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What The Hell!?!

What is that thing....... kind of looks like that alien from The Last Starfighter....
weird.... what was his name again?

Zanroth responds:

Went for a mix between alien, super robot and squid themes.

Now this is just terrifying

Such evil appeal. Wow, This must be the kind of think that gives Thursday blow jobs to Stephen King.


lol Pigs.

Where do you find time to do all this.....
I mean with all the procrastination I do, there is just no hours left in the day.


Once again I am Genuinly inpressed at the level of work you have poured in to the Friday flood. So many of the Art Formers really need to up there game.

lolz. Mine Craft....

I wonder if I could do something here in the next 5 minuets or something.


Truly Awesome

Great use of the Newgrounds gray.
I also love the level of detail you have poured in. Excellent job!

A Long Road It Has Been...

I too have always felt that growing up is the hardest thing to do. I look at so many of my old buddies, my friends from High school and the more recent college eras of my life, and it's so strange to see the moving on, It's like I'm spinning in neutral. But I noticed that I too have changed. I am not the same person I was what seems so long ago. But I'm not so sure I have changed in the same way that they have. My friends have gotten married, started having kids, found their places that they want to be in the world, and here I am, still holding a pencil and dreams with a grip of a dead man.
Perhaps I haven't changed after all, and perhaps that makes me pitiful. Like a kid that can't grow in to the man he needs to be. Or maybe I have, and maybe that is too just as saddening that I have grown alone, and have grown accustom that solitude.

I think I'll favorite this.
A 10 doesn't seem to be enough for the memories, but it'll have to do.

This Is A Change Of Pace

I haven't reviewed many like this for a while.

Alright, here goes.

Starting with some of the flaws of this, which aren't man, I want to point some sort of Fuzziness to this. In the high mode it feels a little fuzzy, I'm not sure if this is due to Jpeg Artifacting, A filter placed over this if done digitally, or if this was an actual painting if perhaps the camera quality and/or the texture of the surface is getting in the way. Either way there seems to be a slight pixelization over the final. I don't want to be too hard on this since it is basically elements usually beyond the control of you the artist. But I do feel in need mention.

From here I want to say that the some of the metal surfaces on this could use a push in both directions. Doing such will give more of a shiny metallic feel.
And on a similar note, I think you could have used some stronger shadows around various parts of the body, like under the collar and tie.

And continuing my segway Lets talk about the secondary light put off by the flames of the head. I being that close you would have had some color bounce on to the suit and on to the chain as well as the other places. You started this on the bones in a couple other places but didn't get much further. You got some of the secondary bounce lighting in there, but just not the transfer of orange color.

Although the lighting color is an issue, you have done well with the colors of the rest of the piece. I'm starting to get in to the good things of this if you can't tell.
I like what you have done with the colors. and I especially enjoy what you have done with the flames. I think you have done a good job coloring them. The white on the bones is nice as well, and you have a good neutral gray for the metal.
You have also done a nice job with the blending. you have some of the orange and black mixing very well and giving the orange a "glow."

As already mentioned you have done a nice job with the lighting. You have some solid bounce light as well as the secondary lighting .

The over all composition is nice. I noticed that it is not exact center, but it is centered enough to really draw in the attention of the viewer. This shows good use of posing and lighting.

The structure, although simplified, is sound and works well with the piece, and the level of detail is pretty consistent over all.

Nice work.
Perhaps you could elaborate on what medium this is, cause I wanna say that is is painting.

Merol responds:

It was actually the most helpfull review i've got in a while.

I made it with pastel. It looks a little fuzzy because of the cellphone camera AND the surface :(

Wow A Customer After All This Time...

Alrighty then. Lets get the ball rolling.
Looking over this, I seem to be finding more and more upsetting features as I go on. But all that means is I have a lot you need to work on. And if Progress is your true goal, then you should enjoy this.

The lighting and the levels of shadows are a major issue in this. Most places you only have the base color and then some basically darker areas for shadows. You lack any sort of highlights. Because of this the piece has a very, VERY flat feel to it. Adding that 3rd level of lighting with highlights would add much to the piece. You also have some issues of a lack of shadows being cast. Under the back of the girl and the tub, if she is rased off the tub slightly then there should be a large area of shadow, even if she was against it, there would still be an area of shadow. And since I am mentioning shadows, I really think that the black creature could benefit from some really strong highlights. Give it a very slimy feel like ink, or oil. With Out a highlight of some sort, it reminds me of rubber from a tire or something
On the note of lighting I will mention color. Your colors are very flat as well. You have no variance to the skin. Usually on people, areas like the cheeks, knees, knuckles, etc. there are more reddish areas. with out this minor drift in skin tone it, again, makes it very flat.
I can tell this seems to be a cell shaded style of coloring, but sometimes, the extra steps need to be taken so it keeps from looking so bland.

The perspective is pretty skewed as well. The tub, the girl and the walls don't see, to match. one of the problems it the many of the lines on the wall are curved, but that doesn't match the style of the rest of the picture, giving off an inconsistency that just seems to bug people.

The water in the tub could have used some more work as well. I think it could use some more ripples and some reflection. At the moment it seems like this matte color that has no reflective properties.

Now, time for anatomy. I was going to let this one slide, but after looking at the hips for a bit, I knew that I needed to mention it. At first everything on the lower end seems fine, but it just isn't so. The way it sets, the legs just don't connect with the hips. For them to do so, this poor lass would need a crotch a half a mile long.
The arms are another story. The upper arm on her left arm seems like it would be too short, You need to work on some foreshortening.
Watch out for her stiff back as well. At the moment, it sheems she is deliberately forcing her back to be straight, hence why I mentioned the shadow earlier. In a much more relaxed state she would be going with the curvature of the tub.
Speaking of... What the hell is up with that tub?! It looks like it's the bottom part of a phone or something...

Line Weight. In some areas you seemed to land this well, in others, not so much. Areas on the human looks good and seem to be doing well. same with the creature. But the rest of the picture seems to lack. I know that Hard surfaces usually don't have much in the way of line weight, but things in your Foreground should have the thickest and then thinnest in the background. You seem to have this reversed here. The lines on your paneling are huge compared to anything else in the scene, yet your tub has some of the thinnest. Keep in mind that big heavy things tend to have the thickest lines.

At an over all stand point, the color of the piece seem very washed out. Try playing with the saturation levels a bit.

I look forward to seeing your progress.

Great Over All...

But you have one major problem that hurts this a lot, and it is the size. I don't want to be too harsh over this because I know we have discussed this before. If you could get a much larger render up it would add some major kudos. I mean, what good is putting in all that hard work you have, if no one can see it.
Your using Max, right? if so try using the Print Size Wizard: Render > Print Size Wizard. and then select the 600 DPI in the dialog box that pops up. Your computer will probably throw a fit, but it will be worth it for the extra large image.

Moving from that you have a majority monocolor piece with one piece of what I will call gold in the center, I think this works well on the level of composition. It really draws your eye in to the center of the piece.
It seems a little heavy on the right when it comes to balance, and that is mostly because of that one huge piece.

It's looking like a main dual light source with a couple omnis placed about. but I think the lighting works for the situation.

Over all, it's good. Just that size man....

VidGameDude responds:

Ok look, i stopped reading right at the size part of the first paragraph.

This thing cannot be posted past 4 million pixels. newgrounds wont allow any bigger size.

did you even click it?

alright let me tell you this, i used no lights...i never intended for it to be balance, or symmetrical or what not.
i threw all this together out of boredom and laziness.
I cannot use lights since no one will teach me.

btw did you even check the other one i submitted?


If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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