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It's me again Margret

Here I am to review another piece of 3D by you again.

I'm going to start off with the bad of the bad this time.
I don't like this work. You have done much, much better than this. The robot day entries you did are an example to this testament.

The model is blocky, awkward just lacks a sense of style. I do take in account that this is a fan art piece, and not an completely original design, but I feel you could have added a sense of flavor this lacks. I know you have the skill in 3D to do it too.

Many of the parts, like the fingers and the medical cross on the chest don't feel like they are part of the robot and feel like they are just simply stuck on there.
A similar issue with the torso and how the leg simply runs in to it. Again, it feels as if it was just stabbed in there.
On the other hand, the arms have a connection to the body and don't feel like they are just shoved in to the model. Which is good.
Back to the torso, I feel that the over all shape is kind of a problem. The flat chest and the point at the bottom just doesn't cut it. you should have popped out the chest a tad and gotten a connector on the bottom point like on the shoulder to connect the leg.

The wheel on the bottom is a another issue. I feel like the hoses you have on the wheel is not enough to support the bot. you should have made some sort of bracket and attached it. Other than the attaching issues I find the wheel quite pleasing
Other things I find good with this is the head design. I think its simplicity is very effective and well done. I do admit that I would have like to have seen a little more advanced modeling from you with perhaps some fabrication seam lines and such, but I think it is alright.
The bend in the leg was a good touch. Many would have left it straight and that would not have worked at all. It would have completely ruined the sense of weight of the robot.

I know what you said about the background, so I'm not going to ride it too hard. I think what you have going on here is working. This is an over all simplistic design and too complicated of a background would have cluttered and destroyed the piece. I do think that maybe you could have placed a thing or two to give it more of a doctors office/medical lab feel but what you got works.

I'm sorry but even with quite a few good things, I know you can do much better than this. so I have no choice but to give low scores this round.
Next time you have a piece like this, spice it up, and add a little flare to the original design.

VidGameDude responds:

Fair enough...

i just dont want to always make such detailed work...
it kills me soo much.

that angel thing took me about 5 days to come up with a design, 2 weeks to actually build the damn thing, and then 3 days to come up with its textured state.

3D is not the same as regular drawing AT ALL....
it takes a major toll on me to make such fine pristine work and i wanted this to be quick and painless...

=_= i feel sick just thinking about making something like that again

Holy Fuck!

I didn't expect the roses, damn nice.
I'm really enjoying the shiny nature of the metal "Skin" and the glow of the blue.
I think this was worth the time put in, you have a very nice piece here
easy portfolio quality.


I was wondering when we were going to get to see the full thing.
As usual, completely excellent.

Pretty Sweet

I chuckled, so you got a 5.
too bad that the lighting is a little dark.
You should pose them all together and sculpt a mock NG style base and get a big picture of that.

PikaRobo responds:

I like your idea, but because the models are SO delicate, I don't think it could be done without photoshopping. :(

Can't Deny The Awesome.

Although if you changed out that soda for Scotch, it's be more suiting for someone of my taste.

Over All Good

Comparing this to your angel since the two are related, I feel that less time was spent on this one than was the last. The biggest reason I say this is due to the lack of detail in the midsection. The last one was teeming with extra random detail. The second thing that leads me to say that less time was spent on this robot is the stretching of the material on the dark underside texture and on the hammer.
I noticed on Beelze-Bot that you kept consistent with some of the reflective parts. It is difficult to tell the proper reflective parts from due to some distraction from the background. Speaking of the background I am noticing some perspective issues with the ground plane that your robot is standing on. The first thing to be noticed is how flat the plane looks it really could have used a good solid bump map to bring out the texture of the plane. I know this doesnâEUTMt seem much like an issue, but it slightly damages the overall with breaking the illusion of depth. Also the robots legs donâEUTMt fall back in to the perspective as well. I understand that might be hard to fix especially if the original ground is a rendered jpeg that was dropped in.

Design wise this isnâEUTMt too bad, it seems like a strong, vile bot that would oppose your other crafted machine. The overall appeal has a more sinister feel. Starting with the chest spikes, although small they are a good solid touch to the design. This followed by the bipedal legs switched for the more spider look again just adds to the feel of less human creature. Lastly the claws present a cold unfeeling dose of madness to the beast.
Other than some mapping stretching and some perspective issues I still think this is a decent model. Thanks for uploading a large image right off the bat.

