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Fluff Splatter

I'm sure Jim Henson would have been proud.
It would have been cool to see some more of the fluff splattering.
The pot of gold seems like it was skewed a little and now seems very flat. Also I think you should have had a highlight on the body of Kermit. It would have given it a real pop factor.

over all you have done very well with the detail. The gun to the fluff. Nice job.

SoConfused responds:

Thanks, I was originally thinking of having numbers and letters fly out of his head along with the fluff due to the nature of the TV show, but I forgot about that idea. As for the pot of gold being flat, it was more of an after-thought. I only added it because I finished the picture and went "you know what should be at the end of that death rainbow? Suicide gold!

Thanks for the review.


Hai.... this is me being an ass :P
I like the texture you have on the ground and background. I had to take a moment to look at your last two pictures to see if you have been using that recently and I hadn't noticed.... but this is the most extensive so far.
Very nice :P
Carry on :3

PixelCake responds:


I haven't seen you in a while where have you been hiding?

Anyway, I haven't used THIS particular texture before :) I usually use the same boring one but I really like the white texture this time instead of the black one.


Its a lovely start. A couple of areas could use some work, but over all this picture is good.
Lets start with some of the problems I'm seeing and move on from there.

One of the First things to catch my eye is the blue splotches on the floor. They are very distracting. And if they are taking away attention from the main model, then it is something that needs to be adjusted. Perhaps lowering the opacity of it like the red splotch under the piano would be best. Like I said you don't wish to draw attention from the main subject of your scene.

The next big thing I want to address is the lighting. I am expecting this nice polished grand piano, although you have one here, you cannot see it. The use of a couple ambient lights would have been excellent, but a good strong highlight to put a solid shine on the piano would been awesome.
The extra lighting would also have helped you get a better feel for your setting. At the moment it looks like you simply dropped a omni off to the left there, and quite closely to the ground I might add, and then had some simple spot lights used for casting shadows. Sadly it just isn't working for the scene. Adding some of those ambiance lights but extruding them from casting light so they will force your shadows to taper off instead just being solid all the way through would have helped as well.
When I look at this, the wood floor, the white walls (I'm not even sure what your trying to do with those red and blue lights.....) and I think that the best lighting would have been sunlight. Treat it as if there is a big set of windows just beyond the camera and have it flooding the room with light. Use a mask on a spot light to get the feel of the window shape. And then have the strong light on the floor just barely creeping in to the frame.

Now something I tend to get on to a lot of artist for is the size. Give us a high resolution picture where we can see every little detail. Please! I understand that it can sometimes be rather hard on a computer to sometimes render at larger sized images, more details, and extensive maps, but it is truly worth it in the end. You can really get a good feel for a scene when you can just see everything.

Now on to some of the things I like.
I like the piano model. from what I can see, I like. Again this draws back to the lighting issue just a bit, but that has been discussed. At the moment I cannot tell if you used a good bump map or actually modeled each key. Either way I think it looks good.
I also like that you put up some sheet music. so many people do a piano but never give it any music. I feel that a little touch like this in the scene gives the piano a played feel, not just setting in an empty room.

Over all I like the scene and I think it is good. You need to work on some lighting, but other than that, I don't see many other flaws.

m1kclark responds:

The splotches and red & blue lights were what I remember from high school plays. :-P
I've actually got 6-7 lights going, 3 that cast shadows. I've tried sun-lighting before (the Wraith in my profile), but I didn't like it, thus the attempt at mood lighting. And I completely forgot a highlight: thanks!
Also, yes, I modeled each key.

Great Touch Up!

Very Nice.
This should be a pretty easy review.

One thing though. I liked the older wave. it seemed a litle more wild, WILD I tell you!

The added detail is really good. You have really pushed it to the top and then boiled it over a little.

The extended lead room is good for the composition and the extra splatter is nice. It reminds me of Street Fighter IV.

You thickened up meat boy a little too. He really pops out now. Comparing the two I like this meat boy a lot more than the other puny one

Nice retake.

Daverom responds:

Looking quickly between the 2 it's like action movie meatboy!
and saturday morning kids show meatboy.

What? Why?!

I mean really Do you just need a even 40 reviews or something? I mean you got a front page, what could you possibly want from my input? Oh yeah... One liners... Never mind then. Ahh well.... continuing on...

Lets start with what is catching my eye first, the Fire leaking out from the edges of the armor.
I think you were trying to keep this at a minimal, or you were scared at how it would have come out in the end. I think you should have gone a little more wild with this. Make this a guy a Hell Knight with fire blazing out from everywhere. But personal taste aside. Looking at the small cinders a little I realize that, although they seem to glow themselves, they are are not casting any glow on anything else. I think you could have gotten some interesting lighting with having that bounce ff that lavender armor.
(Yeah I'm going to stretch out my vocabulary a tad :P)

Speaking of lighting I Do like what you have done so far. But I think on a couple of areas you should push them to be a bit stronger like on the gauntlet and blade. Go ahead and get them close to white so it has a real feel of shining.

