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Combining Two of my Favorites

The old Road Runner and Coyote cartoons were my favorite as a kid. I really wasn't a giant fan of any of the other, but when this came on I was glued to the T.V.
I really think it was the thrill of the chase, the slapstick comedy and the ACME stuff never working quite right.

I am also a big fan of Mega Man. I have played it too since I was a kid with just a simple NES. Megaman 2 and MegamanX2 still remain high on the charts as some of the best games ever created. This brought some good memories back, so thanks.

I never really thought of the two being put together to be honest. And this was just awesome. If at all possible I think you should perhaps make a small series out of this for fun. Turn Megaman in to a mechanical roadrunner and have Dr. Wile E.'s ACME inventions constantly blowing up in his face.
Perhaps even a flash series.


pretty good

The fact that you drew a KW is worth some kudos.
Not many pay this kind of respect to the big rig.
Good Detail, looks right, nice quality.
Could use that piece off to the right cropped off though.

ElectronicFunk responds:

Heh, Thanks! This is actually a pretty old drawing of mine. I'll be uploading more now that I've been scouted.

I like the feel of this...

This has a relaxed feel that I fine intriguing.
Here we have a swordsman, leaning back and enjoying both the daym the wild life and the field in which he roams.

The coloring and textureing is very nice, I think you have done a superb job on this.

Now for the down sides. The pose is off balance, if he is leaning back like that, then he needs some sort of prop. I admit you tried this with the sword, but that didn't quite follow threw. The sword being vertical doesn't give any support, it would simple fall over with the off balance man. And speaking of the sword, it should be stuck in the ground a little. Right now it is just setting on the ground. With the tip and the weight of not only the blade and the wielder, the blade would dig in to the ground. and since the tip is against the ground, the grass in the foreground should cover a little of the blade.

So Angle the blade to support the guy, get that tip stuck in to the ground, get some grass in toe foreground of the blade, clean up the line art a little more, add some lines where needed (Fingers?) and the picture should come out a lot better.


DieterTheuns responds:

Thank you for the review, but honestly, this was only a practice for my (obviously horrid) backgrounds and colouring. I did not have any particular pose in my head so I just went with it. Then I realized he actually needed to support on something... I quickly took a sword of Google, fiddled around with it in PS, and came up with this.

This was also my first drawing using a Wacom tablet.


I think this came out very nicely like the last one.

I find the allure of whiskey to be a wonderful mistress, and this does not doubt muddle her image in any way.
The design of the bottle is a simple but effective in saying this is both extravagant to the point that simplicity is all that is needed to show threw the beauty. The simple lines around the neck, the smooth but rippled glass down the side makes this feel like an heirloom that has been passed down again and again.

Sadly I see one problem. On the small version it looks fine, but when you look at the full, there is some sort of grain on the shadow of the shot glasses and in the right edge of the bottle .

I also feel the shot glasses look a little unstable and could be a little wider on the bottom.


A Series Perhaps?

This Piece really didn't stand out to me or even talk to me until the release of the follow up.
As I said before, you are being very consistent with your detail and style. And again, Very Good Job.

The one thing that kind of stands out of place is the dog. I'm not sure what purpose he serves in this piece. He May hold a later role in this, but at the moment he just doesn't belong. If he was traveling with the alchemist, then shouldn't he be riding beside his owner?

I would like to see more of these picture. Perhaps you can start a series with this character and tell stories of his travels.


Very Good Selection.

I'm liking this. it has a very roomy feel to it.

This Is obviously a continuation to your last picture, which is cool that you are expanding on an Idea, but it also kind of leads to a slight problem with the size. As of right not this interior is a bit bigger than the wagon in your last one. This probably doesn't matter, but It's just something to keep in mind.

Your Detail on all the different chemicals is well done, Different colors, labels; although I kind of wish some were big enough to read or have identifying markers (Skull and cross bones for some of the more hazardous stuff?)
The one thing I might have a slight problem with is the glass cabinet. It looks cool, but quite impractical in a moving carriage. Realistically the bottles would move and clank too much and shatter each other and the glass in the door, possibly falling out of the cabinet all together.
But, in a fantasy setting, things like this are pretty much free game, so it's kind of all a moot point, but just another thing to keep in mind.

The detail of the potions seem to carry over in to the rest of this, which is very good. The entire Piece seems to share the same level of detail and stylization, again which is good since you are remaining consistent.

Good job

SImple But Good

The style is something I would expect from an "The American Dream" kind of film. Although I also expect cherry pie, a white picket fence, and a Bel-Air setting in the drive. But, I guess a Ford Fairlane for you though, right?

The subtle stylization also seems to work with well with idea of the American dream. The suit and tie kind of make it. Speaking of that tie I think you can curve in that left side a little more, it really doesn't feel like it's snug against the neck.

Well I hope it has it's funny quarks, and is interesting to watch. I'll e expecting up up here after your class

Snowman responds:

Actually, my specific car of choice would be a Galaxie, but yhea

it will be on here after the things done

Congratulations On The Tribute

It's good to see you honoring your heroes like this and for that I give you big points, but the flaws really put it down.

