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Dude, Awesome Sauce!

Honestly, I'm surprised your not in to carving of some sort.


... damn I want a apple now,,,,

bigjonny13 responds:

Lol, well I wanted to carve something for halloween, and I found an apple. It's not the easiest material to work with, but I managed alright for the first time.

I like this

I really do,
but you have trouble seeing anything.
Some ambiance lite would be nice along with some back lighting.
if no one can actually see your work, how are they to praise you.
you can still have a mood setting picture like this but also still have everything seen

Well I said I would

And true to my word, I will.

it seems like you used a a brush with the opactiy turned to about 75%. This gets mostly noticeable the arms where you seemed to go over the same place twice.
For the head it seems like one pass.

Perhaps some underlying sketching on another layer before laying down solid lines would be a best course of action for this

I feel hat there should also be more to the picture, perhaps some more character with actual clothing and a setting, just to tell us more about Mr Bobby Lee here.

I have seen much much worse here on NG and other places on the net.

With Bobby's expression I think you should have went ahead with Angry Fac, even if only to relate to the Angry Fac inside joke, but thats a personal opinion, not a professional one

SuparEFG responds:

Angreh faic might have been better.

Tell me

Where did you make this from?

Lunarfirekitty responds:

is made in photoshop CS3


The only thing you didn't steal and it still looks like crap.

you deserve a severe punishment, for this.
lets hope they give you one.


Looks like Golduck got him some breakfast.
lol great picture
makes me wish my game boy and pokemon games weren't stolen so I can play some more.
Good job, great color choices, solid composition.
very nice.

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, thanks! :)
lol I used to own a bunch of the games way back (which is why I picked mostly original pokemon) but I have no clue where they ended up! :C

pull the trigger!

Do it do it do it do it.
lol j/k
please don't kill tom.....
lol I like this, it's simple and funny at the same time. I hope it does get FP, this is the kind of good solid humor that Newgrounds was meant for.
Perhaps a follow up pick is needed after this gets FP or now, lol

dommi-fresh responds:

i was gunna do one with stamper and tom doing a pulp fiction ref. with me dead on the floor so i might do it if this goes down well.
i would be suprised if it did get FP

I'm Liking This

. The model seems solid and the maps are good, but the lighting is what gets me. I know that the atmosphere of this thing is suppose to be dark, and it feels like it should be dark. But it's almost too dark.
Adjust your lighting. What good is nice 3D models and maps if you cannot see them.
You can still have the scene retain the creepy feeling and at the same time make it where every one can see it.

your specular on the map came out real nice. What program did you use?

SkillZombie responds:

I used 3ds max to create the general landscape, but I use photoshop to touch it up afterwards.

I Think...

This came off very nicely.
The gradient at the top of the page and her head blend just a little much making it kind of difficult to see the contour, but that could be a style thing. I would suggest that you get just a tad bit more contrast.

Super picture though


I like the blood work,
pretty cool pic indeed.
I think you should have a follow up pic of the killer ad a few others standing around the dead body

Wait unscouted work can still make front page?

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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