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Dude, Really?!?!

Damn..... Man, you do tqo things to me.
1) Make me feel like a shitty artist.....
2) Make me want to get better...

Awesome work. It has a painted feel. did you do this digitally or with actual paints?

gsimpson responds:

this is a digital study for the actual painting -- its quicker to try out a color palette that way.


um no....
even if there are improvements we still can't see them because of the size and low quality photo.
even the high resolution doesn't help any bit.
Go practice, Get a scanner or learn how to document your work properly, and then maybe you'll have a snowballs chance in hell.

promat responds:

ah shut up i dont have a printer to do that

I'm Back On The Horse Baby!

Look at my horse its a really awesome horse...
Oh wait.... wrong piece.....

Cool, moving on...

One of the firs things I want to cover is one of the weakest things in the entire piece. The star field. I'm just really not feeling it. Even for some cheesy b-movie poster, I think you could have got a little further on it. I have seen some really awesome spacescapes out there and I think you could have used one to make not only a really cool star field but also enhance the earth in the background.

The over all composition I am rather pleased about. I think even when you start to break the box with the aliens in the bottom of the piece I think it works rather well with what you are trying to achieve with those classic posters.

The line art is ok, it is alittle dull and lacking some line weight. I'm having a similar issue myself lately so I know how frustrating it can be to think that you have what you need only to find that you don't. The coloring I'm sort of ok with but the shading I am not. You used a lot of gradients with this. IN some places you went ahead and placed a secondary highlights to emphasize the shininess. I think you should have ditched the gradients and went with the strong highlights and shading, I think it would have been much more effective.

One thing that keeps catching my eye is that in some places it seems like you have a grain filter on some things. like the ball on top of the flag and the red around the title. I think this would have worked if you had made the grain much stronger concerning the highlights. You could have given it a really cheesy glitter effect which I think would have reinforced the effect of your entire poster.

I think you have a good start and some cool stuff to work with here. Keep it up.

Luwano responds:

Dude what an awesome horse you got there.... wow...

Erm... ya about your review:

Good point with the star field, I knew that it was not worked out pretty well, but I did not realize how it kinda clashes with my earth. I saw that the "style" of the planet and the space background clashes with the rest in the foreground by the way. :P

In fact, the idea of breaking the box was directly taken from some original movie posters. And I'm glad that you like the composition.

About the lines, this was my first finished work with Inkscape and I didn't know anything about line weight to be honest (even now I don't know a lot about it either).

The shading.... yes ouch.... I used many gradients. I promise to refrain from them in the future. I only shaded manually on the clothes of the alien (a little) and most of the white parts of the suit. Also the "shiny" parts on the visor and on top of the flag pole.

I actually used a grain filter on the finished pic, but i did not set it strong enough. It's also noticable on the the helmet visor in full view.

In addition to your review, the perspective on the chest piece is off.

Thank you very much for your review!

And hey, whose horse is that over there? It looks kinda awesome....


Per Usual.
I really need you to do a line art tutorial one day.

Fifty-50 responds:

I will. When I learn how to. :P


It really is. And not just the art.
The presentation is horrible. the photo is so grainy that you can't even see most of the crappy art.

Dude, learn to draw by actually putting forth effort, and don't hide behind your age as an excuse. No one is going to cut you any slack for it.
Besides if you really are only 9, then your not old enough for Newgrounds, and this account should be removed.

promat responds:

this account also belongs to my brother


so far, I'm unimpressed.

Lack of design.
No lighting, even less shading.
Random background.
Absents of line weight.
Little use of any color theory

Look up some tutorials on just about everything you need to get a better grasp of the basics of art and you need to practice a lot.

girrocks responds:

Thank you very much. I really appreciate constructive criticism. And I actually plan on doing random backgrounds... So... The random background comment was actually very nice. Again, thank you very much.

OK, Here I Go

Well the first thing I am going to bust you on is the scan. You should have cropped it. As you have it at the moment it looks like you rushed it. Keep in mind that presentation is sometime crucial to the pieces survival So you should go ahead and crop out the rings, straighten up the angled right side, and airbrush out that mess in the top right corner.