VidGameDude responds:

again thanks for a review dude!

yes this one piece unfortunately would not cooperate with UVA texture mapping or bump mapping. for reasons unknown i did the best i could and yes i did rush it cause im leaving in 2 days and i have to pack stuff and plan out and what not.

anyways i tried to make a more sinister feel to it and i apologize once more for the lack of detail but i cannnot texture for my life.

though i really deserve a 6/10 from you, i thank you on being lenient to me.


Back on the Ball

This is a lot better than those weapons I reviewed last time. Congratulations.

From what I can tell you seem to have a pretty solid model here to start with.
The form looks good and the design is nice. There is a lot of detail in there and is that gold trim reflective?

The only real issues I have with the presentation. The biggest things is the full size of the render, it's not any bigger than the preview really. You need to update this with a big and I do mean big render.
Call it nit picking if you will but I wanna see all the detail you poured in to this. I mean really, why go threw the work if no one can see it. So yeah go bigger and better if you will.
The other presentation thing here is the Background is a little bland and the colors kind of blend a little too much, again going back to the issue of not being able to see it.
Perhaps a sunset sky or something.
well good luck with updating it

VidGameDude responds:

let me first say it has been a hard journey to impress you and finally i'm glad to see i have. you are by far the greatest critic to ever show up on my doorstep.

yes i am constantly updating this pic and i am aware that i need to make it bigger but 3ds max wont allow me due to the fact my computer wont let me render larger than the default setting given to me.
it's because my computer is 12 years old

but i thank you for your descriptive insight and its always appreciated.
you have given me confidence to bring back my professional side
and again...i thank you.


I Like What You Have Going Here

the pattern of the edge of the blade, which makes up the blade itself. It gives the feel of a crude and rough weapon. Something that I would think Piconjo would use.
Although I like the model over all I was hoping that that roughness from the blade would carry a little farther in to the rest of the weapon.
I see you have bolts and screws, adding more to the style, and a mold forge style of hand guard all adding to the style of this which I like.
Also be careful of that second screw from the right, it's sunk in too far and the blade is starting to cover it.
The Practicality of this weapon is both good and bad. Although it looks like a heavy weapon, it also looks short. but those two thing do not bother me. What does is the hand guard.
I see these hand guards more commonly now due to the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts games. The down side is that the guards are some of the worst weapon design flaws I have seen, and in this day and age that is saying a lot.
With a guard like this forces one to hold the sword awkwardly and not naturally, increasing the risk of personal injury by simply using the blade. Also attacks with such a guard become clumsy and poorly aimed.
So please redesign the hilt. I know it might be in style, and it might look cool, but if you wanna give your animation a better appeal, change it up.

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

Thanks for the time you putted on this review and sory for taking me so long to give a response.

About the look, I baced my self a bit on the Piconjo you can see in NG Rumbles by MindChamber, I'll take care about that screw yet the handle guard is not just a guard but althought a handle itself, the the angle it gives when you hand the sword this like halps a lot for desending hits and staves.

any way, I'm using it for a music-video (not a fighting video) so I do not realy need a lot of practicallity on it.

2 Parts Stand out

The shield on the bazooka is one of the best parts of this entire model. I'm not sure if you modeled the reinforcement or if it is just a bump map, but it really adds to the piece. The clips on the side of the rockets are very nice and working great.

Sadly though when it comes to the rest of the models, they are bland. I feel nothing for them than another model.

One of the reasons I feel such a way is due to the lack of a texture and lighting. with out the texture, as with most models the piece feels so clean that it just seems not right. Like it does not belong in this world.

The next thing that comes to mind as I look is this is lighting, or lack there of. Does this scene even have a light or did you just post a straight render?
you need to take these back and at least throw in a key light, a back light and a fill light. that alone will help out greatly

VidGameDude responds:

yeh i know.
but i cant texture though.

Got A Good Start

Next step would be some Global Illumination, and some better lighting.
Also a good unwrap would do this wonders. As of right now it feel too clean, no oil spots, no chips, no grease stains, too clean. Once you get this unwrapped and textured you'll see this thing come to life.

After Getting it unwrapped get it a good solid environment. Someplace it belongs, so an armory or munitions safe would be a good place to put it.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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