I think you missed a part on the hilt of the blade by the way... .wait.... I'm an idiot.... *Face palm* I just noticed that what I was assuming to be your light source, the moon in the background, isn't your light source. FOR SHAME FIFTY!!!!!! This means I have to call in your entire lighting! >:(
Although if you go ahead and do some epic back lighting with this thing, damn that could come out really cool. It would also give this thing the a real evil look as well. So I say go for it.
So yeah fix that lighting..... also your moon isn't round. it starts to flatten out on the left side as it starts to go off the composition. And since I'm still sort of on the lighting kick, get that edge of the moon to be really strong white. Give it the sense of being the powerful light source that it is.

A couple of other things, The neck of the breastplate is curved when it shouldn't be sense the armor is rigid and usually doesn't twist like that. You should also emphasis the size of his mount. Make it bigger! it seems that as it is, the knight would crush the poor thing.

anyway.... Nice, I do like it. :D

Fifty-50 responds:

Finally! A review that makes sense! Lol, I was covering up all the mistakes. I was hoping for someone to notice but the last 39 reviews didn't. Tahnk you!


I remember seeing this a couple of days ago. I passed on it then, but I have decided to return.
I honestly have no issue with people drawing memes, I even draw them from time to time myself. But I feel they if you are going to show it off you should try and put a little bit of a personal twist on them. That way people know who to look at when they are seen.

So try to put a little feeling in the the next one, alright?

PinkRose11 responds:

Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for reviewing!


the first thing that really catches my eye is that thick outline. It reminds me of a sticker. No really I could easily see this plastered on someone's notebook.

Too bad it is such a small size I would like to have seen this at least wallpaper size.

the simplicity of the character is nice. I don't feel overwhelmed looking at it. That also helps the sticker appeal.
I wish there was some more insetting in to they eyes so they felt more realistic and I think you could have pushed a skin texture out a little more.

Over all this isn't too bad. Glad to see it, just get a bigger one up soon.

Decky responds:

Yeah, A few people say that a few of my pieces are abit small and I agree about the eye. It could have done with just a little more detail I think.

Dude, Really?!?!

Damn..... Man, you do tqo things to me.
1) Make me feel like a shitty artist.....
2) Make me want to get better...

Awesome work. It has a painted feel. did you do this digitally or with actual paints?

gsimpson responds:

this is a digital study for the actual painting -- its quicker to try out a color palette that way.


um no....
even if there are improvements we still can't see them because of the size and low quality photo.
even the high resolution doesn't help any bit.
Go practice, Get a scanner or learn how to document your work properly, and then maybe you'll have a snowballs chance in hell.

promat responds:

ah shut up i dont have a printer to do that

I'm Back On The Horse Baby!

Look at my horse its a really awesome horse...
Oh wait.... wrong piece.....

Cool, moving on...

One of the firs things I want to cover is one of the weakest things in the entire piece. The star field. I'm just really not feeling it. Even for some cheesy b-movie poster, I think you could have got a little further on it. I have seen some really awesome spacescapes out there and I think you could have used one to make not only a really cool star field but also enhance the earth in the background.

The over all composition I am rather pleased about. I think even when you start to break the box with the aliens in the bottom of the piece I think it works rather well with what you are trying to achieve with those classic posters.

The line art is ok, it is alittle dull and lacking some line weight. I'm having a similar issue myself lately so I know how frustrating it can be to think that you have what you need only to find that you don't. The coloring I'm sort of ok with but the shading I am not. You used a lot of gradients with this. IN some places you went ahead and placed a secondary highlights to emphasize the shininess. I think you should have ditched the gradients and went with the strong highlights and shading, I think it would have been much more effective.

One thing that keeps catching my eye is that in some places it seems like you have a grain filter on some things. like the ball on top of the flag and the red around the title. I think this would have worked if you had made the grain much stronger concerning the highlights. You could have given it a really cheesy glitter effect which I think would have reinforced the effect of your entire poster.

I think you have a good start and some cool stuff to work with here. Keep it up.

Luwano responds:

Dude what an awesome horse you got there.... wow...

Erm... ya about your review:

Good point with the star field, I knew that it was not worked out pretty well, but I did not realize how it kinda clashes with my earth. I saw that the "style" of the planet and the space background clashes with the rest in the foreground by the way. :P

In fact, the idea of breaking the box was directly taken from some original movie posters. And I'm glad that you like the composition.

About the lines, this was my first finished work with Inkscape and I didn't know anything about line weight to be honest (even now I don't know a lot about it either).

The shading.... yes ouch.... I used many gradients. I promise to refrain from them in the future. I only shaded manually on the clothes of the alien (a little) and most of the white parts of the suit. Also the "shiny" parts on the visor and on top of the flag pole.

I actually used a grain filter on the finished pic, but i did not set it strong enough. It's also noticable on the the helmet visor in full view.

In addition to your review, the perspective on the chest piece is off.

Thank you very much for your review!

And hey, whose horse is that over there? It looks kinda awesome....

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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