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Very Nice

You worked hard Trix good job. You deserve this 10 for your progress and dedication alone.

I look forward to more badass work like this from you in the future

Trix responds:

Aaaww, thank you Kinsei! And yes! You will see more stuff like this! (But maybe not as horror like though, lol :P )

Its alright...

The hovering face is ok, could use some proper toning as well as some highlights and shadows.
The line art could use some smoothing as well.

The Photo stock of the rippling water and the reflected face are what is hurting this most. You would have been better off drawing the ripples so they would flow better with the picture. If not doing line art for them you could have done it with simple colors.
As for the reflected face, it doesn't even match the hovering face. If you were truly striving for a distorted refection then you should have tried to match the faces more. Also you should have had the reflected face distort with the ripples as well. This again, goes back to what I mentioned a few lines up about drawing your own water ripples.

doppleganger responds:

Thanks for the Advice

Kind of Looks Like A Dude

With the enlarged nose and neck in combination of the scruffy hair it has the prominent features of a male.
Although I guess if you are engaged to a man, then these features would be right.

But assuming, and I mean no offense in anyway by this, that you intended to draw a girl, you should work on making the features more delicate and smooth. Even if you were striving to be accurate to the person's real features, their is no harm in a little stylizing and simplification to bring more beauty to the piece.

doppleganger responds:

If it looks like a dude, That's a very FEMININE looking dude! Sorry, but idk what ur talking about. Go take a shower and cool off.

Lights And Shadows

One of the things that I want to touch on it a texture on the cat its self. It seems so splotched together. Some fur texture would really help out in a lot of prominent places. Places like the ears, the brow and around the mouth come to mind.
That also brings up the lack or whiskers.Take a one pixel brush and make some real quick.

Another thing that would be nice to see is some more shadowing. You have some on the body, and a strong one at that, but not anywhere else. Some consistent lighting and shadows would really push this up a couple of levels.

The lack of any sort of contour lines make this seem very blobbed together. Even in art styles that have no line art, they still distinguish over lapping parts with a darker line. Not a black line mind you, but a line of a darker color. In a more realistic style of art, the over laps are usually defined by shadows, highlights or some sort of value change.
Going back to the lighting, I think some good strong shadows and highlights on the body properly mixed with a fur texture would really help this out. I can see that you started to push at that but didn't go the full mile.

As for the actual design and anatomy of the cat, it looks fine, well except for that elbow. For some reason it just seems kind of wild. The piece needs some over all refinement. Work mostly on your lighting.

<deleted> responds:

thanks for the review

The Hell?!

No really man, what the fuck. We have this and two other really bad ass pieces all just submitted within a short time of one another. Makes me think you guys are conspiring to make the Art Portal suddenly super badass, and its working.

Very nice color, layout, composition, everything and even more impressive with the short work time.

The only thing I can think of is that a little of Lobo's hair seems a very flat by his ear. it is so flat that it doesn't look like it belongs. Perhaps a quick highlight on the edge to make it blend in some more.

Still 100% though. very nice.

Comment? Ok I will...

You wouldn't color a page out of a published coloring book and submit it, would you?
You wouldn't submit a picture of a paper doll bought from a store, would you?

So why would you submit something that someone else drew, colored and coded?


You put the zombie in the portal :D.
I would so scout you right now :3

Over all you have done an awesome job of tying this together. The missing chunks of flesh, the missing leg, the rocking chair, and the piece of wheat coming for them mouth just make it awesome. You even have him singing. Very cool.
Its like you read my mind when drawing this.

TwistedXP responds:

I'm glad it means this much to you. I just drew what I thought a banjo playing person would look like once turned zombie. Seems great minds think alike.

Nice Piece

Over all I have to say, solid piece. IT works pretty well. And yes Viewing it full size is recommended, it looks so much better.

The composition and style are good. I enjoy the designs of the characters as well as the vehicles in he scene. It is simple and effective all in one.

The background is good, The use of pastel colors is nice and separates it from most of the foreground, save for one. The walker seems to blend a tad on some areas. Although the shadowed areas do not. So although I would suggest a slight color change to the walker, it could still work the way it is.

One thing that I feel that I have to mention is the seeming use of two levels of shadow and highlight. Although the background has quite a few levels of depth since it makes use a few more colors, the rest does not.
with only using two levels it gives it some depth, but not much. I can see you are using some alternating colors on the eyes of the walker, but that is about it,
I think this could benefit from at least one level of highlight and a second level of shadow, to really show how dark the area can be.

Although lacking highlights and deeper shadows, you have kept the coloring and shadowing very consistent over the entire piece. So it does have some visual appeal.

I look forward to more.

Long Time No See Bob

So the Gauntlet is coming together, and nicely I might add. I am very pleased with the progress so far. The reason I only gave a seven though is because that this is still a progress shot. I can see some juicy things coming from this in the future.

Lets start with some shadows. Even though this is full size, and will cast shadows on its self decently enough, I think you should paint in some to help it out. Go around to the areas where things overlap and paint some darker blues, navy, or black in to the folds. This will give a much more deep feel to the piece. And don't forget to gradient out the paint so it fades in to your current blue.

Some accents would be good too. I don't want to plug in to this too much since I'm sure that some are coming. But I will give some suggestions. That big open spot on the back is begging for something big and flashy. Like a big red gem or something. I sat red because red does go well with blue. (Yay! I know some color theory!) Some accents of gold seems like it would go well with the blue as well.I would like to see some edging and some engravings with the gold paint or something.
I would also perhaps do some fry brushing with some gray or silver on some of the spikes to give the a warn feel.

Good Photo too. Its nice and clear, and I can see a lot of the detail. I know I'm usually riding you pretty hard on the photo quality, but I think you did a pretty good job this time. I also noticed that you "Cut it out" so their would be no distraction as well. Good choice. I would like to see lots of different High quality views when you get this complete.

Keep me posted

Congrats Aigis!

Not only a front page, but 3rd place in the Contest. I'd call that a win.
Keep it up Aigis

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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