Now moving on to the actual piece and trying to critique it.

I'm noticing a little of the under drawing still left on the page. Usually with a sketch that isn't that much of a problem, but I get the feeling that you are trying to pass this off more as a finished piece. I think you should adjust the the brightness and contrast a little, Try to get those little bits washed out. This will also help get your blacks of your inks to be a but more true to being black as well as the white of the paper more white.

You might want to be a bit more careful with the legs of the crewmate. His folded legs don't look like they are lead to his hips.

the captains right hand looks a little off. But with the position you have it is difficult to draw. Try changing the position of the hand and see if you get a better result.
Work on your line weight as well. And be sure to take not of how humans interact with there surroundings. Take the Captains foot for example, the toe should curve down a little more considering how the weight falls.

gmanthesandwhichking responds:

Thanks for the critique.
I tried to fix the problem with the captain's foot, the only problem was that that was done after inking so I couldn't really do much without it looking terrible.
As for the hand, I definitely realized my mistake last time I looked at this, the thumb appeared to be more of a pinky than a thumb. Line weight is a big issue with me, but now that I have more than one rapidiograph I have seen a huge improvement in my line weight.
Once again, thanks for the critique and I will definitely folly the advice.

Traditional, Nice!

Don't get much of these, so this might be a bit fun.

One of the first things I notice was the three colors. I was thinking "What the hell? Did He mask this off?" But then I took a look at the authors comments and found that this was actually three paintings. I have to admit that little surprise adds a little to the wow factor to this. I bet that a bit of preplanning came in to play here.

One problem I am seeing is a lack of lighting. You have some on the masks and the small yellow bird, but I am seeing little to none on the large pink character or the blue one. Some good lighting with some texture would really add to this.

I really hope you can continue to learn more about paints and continue to post them up. I think this is pretty nice for a start.

Luxembourg responds:

Yeah, it can be a bit weird to look at at first. Usually triptychs are hung up with a little bit of space between each panel so it's fairly obvious they're separate pieces, but I can't arrange them in such a way until I find a means of hanging them up.

I'll admit to the lack of lighting on the spirits. If you mean the large reddish-brown one by "large pink one", I worked some lighter shades into the fur (namely on the top panel), but it's true that I didn't add nearly enough lighting. I guess I was kind of lazy with the blue one, as well, since that one has nearly nothing in the way of lights.

Thanks for the review, Kinsei.
You give surprisingly large reviews for a whore.


Here we go...
This has some wonky anatomy, but I'm pretty sure that the excess of length in the limbs are very intentional. It looks very alien. The swirls around the major joints, the face and breast really throw me off at first. After taking a moment to get accustom with such a strange look I noticed the line art. The line work is quite jagged. I'm sure your brush had no softness to it when you drew this. You have a pretty strongly stylized piece, it makes it hard to put a good critique to it.

I try and not read the authors comments until I have already taken a good look at the art. I do this to see what I can make of the art first and to avoid as much emotional attachment to the artist as possible. After reading the first part, the entire thing makes a good bit more sense then it originally did. If this really is a piece relating to the "Sex Sells" mentality then I can see a good purpose for all the exaggerated limbs and stylized features.

I think perhaps in a future project, if you were to redo this, I thin you should draw a billboard or something that you would see the "Advertisement" in or on. Mostly for the added effect of it being an ad.

Touche QB, you tossed me a good curveball. I hope I at least hit it well.

J-qb responds:

He swings... and he misses!
nah jk ;P I know how hard it can be to review such stylizes pieces, but at the same time that makes it hard for me to improve on this stuff; so thats why i asked you. Thanks for the review.

Because I can :P

meh.... pretty crappy....
art is lacking...
there isn't a joke or a punchline...
just bad over all...

But on a upside... this isn't the worst thing I have seen.....

joe-vath responds:

thanx i guess.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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