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Welcome to the Friday flood my friend.

Its always good to have another (Beer) around, right?
Well Hope to see you in future floods.

kakalxlax responds:

ill sure be mate, keep me posted about future floods


The color in this one is very much a win. I really enjoy it. I think that the pose is pretty sweet too. Although the arm reaching back is a little awkward, it still looks good.

Great job

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thx Kin and ah dah Sei, looks like i gotta learn more about arm reaching back :D

I Have A Mug With A Similar Pattern...

The Shape of the mug I have is different, but the large indentions are pretty much the same. Even the handle matches.

I like the lighting levels you have on this.


I like the strong black and white contrast this has. It seems very impacted by graphic design. The few things that are colored in this add to the piece rather than take away. Very nice.

Done by hand I presume?

Excellent Use Of The Icon

Nice Qb. I like how you incorporated the icon in to the entire piece.

J-qb responds:

that's the big advantage of making the thumnail isn't it?

Fonts and Brushes

With the illegibility of this mixed with just brush sets and fonts plus the erratic nature and lack of direction while having a stock photo of some cracked ground shoved in the back, it cannot be helped but to give it half score.

It seems interesting to a certain point. Some of the color choices aren't too bad. With it being all over the place the way it is, any message placed in to there is distorted or lost.
The graphic design appeal is lost because of the use of so many different styles of brushes used. The brushes do not work very well together and just add to the confusion to the piece.

Out of all you had up, I feel this is one of the worst do to its messiness and lack of direction.

In a personal opinion, unless you built the brushes and fonts yourself, this is no different than a dress up doll or shopped college. And I'm not a great fan of pieces made up of entirely other peoples work. Using some brushes here and their is fine, but it wouldn't hurt to learn to make a few of your own.

SynchroSpectre responds:

Well that's what I thought too, don't worry I knew this comment was coming :)

Very Pleasing

Over all, a very solid piece. It is quite relaxing. I like it.

2 things that I did notice though. You can see some of the material repetition in the sand. You need to break that up a little. It pull the viewer out of the pristine world you have created.
And the second thing is the sun. Everything is fine, like it should be, but the sun needs a little more solid form some where in the center of that light source.

the second one isn't that crucial though, its just mostly about breaking that illusion of your piece.

Still, superb though. Keep it up

Very Nice

You worked hard Trix good job. You deserve this 10 for your progress and dedication alone.

I look forward to more badass work like this from you in the future

Trix responds:

Aaaww, thank you Kinsei! And yes! You will see more stuff like this! (But maybe not as horror like though, lol :P )

Its alright...

The hovering face is ok, could use some proper toning as well as some highlights and shadows.
The line art could use some smoothing as well.

The Photo stock of the rippling water and the reflected face are what is hurting this most. You would have been better off drawing the ripples so they would flow better with the picture. If not doing line art for them you could have done it with simple colors.
As for the reflected face, it doesn't even match the hovering face. If you were truly striving for a distorted refection then you should have tried to match the faces more. Also you should have had the reflected face distort with the ripples as well. This again, goes back to what I mentioned a few lines up about drawing your own water ripples.

doppleganger responds:

Thanks for the Advice

Kind of Looks Like A Dude

With the enlarged nose and neck in combination of the scruffy hair it has the prominent features of a male.
Although I guess if you are engaged to a man, then these features would be right.

But assuming, and I mean no offense in anyway by this, that you intended to draw a girl, you should work on making the features more delicate and smooth. Even if you were striving to be accurate to the person's real features, their is no harm in a little stylizing and simplification to bring more beauty to the piece.

doppleganger responds:

If it looks like a dude, That's a very FEMININE looking dude! Sorry, but idk what ur talking about. Go take a shower and cool off.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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