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I oddly feel drawn to this image. I caught it out of the corner of my eye in the art section, and the only word I can give is wow.

Please enlighten me on how you did this, I must make one of my own! Not to mention the transparency, how did you achieve that, .PNG format?

Nanakisan responds:

the transparency can be placed on a image when you render at 32bit depth on a .png as to how i made this sorry i don't know how i just randomly click stuff lieft and right till i see a image i like and starts working on it from there.

not 3D

And just plane bad,
if your going to do something like this, please keep it to your user page or atleast out of the public art portal, and honestly, dose anyone know what cropping is?
please save the disgrace and just remove it your self , or at least get it out of the 3D section.


my first inkling was that this is some cruddy water. I'm sorry my man.
These are too glossy, you gotta turn down the shine if you want people to identify these as hills.

DisneyJr responds:

its magic

Too dark

You can't see a thing, you need to work on your ambient lighting.
I saw your other pieces so I know you can model, and quite well I might add. But in scenes like this, it doesn't matter how good you are iif you cannot see it. Google up some scenes from animations that take place in the dark, you'll finds plenty of tips.
good luck on future models

Good start

so far you got the idea down, not to refine it. as for the most part I really would not change much, but the guy on top, he really throws the thing off. I love the tank, just need to do something with the guy.

still pretty cool though.

kung-fu fighting!!!

very solid design, I like it and your coloring is great.
the layout looks like it should be a wall paper though. too bad it's not big enough.
still pretty nice.

very nice

your sabers got mine beat all to hell

just like Bleedman

ever since Bleedman redesigned most of the animated characters we all knew people have all seen them in a more mature light.
it's good to see other major corporations and fans alike influenced by his work

DemitriousDoom responds:

Agreed. Actually, I didn't really expect it to come out like Bleedman's work. I was only trying to draw it in my style. I guess it did come out a bit like his redesign though.

ahh memories

I have a buddy who always uses Peach, and he always kicks my ass

3d Art thread

I remember you posting this, I hope I'll get to see the rest of the gundam.

Sanchez150894 responds:

Sure! ^^

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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