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Very Nice

What is this, Water Color? it sure looks like it. I did a piece a few weeks ago in water color, but nothing compared to this level.

As I noticed with another users art last night (Or rather very early this morning,) this has a strong impressionist feel to it. I like this is the fact that although some of these are blobs of color, you have manipulated them to the point that they actually have a simplistic form that truly makes this piece. You really know this medium. I can see you even used a pen in appropriate places to add that hard edge when needed. This piece shows some serious skill indeed. This is something I would easily hang on my wall.

Your composition is nice and you have done a swell job at balancing this. The style is simple and effective.

One problem though, I am noticing some blurring in some areas. I'm going to say that you used a camera to take this, am I right. I understand that not all of us have scanners big enough to support what mediums we work in. (Mine is only a 9''x14'' so I can understand.) It's just a shame that some of these areas are a little blurred. Try this Documenting your work Tutotial by out own Art101: http://art101.newgrounds.com/news/post/314936
Hopefully you can crisper images as well as a bigger high resolution image.

I see you put a couple of other pieces in the portal that are a similar style. It will be enjoyable to look through them all and perhaps review a few more.

ManBean responds:

Thank you for such and detailed Critique. I can't tahnk you enough for all your kind words. To address the blur question It was something with the Scanner. Because it is water color the paper is warped making it a bit farther form the scanning surface. Thanks again man.

Better Late Than Never

Lets start off by saying that I like the soft shading you got going on here. Gives the chameleons a very smooth look. The background remains very consistent with the characters as well. This is also a plus. The scene has good balance and it is a pretty good composition over all.

One thing that dose kind of hurt is the speech balloons. They seem to be low quality and pixilated compared to the rest of the picture. I'm not sure what happened to cause that, but it does kind of throw you off in the high resolution.

Is that?... am I seeing a stock brush? Yes, I think I am. Did you use a stock brush to texture those leaves in the background off to the right? And is that a stock grass brush? Tisk, Tisk, for shame.... But I guess I can't say much, I have been guilty of this myself in the past when I'm in a hurry or just being lazy.
Ah Well, guess its not too big of a deal this time....

Still a decent piece. Nice job, even if it is 3 days late....

Luwano responds:

Yeah, I don't know what the hell happened to the speech bubbles. I tried to smoothen them manually, blur them, smudge them, resize them and it would just not go away or it became toooooo blurry and undefined.

Didn't know a preset brush was something the be ashamed of. It's not like photoshops grass brush, which drop different items automatically, but just a regular brush with a different form, or not? :P

At first I chose it accidentally, but then I liked how the plant looked kinda different and decided to go with it. But thanks for pointing that out, I'll keep it in mind.

And the actual grass is hand-drawn btw. I don't have photoshop and therefore I I also don't have the infamous grass brush.

Thank you for the review!

You Know....

I need to learn how to customize like this. I have plenty of stuff I would enjoy giving some personal touch to.
I know how to paint, but I think my biggest problem is sealing it once I'm done. What kind of glaze do you finish with, and what technique do you use. Got any pointers or tutorials you can slide my way?

Ricepuppet responds:

There's a lot of tutorials on the net, but fixing it the proper style is a unique process. It takes a lot of practice - i started with smaller, cheaper things to experiment on -

Its just a regular coating b.t.w.

Good Start

The style is ok, could use some refining.
It's also good that you did some action poses as well.

One big problem I am seeing is that your turn-around at the top is off. You need to get everything to line up. The body gets bigger the more you go to the right. The Height lines make it a tad obvious.
The feet need to be on the same ground level. it feels like you drew these separately with out the height lines and then just put them together.
Sadly those flaws really hurt this piece since a character sheet isn't much about the art its self as it is about a visual guide to the character

Shotgunmadmax responds:

Very awesome review thank you for the help. I actually thought while i was drawing that the bomb boy on the right was too small so I made him a bit bigger. I couldnt agree more with the visual aid, I was more focused on making the character look good in the picture. So thank you for your review helps me a lot for my next character sheet.


I like the continuous flow of this unique piece. Great way to make use on simple movement animation to bring some appeal to the piece.

I noticed your wips and I could have guessed this was what was coming.

Great job, great execution .

