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lol Bows

Since I am currently playing a ranger.... this is more relevant to me than usual.

Cool stuff man I hope these appear in your next game.

Damn Orn...

Once again you have impressed me.....
but then again, excess drinking impress me too.

Although, for some reason or another, I feel like I want to see the highlights and shadows pushed a little more to the extreme.

Still excellent work once again.

I Lol'd

You know, it makes you think what would happen if he actually said that in the movie.

Do Another

But have Leia with the little creature this time. Jut have him with his annoying laugh panel after panel and her with the annoyed look in the last one as well


Sold twist on the new character designs. I think you have done an alright job with it. Congrats

Ever Sure Enough To Risk The Fett-man

Fett was an awesome character. And even in this style you can't help but admit the awesomeness of the character!

A Deal Is A Deal.... I Guess?!

lol Poor Lando, I can remember thinking he was such a douche. But then it worked out in the end.
Again, Solid Art, Solid Writing, Solid Delivery. Excellent Comic!


I would like to see another one like this.
"Super Luigi RPG"
"Luigi Galaxy"
"Luigi Cart"
I would also like a Mario Is Missing Spoof. You have a pretty fun thing going on here. you might as well continue with it.

Deadpool Comic Covers...

I really Love the comic covers for the Deadpool comics. They are almost always a little "out there."
The seem to be some sort of spoof, or joke, or fun style or something or another.

And because of those covers, I like this. Cause I can see this as a cover for the next comic. Something off the wall, in a style that just doesn't seem fitting, but at the same time is fitting, and just the over all goofiness.

I think you have captured part of the appeal of Deadpool in this one art card.

Different, But A Good Different

I have been reviewing a lot of your work today, and this is quite a bit different from some of your other stuff.

Here you have some good soft shading, some great lighting, and awesome design.
I would like to have seen a rough sketch for this because I would have loved to dig deep in to your mind and see how you assembled this. You have done well in taking the power ups and arranging them in to a solid design.

I like that when I look closer that I am noticing things that I don't normally see in the low resolution. The goomba's on the cloak, the koopas on the head set. Hell the more I look the more I see.

You have done a great job
Thank you again for sharing this.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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