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Awesome Job
I bet he's be pretty proud of your tribute

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you, that'd be an honor if it were so.

Love and Tolerate you to DEATH!
Fun, yup

Alright i'm not going to rag on anatomy too much, I'm sure you already know you need to work on that. But I do wanna make sure you understand that proportions and keeping your drawing proportional with its self is just as important as anatomy.
With good proportions, the character will still look some what good, even if you fudge the anatomy a little.
look at the shoulders, hands and head, they are all off. one shoulder is smaller than the other, the head is quite large compaired to that shrunken left shoulder and the hands are quite small. Once you settle in to a set of proportions for a character, you'll find that if you follow them, drawing the character will become easier and a bit more natural.

Moving on.

The pose is alright, but could be much better. First off. try to advoid cutting off a character at a major joint.The major joints are the hips, the knees, the elbows, ankles, neck, and wrist. You have Scorpion cut off at the hips and it gives off the impression of him having no lower half. This is mostly about composing the picture. By having a better composition the piece will a little more dynamic and less uncomfortable.
Speaking of poses, a suggestion is to take his right hand and turn it in a little. Show off more than just the back of the hand. Get some of those fingers and a little of the side in there. Again this will be more dynamic and interesting to the viewer. Sure its a hell of a lot harder to draw this hand gesture, but its a hell of a lot more rewarding in the end.

In to the lighting we go. Simply put, you need more. no worries. I intend to be a little more in depth.
At the moment you have some very flat shading. You need to get some highlights in there and a couple more levels of shading about the character. Try and think about the character as a 3 dimensional object and how the light falls on to him. Also try and think of the textures in the picture and how they cast shadows as well.
The skull on his belt could really pop out with some really good highlights and a couple levels of shadows.
Drop a red dot or something in to the composition on a new layer and treat it as your light source. It'll help.

One last technical thing I want to point out is the line weight, or the thickness of the line art.
Much of your line weight all the same. That makes is motionless, stiff and boring.
Use Google image search for "Line Weight" the results do an excellent job of illustrating the entire concept. but one in particular is this little gem.
its not just using line weight for dynamics and weight, but also to show some lighting. A really excellent example indeed.
Now back on track. Varying your lines can add a lot to a picture. it can really add presentation to a character. . To add weight you.... give me a sec, its been a while since I have had to explain it... It.. just comes so naturally now, er.... Quick to the GOOGLE!

Yeah... the more you learn and more you do, the more natural these things become... which obviously means you forget how you actually did it in the first place... Yep all the illusion of be mysterious being known as Artist...
"Enough Rambling you. Back to explain!"

Ah yeah.. this explains it well enough. its about pen pressure and the motion of your pen/pencil. getting more expressive and heavier lines on strong curves.
Be sure to study some of those google pics too. they will help you understand a bit better than just a plain block of text.

On a parting note, your Dash is actually drawn better than Scorpion. It has better proportions and everything. Not bad. could use some lighting though... and less creep eyes....
er yeah.

Well Bro-hoof-out everypony!

Saminat responds:

Hoo boy, I certainly asked for it! Every single thing you pointed out is absolutely true, I really do need to study up some on not just anatomy but also of proportions. I never actually considered line weight, but from your explanation, I think it might just add some of that extra kick into the end result to just make it POP! I agree that shading can really bring out a picture, and I was really uncertain with this one. I've yet to get a full grasp on the thing, and I was nervous to add too much or even any at all, lest it look bad, but I've got to get practice in somehow, right?

I honestly just started off drawing as just a small hobby, but over the past few months, it's really grown on me, and I shall indeed strive to better familiar myself with various techniques. And yes, I will work on Dashie's eyes... staring into my soul 0_0

Thanks for the review Kinsei, it is really helpful! And a brohoof to you as well!

Very touching. And excellent work to boot.
I wonder if my cat ever misses the kittens of her's I gave away. Man I hope they are all doing ok.
damn now I feel like scum. I'm going to go pet my cat and her two remaining kittens now...

Morthagg responds:

Aw Kinsei.. Having animals as pets is sometimes a painful responsibility, but if you give them many pettings I'm sure they'll be okay.

Aw man, a crash. That really sucks. Ah well, not the first, won't be the last.

I really like some of the texturing you got going on here. and the color really works., Line work is a win too.
Keep it going girl.

Kashi responds:

Ugh, yeah. It would have been a lot better if I hadn't lost it. Guess I couldn't prove it though xD

Learned a valuable lesson though :C

Thanks Kinsei :D

There once was a man from Madrass
Who's balls were constructed of brass
When jangled together
They played stormy weather
And lightening shot out of his ass!

Rennis5 responds:


So let me get this straight; I take the tiem to painstakingly write out review for you. Something that would have helped your art immensely. Then you take it down and then have the balls to re post that price with negligible changes claiming that now its done.


your lighting STILL isn't fixed.

Your color is bleeding worse than a 13 year old girl on her first period
and even worse your bleeding is happening in all of the wrong damn places (like her EYE!)
and frankly if I were the girl in that picture I rather through myself into the lave pit than sit like that for even an instant.

So props. you provoked a strong emotion with your art. like this one for example:
*insert deformed baby fetus drawing here*

So congratulations you've lost yet ANOTHER person who could have helped you. Ta ta

DragonPunch responds:

That's actually a pool of blood, and uh...Fallen Angels get stronger with blood so...You makin' a death wish or somethin'? All joking aside, thanks for your feedback, even if it was full of cursing and immature ranting.

Congrats on the Front Page. Your moving up the ranks just fine.

Good use at the mix of symbols too. Has a very Lazer tag feel. Should look pretty cool under black lights. It'd definitely be something interesting to see in person.

pockets08 responds:

Fuckin...awesome. Glad you like it! It will be on the wall of our Mission Briefing Room (or so it better be!) and on our Staff shirts. If it gets asked about enough, it will go into being sold on shirts for customers! IF...If...

May have taken 4 hours, but I'd say totally worth it.
Very nice.

Osuka responds:

Was 4 happy hours of fun, I love making textures :3


~cause I'm "That Guy"

Actually I liked the folding on the wings on this piece. It added some interesting appeal to the over all.
You should get the rings back together and take a real good beauty shot of them all together.

MajesticBob responds:


Ooh, nice and juicy. good to see all that detail for once. Me likey.

Over all I'm liking the wire work on this I think you made a nice appealing ring on that point.
I may like the wire, I don't care much for the beads. To be honest they don't match because they look so fake. I really wish you had gotten some more unique beads for the ring. If I'm not mistaken the ones you used are plastic and pretty common. Even if they are glass, they are such a dull looking cut that they just don't scream anything special.
If you cannot secure better beads, I think maybe some gold lettering on them would help change them up.

As said, I really like the wire work on this and I think it really makes the object, but I think you could do much better with the beads.

MajesticBob responds:

Those are Swartizki crystal. They look better in Real life. Also post apoc, limited resources. I actually got those beads imported, so I'm a little saddened at you reaction lol.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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