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Siege of the Pixels

I get a feeling of old world clash with new world from this, and I think it works well.
I wish you could add some depth to the cliff edge to give it some more impacting feel.

Havegum responds:

I'll keep that in mind for next time then :D

I like the style

what did you use to color this with, Color pencils or markers? if so what kind. the constant lines add a texture to this that draws me in.
keep up the good, fruity work :P

Havegum responds:

All photoshop

Also, my new desktop!

Simple and Good

I really Like this piece, it's has a style that just feel confidant and impacting, like something you see in a childrens book. I admit a childrens book about depression, but still
the only thing I have negative to kind of say about it is, it feels a little washed out. I think if you could get the robot to "pop" out from the background more you would have a lot more people interested in this picture

Havegum responds:

I agree with you there.
The reason is I used a set palette with five colors, and I didn't want to "ruin it"

I gotta practice, practice, practice!

Served On A CD?

I tell ya, that plate really, really, really looks like a CD
o.0... kind of odd, but I guess purple doughnuts can be served on a CD....

hikaryuu responds:

aye... i meant it to be like that... i dont why tho, it just popped into me hed...


your presentation of your models is also really harming you. A good model badly presented can look bad and a bad model nicely presented can look good.

the first thing I suggest is for you to make a flat plane so you have something to to catch shadows and then place your model on that. thens set up your lighting.
with lighting remember you need the following
A Key light (basically the light that shines on your model)
a fill light (a light that casts no shadows on yout model, but keeps the scene from being too dark)
and a back light.(this light keeps the shadows on the back side of the model from blending in too much with a dark background.)

this should help your presentation a lot, it will also help others see your model fully and be able to critique for you properly.
here is a site to help out with lots of different programs, including all the primary 3D programs. give it a look and do a tutorial or two, it will help.


hikaryuu responds:

all right. :D thx!

The Irony

Was at a friends house last night and a bunch of us decided to play little big planet..... yeah, had to update it lol

ZaronX responds:

I tried to play it again tonight and the game couldn't get in touch with Media Molecule's servers. Hurrrrr.

So I'mma play Bioshock instead!

It's That Black Background

That is what is really hurting your work. swap it out for a gray of some sort. or a a photo of a sky or something. but I can say I do kind of like this model, needs some detailing but it is a good start.
What program are you using>

hikaryuu responds:

AutoCAD 2000 Architectural Desktop.

yeah, i kno its teh background... ima plannin to get teh pics with no good bg off, and replace them when ive got a better pic...

the thing is im trying to keep the things at my own making, not much using frm other sources. i might need a good algebraic fractal program tho, but mah comps are bit too weak for those. however, hmmm, i wonder... well, thx Kinsei01!

Well to Be Honest

I see very little merit in this.
I mean, all 3d programs have pump map settings.
Admitting this does look nice, but it seems more like a non public piece. Perhaps if you used the mapping to work up a design it would be better suited.

Darcshadow7 responds:

I kinda thought so too, but i just said "What the heck, ill put it in public.." But maybe i should put it in non-private...


Hot Damn!

Very nice, wonderful work. as always
I should honestly get you to give me some lessons or something.

although I must say. it looks more like a robot hand or claw rather than arm....

very nice, perhaps I should do some photo realistic stuff.

I'm Liking This

yes, yes, it's going well. I can see improvement in your work.
very nice job.
I love the moon and it's glow. same with the jack-o-lantern.

As for a tip for improvement, Add a background and ground plane, after that use the glow from the moon to cast a mincing shadow from old Vampy there.
If you do go for a background, keep the colors simple and washed out, is ir will keep the focus on the old neck biter there.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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