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eh.... Not my thing....

This may not be my thing at all, but I'll still review it.

The art and shading is pretty good. and you have done a some good lighting as well. Especially that close up panel of the first characters face.

Although the art is pretty good, the panel layout and flow is a little awkward. It seems a little broken and difficult to follow properly. I'm sure after some more practice it will come along much better.

At Least Use The Circle Tool

Even For MS Paint, Come on man. Have some dignity for yourself.
This looks half hearted at most. I would advise redoing the entire things and at least use some of the tools provided in at least MS Paint to make this thing remotely better.

T2KRiot responds:

Wow someone actually looked at this??

Some real Problems

For the most part, you can tell that it is Tricky. The down side is that the character has a unique enough design that it is pretty hard to botch.

I wanna discuss color first, mostly because of one area. The hair is blending in to the flames of the background too much. Even with the line art it is difficult to tell them apart. Because of this and because the use of the same color again and again for different materials and textures I can pretty safely assume that you have a very limited marker selection. Either that or your too lazy to make sure you grabbed enough variants from the marker rack. IF their was a color to defiantly ditch it's the purple on the character and sign.
The anatomy of madness characters isn't that hard to do either, but you kind of screwed up on the hands. One being much larger than the other is pretty obvious. I think you should have gone with a bit bigger hands anyway considering the character.

The costume I have little to say about, but over all it's kind of "Meh"

The background and stage is kind of a problem. To start you are lacking a good perspective on the stage, and the grid you placed on it makes it obvious. As for the flames, we have already discussed the biggest problem of color already. Perhaps some dramatics and some white added to the flames would have helped.

You mention being in a art class already. Make sure your teacher is showing at least the basics of Design, Color Theory, Perspective and the basics of general arts. If not then you are going to have to learn on your own if you want to get better.


Background Kills it

I kind of like the style of the actual character and it seems alright, but those colors are just murder.
I'm sorry, but the background has to go..

Good and Fun

One thing that works for this is the characters are in Character.

The gang chasing Jimmy just seems like the right thing to be doing and it makes you wonder "What did he do this time?"

The cartoon style of art fits very well with the characters and the setting they are suppose to be from. It has both a simplicity and a sense of complexity all at the same time. I think you have done a good job rendering the characters.

I would have liked to see some ground shadows to go along with them as they were running. And perhaps maybe some burnt marks or something on jimmy and/or on the other characters to kind of show that one of his experiments went haywire.

Great Job

GinnyN responds:

Thank you very very much ^^!


I'm not sure why you uploaded this, but it really wasn't worth the space.
It's just a couple lines, no direction, no form, no style, no nothing, just lines. even having them spinning would have been better than them just setting there.

Giant Girl?

The atmosphere of this is pretty good and the balance is alright. The color work looks good too.

My beef with this is mostly the placement of the character to the rest of the world.
You should have her lower on the canvas and a bit larger to give the impression of her setting close to the viewer.
At the moment she looks like she is a giant girl setting on a ruin rather than a just a normal girl setting on a small pillar.

You could have also gotten a little more dramatic with the clouds in the sky.


ArticWolf811 responds:

i agree with the placement i actually caught tht when i was drawing it but it was alread half way done and erasing tht wuldve totally messed everything else but tht is the 1 thing tht bothers me as well.......but as for the clouds im still gettin used to the program i use to edit my drawings so i rlly wuldnt hav any clue how to do tht but thanks for the advice

Hey, This Is Alright

I'm feeling a pretty sold win on this one.
I think you could go for some darker shading in a couple areas like on the bottom of the raised food and on the darker side of the body, bit over all I like this.


This one I am liking.

Although Gradients usually foul up a picture, it this one they work.

I would have liked to see some more shading done on Scuba-Steve himself. And perhaps a little more detail here and their on him. Also some detail to some of the suckers on the tentacles and perhaps some good strong and solid highlights on the tentacles as well.

This has got to be one of your stronger pieces. would call this one scout worthy.

MajesticBob responds:

I love that out of all the ones you reviewed, the "just for fun" pic is the one you like best. It does have a strange simplicity to it. When I'm not ass- lazy I'll go through and edit these pics. Make 'em better than they are now.

Ahh Robot Day...

That was a grand day was it not?
Don't feel too bad, I botched my entry as well. In the overview of this the biggest thing that comes to mind is the Gradients. So..... Many.....Gradients..... Some of them look like you went in by hand and tried to touch them up, but others don't.
One of the biggest flaws with the gradients with this is the conflicting light sources. That alone disrupts the illusion.
It's much better to place a light source and add all reflective material yourself. Although that is very, very time consuming, it's the best bet to have it look good. You should go back and strip out the gradients and just place in reflections in by hand.

Speaking of corrections needed, although at the low resolution it cannot be noticed, but at full size, its painfully obvious. Unclean Line ART!!! Around your lines you can notice thin white lines and halos, that is the result of not making sure that the line art wasn't prepped fully.

Although this is not a full proof route, but usually you can change your line art layer to Multiply settings and just paint under it. Like I said, it works most of the time, but not all the time.

Again in this one you have it running off the page. This isn't working with this piece either. Perhaps with a better background you can really get the feeling of the bot interacting with it's surroundings if he is not running off the canvas.

I think with stepping back and getting some of these minor corrections out of the way could make this a scoutable piece

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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