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it's alright.
Could use some shading on the torso and the right arm. Perhaps some proper shading on the mouth and nose would have helped as well.

Hands could use a tad bit of work, but are alright for the most part.

Last.... What happened to his other ear?


LobosNinja responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism. Now that i look at it, I see the left hand is pretty crappy. As for his other ear... you don't even want to know.

But i think I just got lazy and didn't draw the ear.

Mayve A little Lighter

You should have a couple places on the characters a little whiter to show some more drastic lighting.

Also work on some facial structure.
The text off to the right isn't too distracting, which is good.

Over all this is ok,

Working With Madness...

Well this is a decent start and a good spin on normal madness characters.

I would like to have seen some stronger shadows on the characters and some color glow coming off the flames of the wizard and lighting his face in different colors.

A background or a ground plane or shadows on the ground would have been nice too.

Wivernryder responds:

I need to work alot more on lighting, but I just don't have the incentive. I should've put more work into it, but I really just can't find the reason for it. I mean, I know there's a good amount of money at stake for prizes, but I know I'll never be able to get anywhere close to winning any of it, so there's just not really any reason for me to try. It's a bad mentality to have, I know, but... Meh. It's not worth putting the work in.


This does look like batman from the 90's animated series, that is truw.
You need to work on anatomy some more. Be sure to study the character designs for the shows your trying to produce art from.

Also be careful of your colors. Some of them are getting harsh. Be sure to desaturate them a little next time.

dSieben responds:

Thanks for the advice man! It's helpful. I really did not like doing this one due to detail

Thank you very much for the much needed advice! It's always helpful. I really did not like doing this one because of all the detail of Batman. You are extremely right about the anatomy, I felt like I messed up on the left arm compared to the right XD again, thank you :D


Not many use markers on here. So I'm pretty pleased that you did.
Your coloring is pretty well done. Good blending, lots of color choices, highlights, the works. But I do notice a lack of shadows though. You should get some in there.

The anatomy for most is pretty good. Some enlarged heads is a bit bothersome, but that seems to be of the style rather than an artist flaw. The hands are a bit different story. That red heads hands in the front could use some work and the blue haired girls wrist seems a little pointy. The girls in the back are too far off for it to really matter though.

Anyway this is a solid piece, congrats

Deadboy01 responds:

Thanks for looking. The heads are just a style I've accidentally developed over time because I've never cared to correct myself. And I was having a lazy day with the hands (but when do I not have a lazy day with hands?)

Hopefully I'll be able to continue with markers but it gets expensive :(


You can really see the flaws of paint with this.
You should get a better program like Gimp or something.

The anatomy is better than some of the works I have seen, but its still pretty bad. Be sure to study up with some online tutorials and anatomy books.

Also don't forget to shade your drawings. Study up on that as well.

been mentioned in the art forum...

You should really take more time with your art and draw bigger.

The shape of the cube and the the panels are really far off. You should really take more time to plan your art and then take your time actually drawing it.


Random sticks.....

I'm really not liking this. Nothing has any sort of form.

You should actually try and draw something rather than just put up random doodles.


Fxcky responds:

"Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect"

I believe we deliberately arranged items using MS Paint in a way that affected one or more of our senses, emotions and intellect, so then i do believe that is called art my friend.

Simple but working.

Their isn't much to say about this.

So far it's pretty good. I really don't need to mention anatomy or form or anything about the basics. This is a very good sign.

The things you do need to work on is the Background which is kind of bland and boring and you need to shade the character. At the moment the character is more flat than a piece of wood in a sandpaper factory.
That little bit of depth could reall help this out.

Also I notice that the lines are rather pixelated. IF this was down in Ms Paint then you might want to switch over to Photoshop or Gimp.


Have I Seen This Before?

Maybe it was just a similar character design. Anyway...

The art is pretty good and the character shines through. The boobs kind of defy gravity a little and could use some more smoothing in a couple areas, but for the most part they will work.
I'm not liking the way the arm runs off the screen at the elbow, perhaps you can increase the canvas a little to prevent a cut off at a joint.

The color and light seem to be working except for the wall. Considering the light on the skin and shadows of everything else, the Shadow on the wall needs to be on the other side

Still pretty solid

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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