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Well. It's something.
One of the first things that pop out to me is the line work. It seems so unenrgetic. You need to work on the line weight and dynamic. It seems like you are using a technical pen. If you are, don't allow yourself to be limited by the tool you are using, make that tool bend to your will and desires.

As for the coloring, it seems you are trying to accomplish a lot. and I can see how that can be confusing in a world where we have all the colors we could ever want. Try limiting your pallet to 3 shades. Your base colors, your shadow colors and your highlights. Work with those and practice some color theory. You'll find yourself with a stronger understanding of how color works.

Work on your form a bit and try to get the feel of a 3D object down a little more. ON your sketch, don't be afraid to draw yourself some guidelines if needed. they can always be worked out for the final project.

As I said it is a start. Work on some sketching exercises and some normal art basics. Keep coming back to the art form and asking questions and I have no doubt you will see some good improvement.
Good luck

renaissancekid responds:

fixed everything mow! :3

Very Nice

OVer all there isn't much I can say for this.
It is really pretty good. The only things I do have to say are pretty small.

The first one is what is up with that black block?!
I mean at the top of the picture you have this block that seems to be 100% black and the rest is like a 90% black. At first I thought it was some sort of gradient, but nope, it just suddenly changes. It's kind of awkward.

I think you could have pushed out some more reflections and hard highlights on the visor and gun. It would have given them a much more shiny feel.
On the subject of strong highlights. In some areas you have the armor roughed up quite a bit. I think you should have added a couple spots in those areas where the paint would have chipped off and you would have the metal shining through. All just to add some more appeal and make the armor look more worn.

Still, very nice piece.

xTY3x responds:

i don't understand that black thing, i don't see it. maybe it's an error of the site, since sometimes images appear to be cut or scattered. anyway thanks for the review, i agree with all you said, but i did this in 2 hours restarting a piece i had already done, so i kinda rushed it.


I'm liking this Bob, and it's a great start.
The biggest problem with this, is the same reason it is hard to critique. That issue is all in the presentation and size of the photo.
You need to take High quality shots of the gun from multiple views, and shop them together. This way we get to see all your hard work in good detail instead of one view.

Moving on. I really think the color scheme is pretty nice. It has the start of a solid steam punk feel to it. I think you should take advantage of this and start adding one some "frills" to give it more appeal and to alter the design from the normal Nerf Maverick. I see you have started to do that, but why not continue down that path, right?
And since you are going to be altering the gun, I think you should improve on the design a little. Perhaps using some PVC piping, you could add an attachment to carry more ammo on the bottom of the barrel.

As I said, it's a excellent start and I would love to get some more views on it. So yeah give us a nice collage of photos so we can really see it.

MajesticBob responds:

I'll keep the multiple photo idea open. The ammo holder idea me and a friend have done before, problem is finding a decent bonding agent. But you gave some valid points. I'll keep that in mind. As I go along, my works are going to become "braver" as I start experimenting more.


well, it's very bland and generic.
The ink is very rough, you should work on smoothing it out. And while working on that you should practice some line weight. At the moment you have this uniform thickness which strips the dynamic our of the line art. Also, since it has the same thickness all around, its safe to assume you used a technical pen. That is fine and all, but you should get more of them, if they already didn't come in a set that is. Just having the different sizes and using them will add some life to the line art.

Now for anatomy, The facial structure is, again, very generic and heavily influenced by anime and manga.
The chin could use some rounding so to keep it from looking like it could put out an eye. Which I think might be what happened to his other eye, assuming he can get his chin to touch his eye. The missing eye, the hair over the eye, and the other eye cutting through the hair to be seen are all typical anime and manga features, but it gives off an inconstancy when all done at once. The height of the nose on the face is also bothersome. you should really lower it a tad and work on it's presents

The shoulders just round out rather than have a defined form and the neck really doesn't flow in to the head very well either.

I can see where some of the pencil marks are still on the paper, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing since it tells me that you took time to rough before simply inking.

As for suggestions on improving, study some realistic anatomy. You seem to have a good lead on what you are attempting to do, but some solid life drawing could really take you up to the next level. Also work on some depth and as mentioned earlier, line weight. Giving a character good line weight could really give a piece the impact it truly needs.
Another thing to work on is dynamics in the posing. the straight on pose like this really doesn't work very often, and is usually reserved for special shots or intentional attempts to make the character look bland. Working in a slight 3/4 shot really changes up a piece in to something much more interesting.

Well that should be enough for now. Good luck, keep practicing.

Kind Of Weak...

Well, As a whole, this is not that great of a piece. The layout of the strip itself is borderline, the art isn't anything special and the line work has no real weight and is dull.
The strongest thing of the entire piece is the second closeup of the mannequin.

I've seen your profile, and it proves you can do better. I think you just wanted to get this posted asap, so you cut a few corners. Down side is that has backfired immensely.

BloodyAngel88 responds:

No no. No cutting corners here. It was just a quick idea I had, so I plotted it down and had some fun.

So yeah, if you think it's weak...then, whatever. It's all your own opinion.

Stealing is bad, Em'Kay...

oh hey, look at that, a recolor to report.

Soild Model, But With A Problem...

Since Mr. M1clark mentioned the background, I won't take off for that, but there is something else I wish to address.
In terms of model it looks good. It is a solid piece showing skill in both modeling as well some skill in the textures. SO I Have no beef with those.

My issue is in the render. pert of the render, the lighting, is fine, but the entire thing is fuzzy. It looks like you had a depth of field toggled on the camera, but had the settings off where it started to blur the piece. Since we are dealing with a stationary image here, with no background, the focus should be on the model. And having the fuzzyness takes away from being able to see the detail you have poured in.
So get that render fixed and you'll be good to go.

Dawn-Breaker responds:

Aahh thanks allot! well although I still have some troubles moddeling pieces that have roundings and openings (in this case the entire stock) I'm glad it does show off that I do improve.

As for the texturing. I had it worked out with arch and design texture preset with Mental Ray. a bump bitmap added in from an excisting texture I had and it was good to go on the metal parts :D

Now to the issue at matter.. I was aware of the odd and fuzzy feel of the render but I had no camera active in the file, just the Perspective view. rendered it with HDTV also the reason why the expanded view on the picture is so large.. I'll try and figure out what settings I'll need for a finer render result.

Thanks again for the great feedback!

Getting there

Much better An excellent start.
Now to keep going. I would call this portal worthy.
Although just being an eye, an entire portfolio cannot stand on this alone. Continue to work, practice, study, and produce, and you'll have a pretty good chance of getting scouted.

Narutofan914 responds:

Thank you for supporting and helping me:D


Well to start, just going off of a poorly done eye, this really isn't portal worth to begin with.
Anime or not, this lack anatomy, line weight and consistency. It also Has bad over saturated color.
The Hair is placed badly, and the scar lack any proper continuity.

You should have cropped out the white block out as well.

Their aren't any redeeming qualities of this picture. Your best bet would be to scrap this, study eyes, be them anime or otherwise, and then redo it.

Also, MsPaint shouldn't be your first choice. Try GIMP or something.
And don't ask for high scores. It is just bad form, and makes others want to rate it low.

Narutofan914 responds:

I guess your right, but don't say it in that way.

Very Nice

I love what you have done here. Super cool

The pose has good dynamic. The lighting is nice.
Over all, a good redesign and solid piece. Well worth the 5, 10 and fave

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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