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Out of all the pieces I have reviewed for you so far, this is the worse one. I don't count your experimental for reasons I mentioned in it's review.

The anatomy in this one is completely fractured. The head is way too big, the torso is way to small the upper arm is long enough, but then you have these tiny forearms along with even tinier hands. The neck looks like if she shifted her weight in any direction it would snap in two. You have this pointy chin and these large eyes that really throw off the facial structure. Adding a final insult to injury, you have this filter slapped on top that is suppose to look like something, but it doesn't look like anything other than a bad filter slapped on.

You really need to study some anatomy. Attend a life drawing class or get some books to help you out. You need to also need lean anatomical proportions. Even Anime characters have anatomy.
I hope you produce better work than this in the near future. since I will be looking forward to your progression


One of the first things I need to point out is the anatomy. Even thought this is practically a dismembered body, some anatomy rules apply.
The head is a bit big for the body. Not to mention the facial anatomy is off. That eye is pretty huge, even by anime standards
From what I can see of the torso it seems very thin, almost too thin.
The Arms are long, and The hands have some really creepy long fingers.

You need to get some contrast from your background and your subject, it blends too much, and you can't see what is going on.

You need to work on lighting and color as well. your highlights are mixed up, but you don't have dual light sources. Work on getting some shadows as well. At the moment you have none, and that is a problem.

Look up some tutorials and keep practicing.


We got Light Flares, Lens Flares, random swirls, a bunch of filters and a big mess.

Sure it is great to play around in a program and see what comes out, but that doesn't mean you need to post it. I really see no reason why you uploaded it.

Perhaps if you used some of these in a real composition, then maybe it would be worth posting, but as it is, it's not.

Take some time, learn Gimp better, get some tutorials, and then produce something. You'll have a lot better reception.


Well. To start off, this picture is fuzzy, and not in a warm cuddly way.
The line art lacks any sort of crispness. This takes away from the over all picture and makes it look out of focus. If you were some trying some sort of depth of field, you failed and you really need to practice it.
With Depth of field there is a certain point that is in focus. Here you have nothing in focus.

As for the eyes the radial gradient is never a good option for eyes. There is a way to use a radial gradient, but you really have to play with it, and even then it still looks a little off. Your better off making them by hand.

Speed Paint?!?!

What the fuck man, Are you the Flash or something? Did you Take a couple hits of Speed Before turning on your computer? I mean really, Just wow. The Get this in 30 minuets, Damn.....
ok... enough fanboy spaz.

You really did do a pretty damn good job here. I really like the lighting and the over all detail. You even got some motion lines in there. It feels like he is slowly moving forward, ready to shove that Morning Star up someone's ass. And he looks like he'll enjoy it in all his wonderfully rendered goodness.

I wanna say you really put time in to this, but with a 30 min speed paint, we know it wasn't. But knowing your other works, if you had put anymore time in to this, it would have probably made the servers explode with the pure awesome sauce this thing excretes.


Originally I wasn't going to add you to my list of thieves since you jsut had some crappy photoshops, But now, since I saw all your other crappy recolors, congratulations, you made the cut.

At least on this one you did a much better job at cutting out the guitar.

But that is where what little praise I give you ends. The flames are just slapped on with out much though of lighting or placement.

The red bands on the neck suffer the same problems of the flames.

Learn your program and look up tutorials


It's bad enough that you recolored some one else's art, but you did it so poorly, that you should be embarrassed.

Pretty Bad

First off, When your going to photoshop a photo, you gotta cut out everything, You got lazy and didn't even bother making sure you cleared the white in the tires or between the forks and the cables.
And then your really, really crappy blue flames that you seemed to just slap on the tires. That was just pitiful.
The reflection on the ground is just washed out a little, you need a gradient mask to make it appear more like a real reflection.
A actual background wouldn't hurt either.
Put more effort in to your manipulations and look up some tutorials on how to do some properly.


In a world where one man is Judge, Jury and Executioner, evil stands no chance.
Being well drawn and greatly rendered he takes his aim at offenders and deals out sentencing with with a pull of a trigger. The criminals only hope is to pray for a misfire, but "Misfire" isn't a work Dredd didn't learn at the academy.
Judge Dredd is the law, and this is well done.

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Come on... Really?

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