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More, Give Me More!

This scene, it feel like it is the first confrontation of these two types of contenders.
Each of them evaluating the advantages and disadvantages. The Golem's raw primal force, or the firepower of the mech.
I would love to see a few follow up shots at the destruction and the raw grueling combat that takes place. The mech fighting to stay out of the grip of the beast, for the pilot knows the moment the golem latches on, it'll be all over. And the Golem, thrashing wildly, lacking the finesse of the pilot. Both of them hoping and praying for the other to slip up just once.

A piece like this needs a conclusion. Even if there were two endings, with each respective side being victorious, but just to see the aftermath would make it all worth while.

Very nice.

Well, It is good....

but I really think you should have submitted this differently from the gray scale rather than update with color.
Although I do enjoy the color version, the gray had a certain charm to it that I think just had a notch above this.
I feel you should actually resubmit the Gray to go along with this.

So moving on to the actual critique.

You have done a pretty sweet job with the posing and the sense of movement and action.
The background is very good as well. The way it is more of shapes and blobs of color helps you keep the background from looking bland, but at the same time keeps the focus on what you want it on, the character and the action.

The detail in the armor shows you have pretty good eyes and really know your way to make the tools in photoshop do what you want them to, and get the effects out of the program you need.

I'll look forward to looking through more your art.

This Will Be Good

Bravo my good man. Superb.
It's always funny when a piece of Fanart out does the original that it is based on, although the bar was already set pretty low in the first place.

The art is solid, same with the shading. But I expect that from you. Got good pacing and having the frames slightly out of line is a nice way to give this both a good solid professional feel, while keeping it natural.

you have done well with the expressions and the close up shots really get you personal with the characters. Down side of this is it is hard to get a sense of placement or settings. Although at this point I am quite literally digging for things that are wrong with this. I mean it is so awesome in both execution and purpose, that there is little to actually go against.

So very nice Fifty, you have earned my 10 and 5

Fifty-50 responds:

Thanks man. Although I just made this for laughs, it's quite an honor to receive a 10 from you Kinsei.


First off, the head is way too big for the shoulders and torso to properly support. Even if you were trying to pass this off as some sort of bust, it still wouldn't work because of the way you out lined it.

The Eye sockets are both aiming in different directions. One is aimed up, the other is aimed down. Now I see that you have some blood on him and it somewhat looks like he has been in a fight. but him being roughed up won't explain his deformities due to the fact for his eyes to be like that, most of his facial structure would need to be broken, but then you don't have proper coloring or swelling. So him being roughed up is not going to work as an excuse.
And then the chin is out of line, it needs to be back a little more

As for your coloring and lighting, they have their own problems. most places you only have the base color and a shadow. Some times that works, but your usually better all with going with 3 levels of light and dark. Actually on a second look, you didn't do any highlights. Sure that might be one on the pin on his hat, but I doubt it.
As for coloring, it goes much with the lighting, the colors are very flat, thus making the picture very flat.

His clothing looks, well just drawn over top of him as if he was a flat plain. He needs to be more 3 dimensional. His clothing needs to flow with his body. Clothing will also bunch up and wrinkel where there is a lot of cloth shoved in to a small area, like the bend and turn in his neck and collar.

The blood looks just dabbed on as a second thought, actually him being roughed up at all seems like you decided to do it last minute to try and "Spice it up" but it didn't, this soup doesn't even taste like you added even table salt to it.

And the jpeg artifacting, it;s just painful. I'm not sure why this is so compressed, but that could be because of the over saturated color.

Do more planning
Get to know your structure
Do under drawings and build up structure
Learn proportions
practice color an lighting
work with posing and dynamics
research blood splatter and body damages
look at facial expressions

Perhaps after you study all that, you\ll have better results in the future.

Minchken responds:

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Simple But Effective

Very Nice Aigis.
Really Nice detail, I must say that yes, I am enjoying the simple appeal of this.
Although it is simple, you have done a pretty nice job of playing with a wide scale of grays.


It's one eye peering deep in to the souls of the users and fooling them all!

This Flood....

it is going to haunt me for a long, long, long time....

Nae Didn't Tell Me Too

But I comment anyway
Yep... it has your style....

I Think...

You may need to see a psychologist ToaS..... I mean honestly. These things are fucking creepy....

More Weird Creepies...

Cool..... Now if I could only tell what it is..... o.0...

Zanroth responds:

Started off with just a bunch of random machinery, then the idea evolved into a sort of "cyborg factory".
People go in, and come back out with enhancements.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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