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Damn, Just Damn....

More Spectacular work Cake. Very nice.
Its prety simple and effective. I got some work ahead of me to get my vectors this good.

PixelCake responds:

well this is technically a vexel at this point, or mixed media. I'll PM you what the ACTUAL vector looks like so you can see the difference, it's super bland :3
thank you so much :D


Very Nice.
I'm really digging the armor. You have done an excellent job at giving it a high sheen.
It feels like it really matches the quote from the description. I hope you have more of these lined up to shop. Especially more from Norse Mythology

A Good Trade Indeed

I'm sure that Lux will be damn pleased with this.
It's a great trade. I can't wait to see what he does for you.

Knocturne responds:

Oh he finished before me! His piece is the latest work available on his page ;D

I Lol'd

Nice job.
The real selling point for myself is the facial expression. It feels as if he is being annoyed, like being sent to the store for tampons or something.
very nice.

Brakkenimation responds:

Haha, nice one.



Fist off, whats up with the white wash that seems to be going on?
your description says you scanned, but it looks like a bad photograph with a webcam or something.
If your going to document your work with a cam of some sort, you should give this tut a read, it's by NG's very own Art101

Anyway, moving on. You got some vibrant colors which is helping, but only so much. I think you should take some time to practice the color more.

Anatomy is a big issue here. Your proportions are all screwed to hell and you got bends in the arms that would have me thinking that the arms were Broken.
Take some time to learn some anatomy and some of the other basics of anatomy.

You should also try and work on something other than anime. Their are so many expectations over anime that it is best to get the art basics down and proper anatomy down before you go out and start breaking those rules.

On a last note. this really isn't that original, and that really strips away from the entire thing. When I clicked on the thumbnail, I thought "Oh great another Naruto fan piece" and to be honest, I could still consider it that. So Google some Character design tuts and try again, cause this could easily fall in to the sea of endless anime fanart.


BIGJACE1 responds:

I did this drawing a while ago so my skills wern't that great, I was going to edit this on paint but my computer skills suck badly and knowing me I would screw it up, so I put it up just as I scanned it.

I have followed all the rules and conduct on here, If I did break them, this piece would be taken down by now as of request of either the Admins and or site owners.

At the time I was drawing or trying to, I was persuaded to draw Nuruto even though it sucks, I'm more of a Dragonball fan, anyway I thought might as well put it up on here just to see what people like you think of it.

Thank you for your information and advice in your review.

Additional: I apologize for my spelling it is inexcusable but I am not very good, simple as.

Well Done

I like this, Its pretty funny all and all.
Simple style, well executed, and to the point.
I'm enjoying the simple shading and highlights as well
Nice one QB.

J-qb responds:


And we come full circle.

By now, I have seen all you have up and left little tidbits floating about on every one of those pieces. So to be honest this one won't have a call for much of a review, you'll just have to look over all your works and compile what I have given you.

The first thing I want to address is something I have neglected during my other reviews; Line Quality.
One down side of using a mouse is a lack of line weight. And good line weight and character can take a piece from being "Good"to "Holy Fuck Thats Some Great Shit!!!"
Check into your brush settings and see try adjust the end taper of the brush. This should give your strokes a more natural feel.

Moving on from having you mess with your Photoshop settings. I can tell you took a bit more time and care from this one than you did with most of your others. Taking that bit of extra care really pays off in the end, doesn't it?

The highlights are looking pretty good, but you should go ahead and try to push some out a little farther. You should also start to put a couple of highlights on the hair to give it a slight shine as well. But at the same time I think you should increase your shading in the dark areas a little as well.

Your color work is looking a lot better in this one as well. The background has more than one color, you are getting some more character to the different shades of the shirt as well. I would still like to see more wrinkles in the shirt though.

The facial expression I found quite amusing. I bet it was just as fun to paint.
I would like to see some more funny expressions if you can get them up. They don't all have to be painted.

In the future I would like to see you get some pencil and paper together and see what you come up with when you don't have the bulkiness of a mouse in the way. So yeah get some sketches and roughs up for us to critique.



It looks like the start of it. The way you are starting to add colors to the piece to get the tone of skin. I mentioned in a earlier review that you should study some color theory, but after seeing this, I am beginning to think that you may already have a grasp on the concepts. Either that, or one hell of a fluke for the good.

Over all I do like this piece, And I really cannot think of much to say about it.

The over all appeal makes me think of abstract and Impressionism pieces. I think if that is the route you are going to go you need to push it a little more over the top. I think you could get a great response with a little more practice and testing those boundaries.

One thing I would like to mention is the teeth. Over this entire thing you have lights and darks, tones of colors dancing across the canvas, but the teeth are just blank. Considering where you have gone with the rest of this piece, I think you could have added much more character to the teeth. I think you could add a bash of a minor green or yellow to truly get the appeal to match the rest of the composition. I really do think you should go back and tune that much up.


Toast-Tony responds:

I will do exactly that Kinsei, and i will let you know when i have worked on the teeth and edited this submission. I did have a play around with using different tones of different colours mixed together to bring out the colour in flesh after reading your review, it helped a lot, i really dig this sort of style of colouring, thanks a lot for the reviews! you are helping me along my way :) I ordered a tablet and should have it for this upcoming week, so will get some anatomy studies sketched out to show you as i have kept myself away from something of such due to drawing with a mouse.

Some Lip Iron!

I'm digging on this more than the last one I tackled.

Looking over this I feel that you are starting to get a real grasp on Photoshop and how the brushes flow and can really be used to achieve a certain look.

As for shading it looks like that you actually went ahead and used actual color for shading rather than simply smudging. since you are getting better in one direction I would like to see you flesh out a little more and go a little more in to highlights. It looks like you started to in some areas like on the cheeks and on the top of the lip, and on the piercings.

Due to the style and what I perceived that was your desired effect I don't think I have to say anything about anatomy.

Over all I think that the picture is a success with the appeal and design. I think you have executed it well and it shows that you are progressing as an artist but also in your ability to manipulate photoshop.


I'm Back On The Horse Baby!

My inital reaction to this is pretty simple; This is nowhere as good as your first.
So I'm trying to consider what separates this from that much better piece.
I want to believe that you spent much more time on the last one than this one, and I'm pretty sure you had some reference for the last one as well. Which is good, but it shows that you need to practice all the more so you can land drawings without reference more often.

You mentioned in response to the last piece that you don't use the dodge and burn tools, but instead use the smudge tool. To be honest, that isn't much better. Take some time and practice some lighting and color theory these will both help you when it comes to making your next pieces.

Anatomy in this one is pretty shot. Although I do feel that you were going for a certain "look" I don't think you quite got it down yet. Some say that you have to know the rules before you can break them, I would like to see some anatomy studies in the future. Even if they are exaggerated and a bit distorted, I think some basic exercises would help you progress.


If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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