Nicol3 responds:


Poor Kermit

He has really let him self go over the years.
Once learning he is nothing but someon's puppet, ans shown in Nicol3;s Entry: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/nicol3/kermitten. Kermit grew a deep seeded hatred for Jim Henson. He loathed the daily molsetation of Jim shoving his cold hand up his rectum, but after time, Kermit grew dependent on Jim's hand. After the Passing of the Puppet master, Kermit started drinking hard pond water, followed by late night binges of flys behind the local Taco Hell fast food restaurant. His sadness and sorrow soon began to affect his friends and loved one. He pushed Ms. Piggy in to prostitution to pay for his fluff habit, after being indited for imperilment of the muppet show's funds. Times grew even worse for the little green frog. Years of run-ins with the law finally led to the robbing of aa liquor store leaving 3 dead in the wake of Kermit's rampage.
After the Porky pig and Ms.Piggy affair, Kermit couldn't take it any longer and the final result was portrayed in SoConfused's Picture: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/soconfused/it-aint-easy-being-green

Toast-Tony responds:


Fluff Splatter

I'm sure Jim Henson would have been proud.
It would have been cool to see some more of the fluff splattering.
The pot of gold seems like it was skewed a little and now seems very flat. Also I think you should have had a highlight on the body of Kermit. It would have given it a real pop factor.

over all you have done very well with the detail. The gun to the fluff. Nice job.

SoConfused responds:

Thanks, I was originally thinking of having numbers and letters fly out of his head along with the fluff due to the nature of the TV show, but I forgot about that idea. As for the pot of gold being flat, it was more of an after-thought. I only added it because I finished the picture and went "you know what should be at the end of that death rainbow? Suicide gold!

Thanks for the review.


Hai.... this is me being an ass :P
I like the texture you have on the ground and background. I had to take a moment to look at your last two pictures to see if you have been using that recently and I hadn't noticed.... but this is the most extensive so far.
Very nice :P
Carry on :3

PixelCake responds:


I haven't seen you in a while where have you been hiding?

Anyway, I haven't used THIS particular texture before :) I usually use the same boring one but I really like the white texture this time instead of the black one.

You Should Finish This

I really think you should have.

I'm glad to see the line art being very strong, But I would have liked to see you keep up the color you have been working on.

I think you should have finished out the harpoon, and the wound. I feel you could have used this to get some real good practice in some color theory in as well. SOme blues and some reds could have had some fun play time here. It would also have been good for you to try and get some practice at some abstract background as well.

Over all I feel that the Orca is alright I just would like to have seen some water reflections and some water distorted highlights on it as well

You should try and hunt up some tutorials on some water distortions it might be fun to explore the concept.

Keep uploading lass.

Trix responds:

You know what I just might do that. I also thought playing with the red and the blue could be fun. I will try. Thank you Kinsei for all these amazing reviews. You also make me very happy by you just being you. Thank you <3

Getting there.

To be honest I could set here and tell you the same thing again and again, but I know that you know it. You aren't in need of another lecture, but just practice. You need time to continue to use the things you have learned. Don't take this an an insult, it's not. I feel the exact same way about my own work, I know what I'm doing, I just can't seem to do it yet.
So just continue to practice and keep pushing your bounds and you will get better with time, no doubt. And as I said on the bunny, these animals you are doing are giving you a great way to exercise.

Now that I am done with the encouragement part, it's time for the critique.

I am glad to see a little more actual shading on this. It shows that yes you are practicing and yes you are getting better. Another thin I'm liking is that you didn't just leave this in gray scale. Adding the blue really helps out and gives this a nice feel. It looks like you are starting to develop a style with these and it would be interesting to see you develop it even further.

Some of the things I'm not liking is the line work. The lines could be a little more crisp as well as a little smoother. Right now they seem a little blurry. I also would have liked to seen the darker , but the coloring helps compensate with that.
There also seems to be a little excess of blank space around the picture. I think you could have cropped it to be a little more tighter, but this does work as well. Nice touch with the bubbles though.

I'm thinking of copying and pasting the list from my review on your bunny, but I won't be that mean. What I will do is tell you to get a sketch book and start sketching every day. Even if you have to just take some computer paper and staple it together to make a makeshift sketch pad. As long as you can carry it around and doodle in it when ever the urge strikes. :P Hell I'll even send you a sketch book if that is what it takes. :P

Well Good luck, and keep practicing.

Trix responds:

Oh dont worry you have not insluted me! And yes I thought I was funny there! I also agree on everything you say! And call me weird but criticism makes me happy. Like I almost wet my pants! kind of happy. Thank you :3

Also I actually have a sketchbook. I actually have two. One big one that I use to draw for real and a small one that I doodle in, mostly because I am a cheap horse butt and havent learned to use it yet. I also carry the smaller one with me to the toilet. Yes I draw while sitting on the toilet.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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