This is definitely not your best work. I'll be honest right off the bat. You have done better with both materials and modeling.

The Thing could use some, character, more or less. although you have color it all looks like it is made out of a shiney plastic. It could really use some bump mapping.

Second I have to nail you on the stats 26,000 polys on this?! There is no reason this should be 26 k poly. 10,000 should be the top at most for something as simple. I think you should step back and try and reduce the poly count.

Also your work time, 2 weeks. This is pushing it. you should have been able to pull this off in just a couple hours. I understand you have other things going on in your life, we all do, but really you can do better.

I would like to see you retry this.
Try to get it under 10K poly and about the work time of a week.

VidGameDude responds:

i completely understand...

yes this took way to long but the thing is those other ones were just tutorials, and plus i cant find any good model making for teen characters even on youtube.

its a pain in the ass.

i...just (sigh) i know the poly count is way above my norm but i'm not good at humans yet. plus i need someones help enveloping characters.
but i appreciate you pointing this out and i always love reviews like this.
thank you for showing me my flaws


Bigger Would Be better..

when I saw this the first thing I though it was the pokemon Kyogre from the Sapphire game only with a robotic feel. But even with that first assumption I still liked this.

When I come across a piece like this, I like to think there is a story behind it. I feel as if this goes beyond the simple idea of an artist put in to lines and color. If there is not a story, my mind travels and wanders through this minor glimpse of this world and I begin to see the daily lives of the people and creatures within it. And from this little tour I give myself I come to the ability to review such a piece.

Let us start with why this only got a 9/10.
To be honest it all has to do with the size. It's not the size of the ship but the overall size of the ship. This piece should be HUGE!! I mean, what are we looking at here a 800x700? Naw this thing should be closer to 8000x7000, I'm talking full wall paper size right here. (ok I admit 65,000,000 pixels is overkill, but you get the idea)
Second thing I want to bring up is perhaps a little more dramatic cropping. Perhaps you should have made the height a bit smaller, mostly to give the ship a more massive feel. But you also counter with a bit longer length to give it some head room to fly. This will aid you in portraying a massive sky better then what you already have.

So, now on to less of the composition, and more to the content of the piece. The ship has a very organic feel to it. The Craft looks like evolution had a hand in designing it and not just some engineer just slapping a design down on paper. I honestly feel like this would be a safe vessel to be gliding across the sky in. And if the engines were to fail I feel as it would simply flap its wings to keep us afloat. The detail of the plates and seams is easily a step above what many attempt, and truly add a sense of engineering to the ship.

The color scheme is simple and effective. The blues, yellows and whites blend very well. The glowing lights give the essence of technology and power effectively. Even the bridge at the nose feels as if it was plucked from a unique science fiction novel written specifically for this piece.

The lighting is wonderful. You not only nailed the sheer size of the craft by causing it to have itâEUTMs one created shadow but you excelled in having it catch the white bounce light from the clouds below it. This reinforces the awareness of your eye for detail.
But sadly your detail does have a flaw in the clouds. Although they look nice and fluffy they do not share the same level of contour as your ship. I feel they could be pushed out and made a bit better with some definable shapes, but only on the ones in the foreground.
On the other side you have nailed a depth of field quite nicely. ItâEUTMs truly visible on the wings. So for this I say good job..

The escort ship is the next thing I wish to cover.
Small fighters like this serve a purpose, both in a practical sense and in an artistic sense. If a art piece they add the size of the ship. Them being tiny and flying alongside the Frigate helps the damn thing just look bigger. I must say, good job that was a pretty good move. But there is just a problem with this one little fighter, itâEUTMs only one. A ship the size of the Frigate cannot move or turn very well and even onboard turrets would be no challenge for a decent pilot much less an Ace to take out. So this is where the escorts come in. You need them to handle the stragglers and take in the fighters in to dogfights while the main cannon of the Frigate take care of bigger fish. Where IâEUTMm going with this is you need a few more of those little ships. At least another by the tail, one by the bridge, and perhaps one on the wing.

Over all I do like this piece and its final score is

Please get a bigger version up soon. Thanks

(wow only 249 characters left)

Very Nicely Done

9/10 great job,
the render is superb. and from the looks a well constructed model. I would love to see a few more angles, perhaps even some process shots and some technical data. Poly count?
I would also like to see some variance in in the finish, the decals should stick out a little more. perhaps a small bump map will cure that.
Perhaps some a second map of a rusted and beat up version would be cool.

Any plans of Animating it, or is it too high poly for practical use?

the only thing that is knocking that last point off is the skewing of the material on the background wall

oh and as a personal vendetta, Dodge sucks :P... .except for the Challenger and Charger.
Chevy is the way to go. :D

toshema responds:

Thanks, well I love to do an animation and I could do more angles it is just a matter of placing more cameras at different angles and then rendering. I also look up the tech stuff too, and then put them in ref sheet style and throw in a few meshes with a beat version or some thing ^_^. I'm not sure when that wil happen though, I'm a busy person since it is nearing finals week.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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