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It's a start...

The first thing to notice is the colors. One simply cannot miss those. They are vibrant and strong. This hurts and helps your picture all at the same time. The things that stand out the most is the tiger, the belt, the bottom edge of the breastplate and pieces of the pillar in the background. These extra bright areas do help get your work noticed, but at the same time can pull the viewers eye away from the action, inevitably harming it.

Perspective is the next thing on the list. Cutting off the character at the ankles is already a big no-no when it comes to composition, but it also makes it hard for one to see if the character is in perspective with the background. This also separates the background from the characters, giving a disconnected feel.

Proportions on the elf are way off. Let us start with the hands. The hand by the face is much too small and seems disproportioned compared to the hand holding the bow. This also leads the arms. The left arm is much too large while the right arm is much too small.
The torso is long and thin, not only looking frail, but unbecoming of a warrior. The shoulders need to be wider to add a sense of power. The hips and shoulders are the same size which is typically considered inaccurate for males, especially a more athletic, stronger male. The right calf is huge while the left dampers too much. This makes him unbalanced, and coupled with the pose that is leaning too far back, makes him feel as if he is going to topple over any second.
The characters face, looks somewhat alright, although I do hate those ears. I have always hated the WoW design for elves, but that is between me and Blizzard, and I do not judge your piece on Blizzards faults. They eyes are a little larger, even if they are squinted, upon a full open they would be huge. Perhaps if you brought in the ends and tapered them a little they would not be so big

The overall design of the armor is too complicated without enough texturing and value. A simpler version that you build up too would have been more suitable.
Check your gear size as well; the arrow quiver is too small, even for a short bow, and the sword is only a little longer than a short sword. If this is what you were going for, then great. The bow I am starting to like, but it seems to taper really bad at the odd end. The top half looks really good an I like it, itâEUTMs just the end makes it seem unbalanced.
With this character I would like to have seen more âEUoeAdventuringâEU accessories, pouches, packs, perhaps a little dagger for mundane purposes, little stiff.

The tiger front paw looks like a wet noodle. ItâEUTMs limp and wavy looking like it lacks a bone.
There is a lot to fix in a piece like this, but at least you have taken one this far. That is an accomplishment of its own. I will look forward to another update from you in the future.


too blurry, My man, this has entered the realm of filter rape, big time.
You have gotten so much blur on here no one can see the clay figure. And to be honest I didn't even know it was a figurine until I read the authors comments.

in your art you need to lay off the filters, they are not helping you at all.

Though Threw The Pain Man!!!!

Damn I love this, instant favorite
I'll be keeping an eye on you and your stuff.
\you have a solid style with a good mix of well timed jokes.
congrats you earned the 10 and 5


I tend to model in 3dsMax and then animate in Maya
this is pretty nice, I just want a better lighting and render (reason for the -2 points)
but I tend to like 3d modelers.
I hope you can do better in the future.

Very, Very nice

I like this model, it is well done. I cannot wait to see a unwrapped/mapped version of it.
The only thing I have against it is the graininess of the picture, I'm pretty sure it was a render setting gone wrong and a easy fix, so nothing against you or the pic.
I would love to see a few more views of it as well

IStumpyI responds:

yeah, this wasn't meant to showcase a realistic render so the samples are set low which is causing the graininess and I wasn't really planning on texturing. Although I could post a colored version. Also if you want more views just go to the posted video. thanks for the comment!

Flash, Really?

I honestly Thought 3D the shadows and gradients are very very nice. I congratulate you on that.
Even though it is kind of generic, I still like it, alot.

The only thing I would change is add some more texture to the house it's self. I see you have some wear and tear arounf a few of the edges, but I would like to see what the house is "Made Of."

great job man. great job

Spenner responds:

Thanks, glad you like it =] and yeah, I know what you mean- it is pretty minimal as it is, but I am a minimalist 8)

So You Got It Done After All

Looks like the Tree came out fine, trunk could use a little more definition though.
You should also darken the shadow just a tad. there doesn't seem to be one.

All and All I love the detail, you have done a nice job, well worth the time spent.

As a personal thing, I think you should add some blue to the dragons tongue, make it look like it has been there for a while and starting to get really cold.
but thats just me.
Well good luck

AZSniperFox responds:

I was debating adding blue on the tongue and putting some snow on him. Yet I figured what snow landed might have been shaken off despite the situation and I didn't want to go adding a detail I wasn't sure I could deliver.

I like it

It's well done, but there is one thing that bugs the hell out of me.
The cobra Image on her shoulder, it doesn't look like it's part of the body. The suit is skin tight, right? then the logo needs to flow more with her shoulder and arm.
As it is it really stands out and doesn't look right.

other than that, great job

Blud-Shot responds:

Thank you for your feed back. As for the suit it has a latex look to it. That's why I made it so glossy and tight.

still looks pretty cool

is he holding two tankards?
honestly that is what it looks like. But being a dwarf, I couldn't blame him.
All all around it is a pretty sweet image. could use a BG though

Magicalmelonball responds:

Half assed color job. Half assed color job. Half assed color job.

The commissioner paid for a black and white image, and I gave him a color based on his attitude and what he'll be doing with the image.


I Am At Your Service

wow fast turn around on this one, great job. I love the fact that you have the hat going off picture as well :P
I can hear a noob getting nailed in the face now.
Now we need to work on a thread lock gun

Snowman responds:

Yhea, I decided to wear long hat today...

That should be interesting if we ever do something like that

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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