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good start

It really is.

The number one thing I have to ask is; Is it suppose to be on it's side like that?
If it is then I think it would look better in portrait layout.
The secoint thing I need to address has little to do with the art its self and more about your presentation... again.... The lighting seems dark go to the Art101 account and read this; http://art101.newgrounds.com/news/post/314936 it will help you with taking better photographs of your paintings.
Continuing with the critique is the bears could use a little more definition. The two of them tend to blend a bit.

The lack of a full background in this seems to work this time. The background has a simple but abstract appeal to the painting.
the composition has a good feel to it.

over all, a couple of changes to the presentation would do some wonders.
Keep practicing. As I told you earlier, drop by the Art Forum for some more critique and exposure.

drakonnen21 responds:

I dont really saw the first image you send , i did it by miself , but the wily castle is cut and paste.

any else thanks for the comment

OK, I can leave a critique

I took a look at this and I'll be straight, I gave it a zero. You say you want people to explain why they leave such low scores, and to be fair I'll give one.

The most noticeable things with this is the coloring. The coloring is rushed, spotty, and looks like a 5 year old did it with some cheap crayons. Even with low quality tools, a little more time and proper use of the tool can make it look much better.
In line with the coloring is the lack of shading and depth. The characters are very flat, you can really feel the two dimensions of the character when you should be striving to get the feeling of 3 dimensions. Also with the lack of shading and depth, the lack of a light source becomes painfully obvious.
Moving away from the coloring a bit and talk about a little more about perspective and anatomy.On Beetlejuice's snake body you see no tapering so you don't get a good feel of distance. The body comes to a short stubby end and seems like you just started randomly drawing a snake like body with little to no pre-planning. Similar problems are happening with the tongue. It has a varying thickness as it wraps around Lydia. On a plus side I am liking the face structure of Beetlejuice, it looks pretty solid
As For Lydia's anatomy, I'm liking the thighs, but thats about it. The breast are a bit too high and the mid section of her torso is a bit long. The feet could use some work and I think you need to practice some over all detail. Lydia's face I do not like at all, I think it could use a major tune up. The face lacks feeling of urgency in the expression and could use a lot of help looking like an actual face, cartoon styled or not. Clothing wise, the skirt looks pretty bad and I would suggest looking up some good solid reference and practice it some more. The blazer and shirt need to be more 3 dimensional and you need to get the body and clothing to compress under the binding of the tongue. This means you need to get some wrinkles in to the clothing and some indentations in the flesh where the tongue is applying pressure.

I think you should redraw this but put a lot more effort in to the thumbnails, rough sketches, line art, depth, shading and coloring for a much better final project.


SugarSweetVenom responds:

To be honest my pencils aren't exactly the best, I didn't rush the coloring I tried desperately to color everything in carefully. I'm not use to coloring too much so this was just a practice, this picture was very rough on me considering I went through several drafts and use many references. I tried my hardest to be honest, I looked at an actual reference of her surprised from the episode " critter sitters " and this s the face she had on when she was shocked. The cannon picture wasn't much help to me because this is almost the exact fave she had when she was yelling at Beetlejuice for literally baby sitting. Another thing about my art is that I usually do flat one's, I normally don't shade because I have know Idea how to. I've done it a few times but I'm not particularly good at it. Most of the wrinkles on the clothes don't show up in the scan because I made them too light for the scanner to catch them and after I tuned up the color they just seemed to vanish completely. I took a long time drawing Beetlejuices trying my hardest to give it length and make it seem like it makes some damn sense with it's winding. Although it hurts my feelings, like a true artiest I accept your critic and your challenge to redo this entire piece ... perhaps I need even more references????

Damn Orn...

How many Pieces do you have FP'd now? Either way Nice man, per usual.
Over all the subtle shadows work pretty well and the compisition is nice.

In all honesty I can't think of anything much to critique.

ornery responds:

3 to my knowledge.


At least people think they are important when they take others work.

Some Issues

At 9/28/10 02:19 AM, joe9320 wrote: And here is my other one, also the most recent

Style and such aside one of your biggest flaws is anatomy. It was mentioned right off the bat so I'm just here reinforcing that idea. You need to start studying the human figure. Get in to a life drawing class with a damn good teacher. If that isn't possible then get a few books and study.
With this most "recent" piece

Anyway, with this picture the hand it the first thing I notice. The hand kind of looks like the back of the hand which would mean the thumb is on backwards, but I don't think that was whats going on. If it is truly the palm facing the viewer then you need to get a few lines to show the cup of the palm.
Be careful of the breast since they are different sizes and you might want to put a little more work in to the curve of the figure. The shoulders are wider than the hips which doesn't work well with female characters. Again studying anatomy and looking at reference when working will help you.
The costume isn't really working either. Taking another swing at that dead horse, but again study and reference. Clothing seems to be a more advanced subject so you might want to practice it a little more.
The eyes are decent. Continuing with the style and anime aside bit, but the eyes are one of the most solid pieces of this entire work. Down side is with the misshapen head not so good mouth and simple arrow nose makes me thing that either you took more time on the eyes than on the rest of the piece, their heavily referenced, or you snagged them from some where. My best guess was the first two.

What I would like to see, and I'm sure that some others would as well, is sketches. I would like to see some rough sketches and underlying structure sketches. Also I would like to see some still life drawings, anatomy studies and general practice as well as some exercise on the basics of art. Even some little fun sketches would be good.

try to get something more current than something from 2009 up as well. I'm sure you haven't been setting around for almost 10 months doing nothing, but if you have, I'm not sure how much we can actually help you.


To begin with, I knew something was off when I first saw it. One quick Google search later and I was able to confirm my suspicion.

Some of the giveaways with this is that the picture has been inverted. This was originally drawn on line paper, which can be easily seen when you get to the large view, and probably the biggest deal breaker in the entire thing is that you decided to trace one of the most common dragon designs on the market. Honestly I have seen the base image everywhere from temporary tattoos to a steering wheel cover. I have a red sticker from a 50 cent machine with this design, I mean really!

On a more technical side it's easy to see where you attempted to add some more to it and its pretty easy to see the difference in quality and skill from your add ins and the original piece.

No breaks for tracers


You Must Be This Tall To Ride The Bear!

Its kind of amusing. I think it could be much funnier if the picture was more like a logo for a real sporting event. You should do one in that style.

TheZachs responds:

Hey, that's actually a pretty good idea! I think I'll try it out, thanks!


You need to look up some tuts or get in to a life drawing class.

kyonky responds:

I know...I just don't know where to find anyone who could give me advice....


Your right, very cliche indeed.

Art wise this isn't very good. Your composition is very far off. The lack of line weight makes the viewer think "What the fuck?" You didn't do any depth, value or shading on the ground plane. At least on the sky you have more than just a flat color. The text bubble takes up way much space. The joke isn't funny either.

This would have probably done much better as a three panel comic rather than a one panel. Then you could have done two close up panels and then one panoramic shot on the last. Three panels would have also given you the chance to beak up the text between over all the panels or at least the first two so you could leave the third for that open shot.

Look up some tutorials over comic strip layout. A tutorial over the basics of art would help. Also make sure you read a tutorial over design and composition as well. It's better if you could get actual books to study over these concepts, but not everyone has those types of resources.

Better luck next time

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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