway by this, that you intended to draw a girl, you should work on making the features more delicate and smooth. Even if you were striving to be accurate to the person's real features, their is no harm in a little stylizing and simplification to bring more beauty to the piece.

doppleganger responds:

If it looks like a dude, That's a very FEMININE looking dude! Sorry, but idk what ur talking about. Go take a shower and cool off.


You put the zombie in the portal :D.
I would so scout you right now :3

Over all you have done an awesome job of tying this together. The missing chunks of flesh, the missing leg, the rocking chair, and the piece of wheat coming for them mouth just make it awesome. You even have him singing. Very cool.
Its like you read my mind when drawing this.

TwistedXP responds:

I'm glad it means this much to you. I just drew what I thought a banjo playing person would look like once turned zombie. Seems great minds think alike.

Congrats Wiv

Nice Job, you got first place in the contest, Wiv.
Well done piece indeed.

Wivernryder responds:

I got fifth place, but thanks :P
I was really surprised!

Getting Better

Let us start with my first impression. That impression was that this was a staff and that this was much larger than what it actually is. I was honestly thinking that it was a 6 foot staff or something. And with that idea, I figured that this was the only embellished part of the staff, and thus the focus of the Item.
As it was shown though, I was wrong and it is a much smaller item than I thought.

I would like to commend you on the carving of the disk and sphere. They are pretty nicely done Very clean and smooth.
Without much back story on your LARP, I cannot comment much on what the symbol should look like, but IâEUTMll try and comment off some speculation. I would embellish this a little. Perhaps some pseudo-engravings done with some etching tools, or something to give the symbol a little bit more of expensive feel. Some creative dry brushing with some black and gold paint can make it look very antique. Although that is if it is suppose to be metal. Now if it is suppose to be wooden, then I would attempt to perhaps still add some carved embellishments for a little style and flair.

The chain and ribbon is a nice touch, good and personal since the piece is geared toward that. Although they are nice, I do have a slight issue with the ribbon. I cannot tell if it is one of those ribbons that have the wire in the edges, or just because it is lying down, but the way it seems to hold itself up is kind of bothersome. Not like something that someone would wear in their Hair. I would expect a little less rigidness to it. And then perhaps stain it a little. If she was wearing it when she and the town was attacked, it would make sense to have it a little more tattered and perhaps blood stained. This would allude to it being from a tragic event for those who know little or nothing of the back story of the ribbon.
The paint isnâEUTMt bad. The overlay lends itself to some unique looking paint. It has a very deep metallic color shining through which looks nice. I think some more styling or perhaps some masking on the âEUoeStickâEU could help a little with some of the jazz of it.

Over all, the majority of earthy tones give it a slightly lacking feel. I would suggest adding something that really draws the attention. The easiest thing I think would be a brighter ribbon.

Would have liked a couple of closer shots for some of the detail, like that red mark that I see, but it still looks very nice at a distance. You have gotten better at the presentation of your creations, which is good. Continue to practice taking photos of your props.

MajesticBob responds:

Kinsei old friend, there is indeed carvings in the sphere. Roughly (Very roughly) in the pattern of human skull plates. The color is alternated between shiny black and flat black with gold specks. The carving lines are inlaid with silver color and the red dot is actually a hole. The ribbon does not have a wire in it. The color shceme may seem "Boring" but they match the characters personality. As always, I'm honored by your review.

A Render, OK, But Of What?

Oh! there is a tree in the center... um alright....

I'm sorry, I'm just not impressed.
You have this random displaced mesh over the top,, a ground plane, and, a Tree?!
And not a very well lit tree either. No really I didn't even see the tree until I got a look at the high resolution, and even then, still hard to see.

I'm sorry, but this, this is just bad. Even if I was to classify this as some sort of surreal or abstract piece, it doesn't pass a message or meaning along at all.

Light the tree better, even if it was a colored light, it would be better than having people guessing at what the hell is going on.
If you want some meaning to your work then put some sort of meaning or ideal behind it. Cause a name alone does not a meaning make.

BenTibbetts responds:

OK, thanks for taking the time to review. Honestly I like how this one came out but you're totally entitled to your opinion.

Very Well Donw!

I ended up hunting up the original picture so I could compare the two of them. And I will admit you have done a very, very nice job.

As for improvements, I would like to see some more stronger highlights and a few stronger shadows. This will really help make the helmet look like it was polished to a high sheen.

I also wish you had a much larger version of this. I'm one of those who like to see everything, and I do mean everything.
Really nice man. really nice.

thdark responds:

Your image hunting skills are astounding, haha.

I agree with the improvements, I just spent far too long on this, considering it was just supposed to be a study.

As for size, I actually made it larger than the source image I had on hand. I would have loved to start from a larger source, but this drawing was on a whim.
Thank you for the critique and comments, I appreciate it!

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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